Why Did the West Learn to Embrace Fascism… Again?

During the Cold War and especially after 1991, too few asked the question: Upon whose blood did such abundance and “freedom” arise?

We have often heard World War II described as “the war to end all wars”.

Many in the west have even been led to believe that the ideology of Nazi fascism was simply so evil that nothing of the sort could possibly arise ever again.

The 1935 novel “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis attempted to warn Americans that the greatest danger of fascism’s success resided not in its cartoonish goosestepping portrayed in the media, but rather in the mass psychological delusion that such a system could possibly arise in the freedom-loving land of America.

Sadly, as we have seen in the course of the nearly eight decades after the allied victory of 1945, fascism has indeed arisen once more in a more virulent expression than anyone had imagined.

As today’s financial system careens towards an inevitable collapse not entirely different from the controlled demolition of the casino economy bubbles of 1929, geopolitical forces are again being brought into play that are also evoking once more the very real possibility of a new world war.

Instead of efforts to avoid such a disastrous nuclear confrontation by honest attempts to accept diplomatic pathways offered by Russian and Chinese statesmen, only antagonistic sabre rattling can be heard across the self-flattering corridors of Davos and NATO.

Instead of seeing efforts to remedy the annihilation of viable forms of energy, food production, and industrial capacity needed to support life among western nations, the opposite trend has been seen to occur in lockstep. Across nearly every nation caught within the NATO cage, we find only puppet leaders devoid of anything approximating substance and who appear unwilling to reverse the self-induced crisis of scarcity threatening to destroy countless lives.

Some even appear to think this age of scarcity to be a good thing.

Unipolarists and transhumanists slithering around the corridors of power proclaim time and again that today’s crisis is actually an “opportunity” in disguise.

Changing Definitions: When “suicide” Became “opportunity”

Whether it is Mark Carney championing this civilizational crisis as a wonderful opportunity to break humanity off ifs addiction to cheap hydrocarbon-based fuels and embrace a new order of green energy, or whether it is Anthony Blinken’s uncomfortable celebration that Nordstream’s sabotage as a “tremendous opportunity” to liberate Europe from cheap Russian gas, the effect is always the same.

These detached elites all seem to believe that the collective behavior of the trans-Atlantic west can finally be transformed by this unfortunate crisis so that we learn to live with less, owning nothing while still being happy, eating bugs instead of ‘dirty’ meat and reducing our impact on the environment by “going green”. French President Emmanuel Macron stated this technocratic view most coldly in September when he proclaimed “the age of abundance is over”.

Amidst this new ethos emerging under the guise of a “Great Reset”, the U.S. Government has found itself allocating millions of dollars in taxpayer funds to explore techniques to block the sun’s light reaching the earth in order to stop global warming. Even the carbon dioxide molecule, once appreciated as a plant food (along with the also-demonized sunlight) has become enemy #1 targeted for banishment from the human kingdom under a post-reset age.

This is the same freedom-loving government that has poured trillions of dollars into bailing out zombie banks and pouring weapons mass destruction onto once-viable nations like Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine in recent years while spending next to nothing to rebuild the vital infrastructure and industries which citizens desperately require as a matter of basic survival.

Across the NATO countries, euthanasia laws are extended far beyond the limits of reason to include, the depressed, and “mature minors” who want a taxpayer funded suicide pill. Mind-altering drugs are sold by government propagandists as forms of liberation to be decriminalized while the City of London/Wall Street financiers who launder such drugs via off-shore accounts go unpunished.

Even “science magazines” like Live Science publish propaganda pieces that justify the absurd notion that a “small nuclear war” may actually be good for the environment by reversing global warming which IPCC computer models tell us has been happening despite any empirical evidence to the contrary.

While everything outlined above are symptoms, the particular essence of fascism’s modern expression has been difficult for many to identify for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps the most important of those reasons resides in the fact that the minds of anyone too well adapted to modern academia are crippled by design. It sounds harsh, but the truth often is.

Educated to Stupidity

Where education was once premised on encouraging students to make discoveries and learning how to think for oneself as the foundation of becoming both good workers and also good citizens, today’s educational norms have sunk into depths of mediocrity not thought possible by our grandparents’ generation.

Instead of reproducing the discoveries of truthful ideas, students processed through modern institutions of higher education instead learn how to memorize formulas required to pass tests without understanding how or why those formulae are true. Across the STEM programs, science-oriented students are taught to repeat commonly held beliefs promoted by consensuses of experts who control the reigns of peer-review journals rather than use their own sovereign powers of reason.

