WSJ NonWriter Arrested in Russia for Espionage. Russian Journalist and 12 Friends Blown Up by CIA

A Russian military blogger has been killed within a St Petersburg café which also wounded 12 of his associates and friends.   The implications point to Ukraine, MI6 and CIA in an attempt to escalate the war between Russia and Ukraine.   The attack comes just days after Russia arrested, Evan Gershkovich of the WSJ, having been caught seeking to obtain state secrets.   Blinken promised revenge.   Russia will likely respond ‘in kind’.

The Wall Street Journal is owned by Liberal Murdoch’s News Group.   All Liberal US Media are owned by the CIA.   All Liberal UK Media are owned by MI5.   The CIA reports to MI5. This is the reality since the conception of the CIA by Cesarian birth.

The reporter in question, Evan Gershkovich had only been with the WSJ a year.   He is Jewish and his parents fled Russia during the 1970’s as the end of the Bolshevik era in Russia was in its infancy.

After working for a ‘student newspaper’ at an obscure college in Maine, Bowdoin College, Gershkovich found himself ‘working for’ the New York Times… for a year.   The Moscow Times for 2 years and Agence France for 2 years before being picked up by the WSJ for no apparent reason whatsoever.   His degree is in ‘philosophy’.

Despite Russia claiming Gershkovich was caught ‘red-handed’ as in it was not a case of ‘maybe’ – the WSJ is suddenly a bastion of honor, respect and dignity in their unfailing demand that Russia immediately release the Russian Spy.

It remains unclear how a philosophy major at an obscure remote college could land gigs at the ‘most prestigious of liberal outlets’.   However, it may feed into the theory that he was indeed a spy.

Evan apparently wrote ONE article for The Moscow Times which is now based in Amsterdam under the tutelage of Finland’s Sanoma Corp.   Sanoma recently purchased education businesses from Pearson which is the US public school curriculum MASTER.

The Founder of the Moscow Times, Derk Sauer is a ‘socialist Maoist within the left wing politics of The Netherlands’ – per his own admission.   Sauer is lauded for introducing Playboy and Cosmopolitan to Russia…. The concept leads one to conjecture that perhaps the introduction of proverbial anti-religious porn and pedophilia to the taut Russian society was a Soros Agenda bent on the destruction of society from ‘Within”.

As I attempt to research the prolific articles written by this Russian expert for the prestigious WSJ – I found one not two – wherein he ‘co-wrote’ – although their claim is he was a “Reporter on Russia for six years”.

The CIA has become quite lax in their biographies of spies.   Twitter just revealed that the esteemed David Hogg – aspiring journalist who was on the scene for the mass shooting in Florida – was denied college entrance to TWELVE universities before being reluctantly scooped up by Harvard.

Most recently, the anti-gun, anti-conservative, anti-life, anti-anti activist was shown holding an AK15 at a shooting range – for practice.   He admitted his family owned ‘guns’, he owned ‘guns;’, but claimed he was superior to those other weebles who had no business owning guns – including every conservative and/or Magat.   AHHH!

So a lower CIA asset, Gershkovich was caught.   And in order to escalate the animosity against Russia, the MSM is claiming him as their proverbial expert writer.   A possible college graduate – or not.

Triple Revenge Blinken hit inside St Petersburg to murder a Russian ‘journalist’.   Destroy property and severely injure an additional 12 associates – and we are supposed to believe there will be NO RETALIATION?

The War Games of Deviants.

On occasion, a military general will realize the plunder of their superiors.   General Patton learned this lesson too late when he was suicided for announcing he had fought the wrong ARMY!   He realized the true combatant was Communism.   The same Communism that then infiltrated into the US – the US government – Hollywood – Business – and the Military Industrial Complex.   The same Communism that is now eating away at America like Locusts on a SWARM!

Now the US citizenry must deal with the coming Russia retaliation for blowing up a café in St. Petersburg, the Winter Palace of Russia by our jewish resident of choice – Blinken..   This act would be considered Synonymous with Russia hitting Washington DC or New York City.   Of course, Russia would target the CIA/Blinken targets of propaganda MSM – albeit someone of prominence – in a highly populated arena. Tit-For-Tat.

How many US citizens have been sacrificed in this CIA Gamut?   Citizens assassinated.   Families and children assassinated.   The oblique friends and associates – assassinated – at the behest of the Department of Defense and the Secretary of State?

And then WONDER why the US has NO ALLIES!

Russia’s retaliation will be revealing.   Whether they choose to de-escalate, whether they understand that the game has NO victims, will impact Lavrov’s senses.   An interesting man – Lavrov would seem to be the voice of reason and calm in a temple of Cultists DOOM.                                                  

Yet.   He is learning Pragmatism.   The US Government is – the global Mafia.   And the Mafia Abides BY a Justice System of murder.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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