Where Do We Hide From the Coming Breakdown?

I sat down last week with Antonio Atanasov of Resource Talks, a mining industry focused podcast. We had a wonderful 90 minute talk on all the big themes I’ve discussed over the past few months. From the Fed to the ECB, from Russia’s moves towards a resource-based monetary system for Asia to the breakdown of the post-Bretton Woods debt system of the West, we talked about it all.

Thanks to Antonio for the invite. Follow him on Twitter here.


00:00 Important warning
01:10 Why “Gold, Goats, ‘n Guns”?
08:30 What generates the best value in the market place today?
16:50 Is the “everything crash” still a thing? Is it coming? When?
25:20 Who is selling dollars? What are they buying?
29:30 How & why does Davos want to control your life?
40:40 Has the “easy money” been made? Where would Tom hideout?
46:10 Physical gold vs gold equities; Tom’s opinion
52:20 Who would be buying gold if they can’t buy food?
56:00 Tom Luongo on Russian stocks
01:02:30 Is Tom Luongo in uranium now?
01:09:40 What are the risks of Tom’s strategy?
01:15:40 Who does Tom look up to?
01:18:45 Tom’s favorite book of all times?
01:22:00 What does Tom read for his economic news?
01:24:30 Closing thoughts

Reprinted with permission from Gold Goats ‘n Guns.

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