The brilliant agronomist Allan Savory who performed miracles in terraforming desert regions of the earth through elementary holistic practices outlined the fraud of modern peer-review brainwashing in the following short video:

Although students of history are taught explanatory models which emphasize sanitized readings of our past that gloss over the reality of intentions (aka: conspiracies) and science students are trained to think in terms of “statistical probability” instead of causal principles, the truth of our own crisis goes even deeper.

The Subjective Side to Fascism’s Success

While it is comfortable for some people to think that the cause of our problems is found in the corruption and manipulation of a conspiratorial elite, the truth is, as Shakespeare noted in his play Julius Caesar far more subjective.

In that play, Shakespeare’s Cassius warned his co-conspirator Brutus that “our fate… is not in our stars, but in ourselves that we are underlings”.

In other words: It takes two to tango.

In that sense, one of the most important reasons for the success of fascism’s post-WWII rise has less to do with the conspiratorial planning of oligarchical forces which infiltrated our governments since the untimely death of Franklin Roosevelt, and much more to do with the subtle corruption of the people themselves who make up the citizens of the so-called “free world”.

With few exceptions, the citizens of the “free and democratic rules based west” judged themselves to be free simply because they enjoyed high levels of comfort and abundance while much of the world did not.

If World War II had not been fully won by “the good guys”, we were told, then how could our personal freedom to consume whatever we wished, vote for whom we wish and speak what we wish be possible?

Sexual liberation, and freedom “to do what we willed” became the new standards of liberty and the idea that such freedom was contingent upon moral principles or the weight of conscience became synonymous with “authoritarianism” and “the obsolete wisdom of dead white European males”.

The new generation of baby boomers that learned to “not trust anyone over 30”, “live in the moment” and just “let it be” as new words of wisdom soaked in a post-truth ethic that was relatively alien to western civilization. While it appeared to many who lived through that age, to be an innocent shifting of values towards a more “emotionally”-driven relationship to truth based upon “empathy”, making love not war, and embracing relativism, something much darker was let in.

And as the flower power generation that turned on, tuned in and dropped out became the me-generation of the 1980s corporate world, the myth that fascism was forever defeated became ever more deeply enshrined into the zeitgeist. The ever more fluid definitions of truth and value slid into relativism as speculative financial instruments like derivatives that carried little connection to reality became treated as legitimate forms of value within the new market-driven society. Culturally, younger generations lost access to older non-liberal role models that exhibited truthfulness and dignity resulting in ever deeper slides into nihilism among Generation X, Y and millennials.

During the Cold War and especially after 1991’s disintegration of the Soviet Union, too few asked the question: Upon whose blood did such abundance and “freedom” arise? Why did nationalist leaders of Africa, Latin America or even our own trans Atlantic west die gruesome deaths or suffer coups under the careful coordination and financing of intelligence agencies connected to governments of England and the USA? If we, in the west ceased producing our own industrial goods for our own consumption, then who was filling the void? Where were the slave labor colonies that Hitler and his financial backers envisioned in our modern age? Is it possible that the intention behind the global plague of war, radicalism and famine plaguing the third world since 1945 has something to do with those forces managing the economic systems to which former colonial people have been expected to adapt by those same colonial powers we have been told had granted their independence over the past 80 years?

To restate the essential point: The real reason why fascism’s ugly grip is being felt once more, has much to do with the fact that too many of us enjoyed the fruits it provided to those “first world” subjects who benefited by its existence after WWII, and thus simply wished not to see it.

We may bemoan the criminal incompetence and malevolent agendas pushing our society towards a new dark age, but it is only once we realize that a people will get the political leaders they deserve, that we may begin to properly start healing from the self-inflicted wounds which we did to ourselves over the course of several generations.

Currently, nations of Eurasia have demonstrated that they do not wish to erase their histories, ancient systems of cultural heritage or traditional values in the face of a Great Reset. They don’t want war, and would much rather have win-win cooperation with nations of the west.

The concept of “adapting to scarcity” has been rejected in favor of creating abundance via the embrace of scientific and technological progress across nations of the multipolar alliance and not a single statesman across Russia, China or India has demonstrated an intention to either go to war or sacrifice their people on an altar of Gaia. With so many nations representing so many people and diverse cultures of the world wishing to reject fascism (aka: Transhuman neo-feudalism) amidst our current crisis-ridden age, why would we not do everything in our power to redeem the sins of the west by fighting to join this anti-fascist movement today?

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