Why People Hate Nick Fuentes

I think the thing I like most about Nick Fuentes is that he knows what it means to be free. He can’t be any more hated than he already is. At such a point, one stops caring, and it is beautiful how free one is able to behave at such a point.

The world needs people who will think freely. America, especially, needs people who will think freely. Thought is so stultified. It is better to be free and wrong than to be obediently etched into the system and right.

The thing is, people are seldom right when etched into the system. So, the proverb above, while true, is an unrealistic one since it does not describe the experience of most people. Etched into the system is almost a guarantee that you are going to be wrong. Being free and unencumbered in your interaction with other men gives you the opportunity to be right more often than a coin flip, and to enjoy yourself while you are taking that opportunity.

The thing people hate most about Fuentes — if they are honest with themselves, is that he does not bend the knee to them. He probably has a million ways he bends the knee to others in his life, just like most people, but he has a certain je ne sais quoi required of freedom that says, “I do not care what you think of me. I will continue to say it. I will speak even if no one is listening.”

The thing is, when one lives in such a way, especially in such a stultified era, many are likely to be listening.

To recap — 1.) by not caring, you are likely to live free, 2.) by not caring you are likely to be correct, 3.) by not caring you are likely to have the attention of many others.

It’s really not a bad deal — you accept the opprobrium of people who are harmful to you to care about, while getting the ear of those who will benefit the world by listening to you and living their own free lives.

There was a time not long ago in which this was called being normal.

I have never watched more than a combined total of 10 minutes of Nick Fuentes and may be entirely horrified by what he says. But I know this from those 10 minutes and from the scores of examples of hatred I’ve heard about him: he does not care what most people think of him.

And that probably makes him more free than 1-in-1000 or even 1-in-10,000 Americans.

The working class American male circa 1985 was much like that. Nick Fuentes is a lot like a working class American circa 1985. Literally walk into any job site, any church, any performance of any grade school play, any bowling alley, and you would have found a guy who didn’t care what anyone thought of him. You would more likely find dozens of guys like that. That was normal. That was regular.

Now that man is a museum oddity. He is an outcast in society and an oddity to be observed from behind the safety of a display case. Maybe even with a warning label on the glass or a desultory footnote written in condemnation of him, read aloud by the museum docent for all who pass by that way.

How far we have fallen as a nation.

And I am not talking having fallen in the affairs of Washington, D.C., or the affairs of the state capital. Those are one of many reflections of what we have become and what we have allowed ourselves to accept. They are downstream effects of a certain rot. That rot is the thing that really matters, the radix, the root.

I do not simply wish to promote free speech. I wish to promote unpopular speech. I wish to promote derided speech. I wish to promote speech that is threatening to established interests. Honest speech is always that.

Does Fuentes fit that category? Is he honest? I haven’t the slightest idea. What I do know is this: he has one of the root components of honesty — not caring what you think of him.

That I applaud.

I wish to promote what it means to be an unapologetic American male. That is the billionaire Trump — an unapologetic American male. He is the creation of a different era.

But that also used to be the wife and four kids, halfway to paying off a mortgage, American working class male. He had an opinion. It was okay. Sometimes he was wrong. Sometimes he was right. He sure as hell wasn’t sorry, though. No, sir, he wasn’t sorry.

Why do people hate men like that?

Because they aren’t sorry.

Homer Simpson isn’t the archetypical American male. Peter Griffin isn’t the archetypical American male. Donald Trump is. 80 or 90% of the family members and neighbors and friends who came through the working class kitchens and garages and other gathering places of my childhood were that exact thing. And the other 10 or 20% were a lot more like them than most men who are placed in entertainment, media, and positions of influence today.

They are to be “unsexed” to use a term that Lady Macbeth called out to the spirit world to be. She wanted to be tough, strong, brutal like a man. Our era demands men be not those characteristics. It demands men to be neutral, vapid, flaccid, impotent, unsexed.

The movement toward transvestitism and transgenderism is an age-old one. It did not start this decade. Those who are established wish to remain established and often to control. Those who are not established wish to become established, or to at least be left alone. Necessary conflict occurs. One solution to that conflict is to castrate the males. Capturing an enemy king and taking him into your court as a eunuch is an age-old tradition. It continues to this day.

Donald Trump. Kanye West. Nick Fuentes. Many others. They represent loose canons. They represent male tendencies. They represent the drive behind what once made America great. They are now museum oddities to some and must be relegated to that if America is to go quietly into the inevitable future that some dream imagine for America. That future is this — totalitarian global super power allied with several other superpowers seeking the same: no freedom at home, no freedom abroad. For a different version to happen, the museum oddity must become a normal facet of American society: a man who knows what it means to be a man and who glories in such a thing.

Much hardship comes with it. Some benefit comes with it. But the greatest benefit might be this: how good it truly feels to know what it means to be a man, at the top of the world, and unashamedly living life in such a way — with honesty, with boldness, with an opinion, with drive, with insistence, with a focus on your values, yet with no care for what others think about you, speaking the same nonetheless, behaving the same nonetheless, being the same nonetheless.

These are not macro questions. These do not require society-wide change. Behave that way in your own life and watch a virtuous feedback cycle form, encouraging even more of that from you.

Do you wish to live in a world like that? Do you wish to live in a country like that?

Then live each moment more like that than the previous, and you will live in exactly that world. Those who favor that world will self-select around you. Those who oppose it will self-select away from you. In time, that equation will change. Strong men bring good times. You can’t control the happenings of an entire nation. The one things you can control is how you respond to the happenings in your own life.

The world as you know it, the world around you, the world that you live each day in, is shaped by the decisions you make moment by moment. That is the reality that matters — the one you know. The narrative of the media is far less important. And what a blessing it is that the one that matters, the daily decisions of your life, is the one that you can so powerfully impact. So I say again…

Do you wish to live in a world like that? Do you wish to live in a country like that?

Then live each moment more like that than the previous, and you will live in exactly that world.

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