Why the Demand for Fentanyl?

Before fentanyl,…. heroin, opioid pills, .38 Specials, carbon monoxide and tall buildings took countless lives.  I can only surmise that depression, diminished physical health and personally demoralizing conditions were and are responsible. Economic outlook is particularly bleak for many young men who see no viable future. They are challenged to attain financial independence, are sexually frustrated, are self-shamed, are testosterone-depleted, are not allowed to express maleness in traditional ways and most not in great health to begin with. Covid lockdowns precipitated what has been a well documented and ongoing drag on physical/mental health; some self-medicate, some suicide, some party with abandon, some stew in silence and some resort to violence.  While the news reports hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of fentanyl pills interdicted, it places blame squarely on evil cartels; they never explore first causes.  Were there no demand for fentanyl there would be no supply!  Though a mere few thousand soldiers died in Gulf Wars, why is it that veterans are still killing themselves,… like one every hour, 24/7?  PTSD, toxic burdens, the VA’s one-trick solution of antidepressants with suicidal side-effects, deep regret for participating in a needless war or their disappointment at the civilian life they returned to???

As “Biden Eats World,” at a table set by previous neo-con administrations, an all encompassing corruption of governance steeps in denial. Their penchant for wars, wild spending on pharmaceuticals and bioweapon research, oppressive taxation/regulation and inflation means death “trickles-down” and money and power “trickle-up.”  Given the obvious and ongoing destructive dictates of our government elites, they can no longer feign incompetence.

When the state of the union is rotten, the media are forced to censor reality and serve ice-cream excuses, so it is no wonder minds are ripped apart by contradiction. Funneling “free speech” through filters of correctness leaves one muzzled and mute and thoroughly detached from reality. So many living in the perfection of virtual spaces never see a forest or a tree. Confused they become; either trapped in the narrative or crying-lonely in an electronic wilderness. I reject popular narratives and prefer the honesty found only in nature and people in person for hugs, sloppy kisses or spirited arguments.

Yes-man networks and internet monopolies have massaged the message to control the default behavior of change-averse humans. The script is tweaked daily with “new” disinformation, perpetual myths, fresh fears and yet more ways swine politicians will “help you” by throwing more billions to their cronies.

The battered wife will not leave her torturer, fearing a mis-perceived wasteland beyond her cage.  Can she be convinced to breakaway?  Hell no! Yet one day as she opens her eyes to her misery, a quick exit or a cast iron frying pan becomes the final solution; she’d had enough. This will happen in society at large when enough people have had enough! The pendulum will swing. The hammer will fall. The only question is how messy will the future be?

I would suggest that anyone facing the black monster of depression with thoughts of self-destruction; first attend to your physical body, it houses your troubled mind.  Stop eating sugar and vegetable oils and go for proteins and saturated fats. Take as much Vitamin C as you can lay your hands on and every other electron-rich antioxidant in the book since the brain can’t function properly on low-voltage junk foods. Get in touch with the strongest human motivation,… self preservation. Take the shittiest most physical job you can find, grab a hobby, play with a puppy and take it from there.  Don’t go quietly into oblivion. As Clint Eastwood once said when facing a deadly threat, “Ya gotta get mad-dog mean!”  Fight the dying of the light. Never surrender. Never let ’em win. Embrace your free will and power of intent. How many times has Tom Brady, down 2 touchdowns with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter, envisioned victory…and won! Never entertain thoughts of losing. You will come out the other end of the tunnel. You will find fearlessness and an abundant life.

What’s to be lost if you “nut-up,” reverse course and go for the win?  We are all dead men walking, so why run?

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