Where’s the Virus?

Virologist Poornima Wagh (2 PhDs in Virology and Immunology plus a 20-year career as a Lab researcher) part of a research team paid $1.5 million by NIH to isolate the SARS-CoV-2 virus claims:

no virus was ever isolated. no virus exists.
no publication would accept their findings for peer review that says no virus exists or has ever been isolated
the “in silico” genomic sequence “virus” from so-called patient zero in Wuhan was computer generated with only 40 base pairs compared to 30,000-40,000 for a real virus
they requested the CDC send them one sample of the virus, but the CDC said they didn’t have any
when they spoke out about their findings, the FBI raided their lab in April 2021
there was a global coordinated effort (governments + international organizations + media) to orchestrate the real pandemic which was fear, so they can proceed with their real agenda which is depopulation
colds, cases of flu, cases of pneumonia were counted as positive covid cases, and deaths
false positives of cancer and other deaths were counted as covid deaths
5G rollout is the most likely explanation for the collection of symptoms known as “covid-19” happening in certain cities during that 2020 timeline and continuing today
130,000 5G towers went operational in Wuhan at the time of the “outbreak”
deaths were intentionally inflated (or people were intentionally killed with drugs and deadly procedures) to create panic and hysteria

Watch the full 90-minute interview with Regis Trembley.

Frances Leader of Uncensored Substack wrote as far back as December 2020 the genomic sequence used for clot shot production was a computer-generated fragment and not taken from an isolated virus of an infected person.

Twitter banned her permanently.

Frances also writes about 5G as the real pathogen and in one of her pieces references a great website called Microwave News that monitors the latest research on the harmful effects of EMF on humans and how the usual suspects are subverting the inconvenient scientific results.

The government would certainly tell us if 5G and its non-ionizing radiation were unsafe, wouldn’t they?

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