World Youth Day Has Confirmed Bergoglio’s Plan To Provoke a Schism

This is the third part of an interview that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò gave to veteran Italian journalist Aldo Maria Valli. LifeSiteNews’ coverage of part one and part two of the interview can be found here and here. Below follows the full text of part three.

Part three: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò and Aldo Maria Valli

Valli: Your Excellency, we often say motus in fine velocior – “movement is faster towards the end” – about Francis attitude aimed at liquefying what little remains of Catholic doctrine and espousing the thought of the world. The most recent news confirms this, including yet another one of his interviews. What is your assessment? 

ViganòWorld Youth Day, celebrated this year in Lisbon, Portugal, has confirmed the acceleration of Bergoglios plan to provoke a schism: his latest appointments, which are provocative to say the least; the statements of the newly-appointed Cardinals, all of which confirm the Bergoglian revolution”; the presence of James Martin to propagandize the acceptance of LGBTQ ideology by young people; Bergoglios recent statement to a transgender personGod loves us as we are; go ahead” (here). The only thing missing was an interview in which the Argentine confessed” to an editorial staff of genuflecting and cheering journalists to complete the picture (here).  

The adoring tone of the interview is beyond embarrassing, which, for someone who claims to detest hypocrisy and servility, would sound tragic if it were not so grotesque. The cloying obsequiousness of the journalists went so far as to say that Bergoglio is like a country priest accustomed to treating everyone equally, or a woman who from dawn to dusk goes out of her way to support her family. The abject lyricism of Vida Nueva, however, has the drawback of exposing the false spontaneity of the interviewees words, which were in fact carefully dropped like time bombs waiting to detonate 

Valli: From the interview it appears that Bergoglio expected everything but to become pope. But the story says something very different

ViganòI am amazed by Bergoglios literary gifts. The evocative re-enactment of how surprised he felt at the election does not reconcile with what we now know happened at the 2013 Conclave, which has also been confided by a Cardinalelector who is unable to reveal it publicly. And in presenting himself as a speculum totius humilitatis – a mirror of all humility – he speaks of himself as a victim of the Holy Spirit and Providence, as if to attribute the misfortune of this pontificate to God Himself and not to the maneuvers of both the deep church, through the Mafia of St. Gallen, and the deep state, through the emails of John Podesta and Hillary Clinton. 

Valli: So, lets get to the time bombs…

ViganòThe first time bomb: The Synod was the dream of Paul VI. When the Second Vatican Council ended, he realized that the Church in the West had lost the synodal dimension. These words are a way to confirm the subversive character of the collegiality of Vatican II as a counterweight against the Petrine Primacy solemnly and infallibly proclaimed at Vatican Council I by Blessed Pius IX. Thus we learn that the episcopal collegiality theorized by the innovators in Lumen Gentium had to make use of the Synod of Bishops precisely as a parliamentary body on the model of civil forms of government. In essence, “collegiality” was the application in the ecclesiastical sphere of the Masonic principle spread by the French Revolution to overthrow the Catholic monarchies. It is a question of moving forward to recover that synodal dimension that the Eastern Church has and we have lost,” Bergoglio said. But this synodal dimension is a modernist Newspeak term for not admitting their actual intent to deliberately subvert the papacy as a monarchical form of authority. This is an attack on the divine institution of the Church, perpetrated by the one who should instead be defending her from heretics. We are witnessing the demolition of the supreme magisterial and governmental authority of the Roman Pontiff, which is the bond of Catholic unity, by the one who sits on the Throne of Peter and who acts and is obeyed by virtue of the authority recognized to the Roman Pontiff. It is like watching the fire chief giving orders to his subordinates to pour gasoline into the bush and set it on fire after emptying the tanks and draining the water supplies.  

Valli: There is also talk of the Synod of 2001…

ViganòYes, in the worrying sequence of Bergoglian reworkings of reality there also appears a recollection of the Synod of 2001, when Bergoglio evokes this episode: Then the cardinal in charge of coordination came, examined the papers, and began to say: This is not voted on … nor this. I replied: Your Eminence, this has come out of the groups… And the naïve listener thinks: See how good Bergoglio is; he wants the basis for telling the Bishops what the real problems of the faithful are, etc. etc.,” only to discover that what had then come out of the groups was presented as such, no more and no less than what happened farcically at the 2015 Synod on the Family, for which the documents were prepared ahead of time by Bergoglios circle and had been previously approved by him; and now even more evidently with the Synod on Synodality, for which the questionnaire sent to the dioceses, parishes, and groups was formulated in such a way as to exclude certain questions and steer the answers in the desired direction. When Bergoglio reassures us, But things have been purified; we have made progress, and today everything is voted on and listened to, we must understand that the obstacles previously represented by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, by other Congregations, have now been eliminated either through the appointment of perfectlyaligned heretics or through the ouster of the Roman Curia from any coordinating role, in deference to the national churches or the Episcopal Conferences, all of which are occupied by heretics and corrupt individuals who are subservient to Santa Marta.  

“We also have the example of the Synod on the Family. From the outside, Communion for the divorced has been imposed on us as a great theme. In this case it was the psychology of the wave, which was trying to expand. But, fortunately, the result went much further… much further.” So much further, I would say, as to arouse the formal protest of some cardinals and numerous prelates, priests, religious, and theologians, in the face of distancing from traditional doctrine in matters of adultery, public concubinage, and the family. Let us not forget the fraudulent operation with which some of Bergoglios minions stole from the mailboxes of the Synod Fathers the book about the errors of Amoris Lætitia that denounced the interference by progressives in the conduct of the Synod. 

Even in areas where the dissent of the faithful and pastors against the current Vatican regime is greater, such as Africa, key roles of authority have been entrusted to people who enjoy Bergoglios support, even if they are completely inadequate to hold certain positions of great responsibility. 

It therefore seems that the affirmation, In the Synod, the protagonist is the Holy Spirit,” serves to clothe with an aura of authority the decisions taken by Jorge Mario, which have absolutely nothing divine about them, and indeed reveal themselves as intrinsically opposed to the Catholic Magisterium.  

Valli: There is also talk of “Vatican III” 

ViganòYes, a journalist from Vida Nueva provocatively asks: This Synod on synodality seems to cover everything: from proposals for liturgical renewal to the need for more evangelizing communities, passing through a true preferential option for the poor, a true commitment in terms of integral ecology, and the acceptance of LGBTQ collectives. Has it ever been thought of giving it the form of the Third Vatican Council? It ought to horrify us even to hear the hypothesis that a Synod could address such very delicate issues – liturgical reform and the evangelization of communities – and others completely foreign to the purposes of the Church, such as a true preferential option for the poor, a true commitment in terms of integral ecology, and the acceptance of LGBTQ collectives. Yet these are the themes being addressed at WYD 2023 during these days, with the criminal indoctrination of thousands of young people on the theme of the ecological emergency and woke ideology. And they are the themes – repeated obsessively by the media, in schools, in the workplace, and in politics – of the Agenda 2030 and the Great Resetboth of which are ontologically incompatible with the Catholic religion because they are intrinsically antichristic and anti-Christian. 

Bergoglios response is disturbing: Things are not ripe for a Third Vatican Council. And it is not even necessary at this time, since Vatican II has not yet begun to be realizedThis was very risky and had to be taken into account. But there is always that fear that spreads among us at the hands of the ‘old Catholics,’ who already at Vatican I called themselves ‘depositories of the true faith.’”

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