Worldwide Governments commit treason against their nations

At the bribing, blackmailing, threatening and brainwashing of the WEF, IMF, Banks racketeering, UN, CDC, etc our government ‘representatives’ do not represent their people. In America since 1971 when the dollar lost it’s last link to gold the country has gone straight to bleep. The money is worthless and the nation has been stripmined by the banksters and racketeers impoverishing the people and stealing their wealth. The monopolies in ‘money’ all have created and enforced a universal global ideology which is extremely evil and repugnant into every sector of society against the people’s will and with our ‘representatives’ doing nothing to stop it. The pedophile filth have become so brazen they steal elections in front of your face, use the government to silence the people, allow our rights and borders to be overrun……

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