Why Do George Soros and Steve Bannon Agree That the CPC Must Be Destroyed?

Modern Americans have become much more malleable than many would like to admit.

Despite those powerful founding documents that enshrine freedom, inalienable rights and the general welfare as driving moral principles of law, economics and politics, very few living Americans fully seem to have a living connection to that powerful tradition which saw eight presidents die defending it over the course of the young republic’s life.

As such, today’s modern generation of Americans have been induced to think of politics like a game of left vs right football.

This view has successfully blinded the majority of its victims from any understanding of the principled forces of history shaping our present crises. What’s more is that this tendency has also obscured the role of oligarchical hereditary power structures which the founding fathers understood to be a source of evil shaping the entire human experience.

Yet despite the fact that actual British-directed deep state structures that oversaw the murder of so many nationalist presidents over the last two centuries (which includes the recent coup in the USA itself in 2020), influential mouthpieces from George Soros on the “left” to Steve Bannon on the “right” appear to agree that the greatest threat to the values of the ‘liberal world order’ to be Xi Jinping and the Communist Party of China.

In this Canadian Patriot Press documentary, the essentials of the 2020 US regime change operation are introduced which will bring us into a deeper appreciation for George Soros, and Lord Mark Malloch Brown as agents of international oligarchism.

You will also be introduced to Soros’ origins as a Fabian Society-connected economic hitman whose career was launched by Edmund de Rothschild and you will discover the purpose of his Open Society Foundation created in 1979.

This will take you into the inner workings of The Trilateral Commission which took over the US government in the early 1970s, and you will become familiar with a “re-branding” of the CIA as this criminal agency embedded in the heart of America’s deep state morphed into a multi-headed hydra in the form of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) which launched a new age of regime change under the guise of “color revolutions” beginning in 1983.

You will also be introduced to Soros’ role in destroying the system of sovereign nation states throughout the 1980s-1990s and will find out how China, of all nations, successfully purged Soros’ agents including the leader of China’s Communist Party Zhao Ziyang and banned the financial terrorist for life… in 1989.

After learning that Tiananmen Square was actually more of a CIA/Soros Maidan color revolution, you will be better able to appreciate how China’s fight against Soros and other CIA front groups result in that nation’s capacity to lift billions out of poverty and establish a block of resistance with other civilizational forces unwilling to cull their population or cancel their traditional values.

Most importantly for Americans, you will discover how and why Donald Trump represented a threat to Soros’ agenda through his attempts to break the USA out of the “British-NATO special relationship” and into a US-Russia-China alliance against globalism from his earliest moments in office until the last days before the 2020 coup.

This film is narrated by Cynthia Chung, produced/edited by Jason Dahl, and written by Matthew Ehret.

This originally appeared on The Last American Vagabond.

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