Yabba Dabba MAGA Doo

I watched some of the lowlights of the recent Republican presidential debate. Other than Vivek Ramaswamy, it was about as bad as it gets. Ron DeSantis certainly didn’t seem much different than your typical RINO. And make no mistake, this was a RINO- sponsored production, with mostly RINO participants.

I use the term “RINO” because it’s short and convenient. Republican in Name Only, when interpreted literally, means that “real” Republicans, not in name only, are what we need. The real Republicans have historically been pretty bad themselves. What RINO essentially means is what they used to call “Rockefeller Republicans.” Think the Bushes. Basically, empty vassals that stand for nothing other than perpetual tax cuts to “stimulate” growth. Tax cuts, of course, for those with the most wealth. And they support a “strong defense.” In other words, the Military Industrial Complex. The slew of unconstitutional intelligence agencies, with their secret budgets. The monstrosity that is Homeland Security. And the nonstop, nonsensical wars.

Missing from the debate stage was the man who, according to both the corrupt establishment, and millions of still faithful adherents, represents the opposition to the satanic mess that has all but destroyed this country. Donald Trump talked to Tucker Carlson instead. And told him he thought Epstein did kill himself. Gee, would that really be a controversial view for him to hold; that Epstein didn’t kill himself? But no, that’s Trumpenstein. Still promoting, and claiming credit for the vaccines which have killed and damaged an untold number of those who took them. He’s not even spouting the rhetoric that made him so captivating in 2016. He barely mentions immigration. He really couldn’t talk about “draining the swamp” with a straight face.

Vivek Ramaswamy certainly looked great in comparison to all the other putrid figures on the stage. And to his credit, he is the only presidential candidate since perhaps JFK to question our “special relationship” with Israel. He looks like the kind of candidate the “Woke” forces want; he’s nonwhite. But he questions much of the “Woke” narrative, and that’s not the kind of “diversity” they’re looking for. He’s probably compromised, too. I’m not falling for him. I don’t know who or what is behind his great fortune, but as the writer reminded us well over a century ago, it’s usually a great crime. But he was the lone representative there for the MAGA forces.

MAGA (Make America Great Again) loosely describes those, who primarily call themselves Republicans, and remain supportive of Donald Trump’s radical platform from 2016. Closing the border. Deportations. The end of sanctuary cities and birth-right citizenship. Ending the senseless foreign wars and occupations. Bringing the troops home. Finally rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure. Term limits. Draining the swamp. Now we know there isn’t a single Democrat that believes in any MAGA principle. But there should be some Republicans, outside of the twenty or so that are in the Freedom Caucus.

Vivek was the only one in that debate that spoke out against our disastrous, terribly wasteful support of the penis-piano-playing “Democratic” dictator in Ukraine. Without Trump there, and without Vivek on stage, all the others are what many of us used to call Republicrats. They support all war, all the time. They apologize on cue. They capitulate, backtrack, and break what few promises they make. They aren’t about to change anything for the better, even if they could. Nikki Haley? Can they be serious? Chris Christie? Are we supposed to believe that a party utterly dominated at the grass roots level by MAGA people, would ever vote for any of these horrific career politicians, outside of Vivek and perhaps DeSantis?

And that’s the essential problem with the MAGA movement being associated with the Republican Party. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a situation where the vast majority of the members of a political party are mocked and despised by those who run the party. You could call the handful of Freedom Caucus members MAGA, I suppose. But beyond that, what impact did the Trump revolution have on the Republican party? No other president has ever been so hated by the party he represented. Yes, I know that some are in on the Trumpenstein Project. But most are not at that level; they are reacting emotionally to the Trumpenstein stimuli, which was the plan. Where is a single MAGA Republican leader? They are outsiders in their own party.

If one of these RINOS gets the nomination, hopefully then the 70 million or more MAGA voters will finally realize that their votes are meaningless. Haley, Christie, Hutchinson, Pence- just who would be voting for them? What are they offering the millions of MAGA supporters? War? A “strong defense?” Tax cuts? A “pathway to citizenship” for the millions of illegal immigrants? A continuation of the America Last policies that have created the worst disparity of wealth in world history, and a Third World infrastructure? RINOS aren’t the answer to the Social Justice Warriors. Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker aren’t viable alternatives to the insanity enveloping us.

There is no political answer possible at this point. Not on the national, or even state level. Turning it around at the local level? Perhaps. But I haven’t seen much encouraging news on that front regarding the tyrannical school boards. If we can’t stop the insanity there, where our children are being directly impacted, then where can we? When you have 100 million or more voters who are dumbed down enough, and brainwashed enough, to vote the worst people in the world back into office at a rate not even seen in the Politburo at the height of the Soviet Union, the ballot box isn’t the answer. The uninformed, the duped, and the massively ignorant outnumber us. Significantly. We can’t outvote them.

Thanks to the RINOs and neocons that continue to run the “opposition” party, voter demographics now assure Democratic Party victories in all the most populated areas, and the ones with the most electoral votes. The Nikki Haleys and Chris Christies love immigration. They appeal to the naive, good hearted conservatives who think that Republicans can win with a “big tent” strategy. In other words, a nonwhite strategy. Blacks and Hispanics have been conditioned to vote for Democrats. Period. You can’t continue to permit millions of undocumented people from other parts of the world to freely enter your country, and allow them to vote without citizenship, without getting the “new normal” type of “representatives” (think “The Squad”).

I had an argument online a year or so ago with a nonwhite woman that informed me she didn’t support “your White free speech.” I’m sure this is the heartfelt belief of the Ilhan Omars of the world. They think the Bill of Rights is a “White thing.” I was astonished, and asked her if she believed in free speech. She didn’t. Because it’s “White.” Again, the nonwhite population is being sent this message continuously. Basic math. Proper grammar. Manners. All of these are “racist concepts.” The Republicans, and this includes much of the MAGA crowd, continue to ignore the issue of race. They cower in fear of being accused of recognizing the obvious reality of the Great Replacement. Whites are being replaced, and it must be confronted.

Other than Trump, the only two Republican presidential candidates who stress at least some important themes are Vivek and Larry Elder, who was not allowed to participate in the debate. Both nonwhite. White Republicans exemplify the kind of cucked, pathetic mindset that has resulted in the mass acceptance of certifiably insane concepts like “Hate Speech,” “mansplaining,” and Transgender Story Hour. Despite grumbling about “foreigners,” they voted for the RINOs year after year, and accepted the demonization of the Pat Buchanans and Ron Pauls. They still believe Ronald Reagan was a great president who looked out for their interests.

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