Why I Never Capitalize Covid, And Why You Probably Won’t Either After Reading This

Have you ever stepped back from a screen, looked at the page you were just reading, and noticed how all you can see standing out are 1.) the headline and 2.) all the giant capitalized instances of COVID?

This is admittedly much easier to notice in print. Screens artificially induce a psychological myopia and make it harder to see the big picture. Too much screen time makes for a most blind and unimaginative fellow.

COVID can be even more physically imposing than words such as AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, perhaps because it is so ominous in its presentation. It is a term that fills many with dread for the evil that took place in society from the Ides of March 2020 onward. It is a term that encapsulates that dread and allows some to point the finger at Chyna, allows others to point the finger at a virus, and allows yet others to blame all manner of additional villains. Some even wave a fist at God, in the biblically unsound insurance industry term “act-of-God.”

A sober appraisal says that none of those are at all to blame for the horrors that followed the Ides of March 2020.

1.) US officials are to blame for their heavy-handed overreaction.

2.) The US public and institutions are to blame for demanding these approaches.

3.) YOU, most importantly, are to blame for allowing this nonsense into your life and your home.

It is not the external factor that did so much damage in 2020, it is the reaction to that. A firm line between the external and the internal is needed for individuals to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. In fact, that firm line between the external and internal is needed if an individual is even to exist. 

Many who seek to tear down society seek to do so by rewriting the rules upon which society is founded. One example of this is in the realm of personal responsibility. It is toxic to say that an individual is not responsible for his emotions. Profound societal decay springs from that. I would like you to think of that the next time you see a snowflake cry.

Do not think or feel sympathy toward an emoting snowflake, instead think “unhinged enemy of all things good in my life and who will wage war to kill, steal, and destroy all that I value.” That is what a wise and discerning person really thinks when he sees a snowflake crying or a person applying a “trigger warning,” or a kool-aid-haired, bull-nose-ringed, gender-confused social justice warrior emoting.

Those people have no business among adults and if allowed to be among adults will kill, steal, and destroy all that you value. Treat them accordingly when they appear in your presence. A run in with a truth-teller such as yourself can be life-altering for a lost person raised without a firm, caring, invested male role model.

Similarly, if you are engaging in an intellectual debate and someone said words that “offend” you, and you refuse to proceed without an apology, that person who said the offending words is not bad, you, instead, are showing yourself to be a child unable to control your boundaries between the external and the internal. What happens in the outside world has nothing to do with your internal emotions. You get to have a check over those emotions, or you get to allow your life to be exhaustingly run by them, but either way, the choice is yours.

Those who refuse to allow that to be pointed out ripple harm by welcoming that situation. “Triggering,” is the latest graduation of that perversion which a snowflake subculture of the perpetually offended and aggrieved that identify politics and divisiveness inevitably casts a society into.

“My face mask protects you, and your face mask protects me,” is merely an outward sign of that toxic lack of personal responsibility over emotions that American society has long entertained. Based in zero decent science, that concept is a perversion of social responsibility. The Frankfort School cultural Marxists could not have invented a more brilliant example of a public health policy that brings decay to a society. It was a policy that some opportunistic chuckleheads stumbled into in spring 2020 and ran with.

Recognizing all of this, the perpetuation of Covid theater and its accompanying fear porn need to be done away with. The wearing of a mask cannot be allowed in your life. The wearing of a mask cannot be allowed in your presence. You need to push back against the theater and the lies. Is your waitress wearing a mask? Is your checkout clerk wearing a mask? Is the guy across the table from you at the client meeting wearing a mask? That is the behavior you are supporting by associating with people and spending your money with them. You are then a patron of the arts — a patron of Covid theater. Allow that and you welcome this toxicity into your life. You allow the theater to go on in your sphere of influence when your sphere of influence demands better from you.

This does not end in one big societal wave. For more on that, see my April 2020 coverage on that topic of how all lockdowns in all history end. It ends one person at a time. YOU need to lead others around you for that to happen.

You may have long complained about what sheep people are. Well, the time has come. The people who conned them through 2020, 2021, and 2022 have disappeared. They are largely now without leaders. The media has changed the channel to Ukraine. You cannot change the channel to Ukraine. You need to eradicate the Covid theater in the world around you.

If that Covid theater exists still when the annual cold and flu season returns this September or October, it will be a cinch for the masks to go back on and for the fear porn to rage again in the run up to the mid-term elections. The impending mid-term elections are on the minds of the Democrat and Republican elite. That is on their minds as well as the impeachment of Biden, followed by the impeachment of Harris. If that could happen, then they know more can happen, such as the investigation of the illegal dealings Pelosi, Romney, Biden, Cheney, Kerry, Clinton, Obama, and other powerful families. The Ukraine is their cookie jar. The world has been theirs for them and their family to pillage under the banner of the American flag. And if we play this right, Dick Cheney will even stand trial for his behaviors of January 20, 2001 to January 20, 2009. Other criminals will stand trial in the United States. Long-standing grievances will be addressed and accountability had. So much can be had if we can each keep our focus on corona communism.

That push for accountability will not stop at the national level. You can make it happen locally. Change the channel to Ukraine (or anything else) and you deny that from ever taking place. You need to stay focussed on driving out corona communism from your midst. You personally may not be able to change the world overnight, but you can change your world around you as you know it.

The more sheeplike around you need a leader. You are that leader.

The writing of Covid as COVID is more of that fear porn, more of that Covid theater. It deserves no place in your life. This time needs leaders. That, my friend, for better or worse, means you. It does not mean you need to run for office. It does not mean you need to be appointed to some official board. It means only that you act openly and without shame like the brave man that you are, like the virtuous woman that you are. Honor your boundaries, honor your values. Do not let your values be violated in your presence. Everything around you is your presence, your territory, your place that you are called on to steward as you walk through this life. That is one of the most important societal structures — one’s personal sense of responsibility over the space around him — and one that a bright future depends on you first recognizing.

A baseline measure of being an adult is the ability to identify your boundaries, communicate your boundaries, and defend your boundaries. A baseline measure of being an adult is the ability to identify your values, communicate your values, and defend your values.

Do that, unashamed of who you are and others will follow.

Does leading that mean they will cheer you on? No. Jeers, boohs, and silence may be what you are met with and that must mean nothing to you. Does leading mean that they will tell you how right you are? No. The opposite is more likely true. Does leading mean that they will thank you? No. Gratitude is not promised you. You will merely know they are following by seeing them follow, by seeing their behavior. Only a snowflake-like, overly-sensitive person would have a problem with that. Those steeped in the wisdom of the ages know to not judge a man based on his words, but to judge a man based on his actions. The actions of the more sheeplike around you will tell you everything you need to know about how effectively you are leading.

So just lead.

Lead boldly.

Lead constantly.

Lead without shame.

Lead like the mantle of authority rests on your shoulders.

Because it does.

Knowing the truth and acting virtuously and publicly around that knowledge confers you far more authority than any of the media-touted, suited monkeys and lab-coated jackanapes ever had.

This moment needs that virtuous and public action from you.

Never wear the mask again.

Never let it around you unchallenged.

Continue to scold mangers for the masking of employees, continue to scold school boards for the masking of teachers. You do not want personal choice. That is the cover under which the lie is going to be kept alive until the autumn. You want all of this gone. You want everyone involved discredited. You want hundreds and thousands of people pulled from positions of power and placed in jail, an example to future generations that this will never again be allowed to happen.

That all begins by you refusing to turn the channel to the Ukraine and demanding an end to the niggling little examples of corona communism in your own life.

If we will stay focussed, we will roll back the creeping tyranny so far that we will return a level of freedom to our lives that even our grandparents did not know.

Your leadership is needed. With it we will win this and more.

Say no to the nonsense. Push back. Lead. Read the bestselling “Face Masks in One Lesson if you don’t know how. Read “Face Masks Hurt Kids if you don’t know why. These books are about so much more than face masks. Signup for the hard hitting newsletter at www.RealStevo.com (www.RealStevo.com). Refuse to be enfeebled by their nonsense. You can lead the world around you toward better. 

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