When it Comes to C19 Injections ‘Health Freedom’ Is a Psyop

Over the past three plus years we’ve seen the emergence of a biomedical tyranny. With this biomedical tyranny, we’ve seen the humiliation tactics from directing people to follow lines on the floor, stand six feet apart, to wearing a face diaper. We have also seen, and in some places this continues, the forcing or coercing of people to take PCR tests, and even worse, inject C19 bioweapon shots. Even today, there are still medical facilities that require people to take these deadly injections as a condition for medical care, literally denying organ transplants because people have not been injected with these shots.

These basic medical freedom rights have been violated. It is a natural response to seek to stop all such mandates. It is utterly barbaric to attempt to force a medical procedure or medication on another human being. It is, however, extremely misguided to promote health freedom regarding C19 injections. They are biological weapons. They are weapons of mass destruction. To suggest that it is alright to continue to use these biological weapons against human beings as long as they are not mandated is counter productive to say the least.

Let me state that I wholeheartedly support medical freedom. Every state needs to pass blanket health freedom laws that protect against vaccine discrimination, and any type of forced, or coerced medication, or medical procedures, including diagnostic testing. Here in Florida, I strongly opposed Governor DeSantis tanking a health freedom bill SB 222, and promoting SB252 instead, which has loopholes in it.

Regarding C19 injections, at the start of a recent interview I did with Stew Peters, he made the statement that medical freedom is a psyop. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. I concur with his sentiments within the context of C19 injections. Many people are well intentioned that are promoting this issue. Others, I am not so sure.

One of the biggest arguments that is made against the Ban the Jab resolutions, at local Republican Party Executive Committees when debating these resolutions, is that they are taking away people’s rights, and that we should not mandate anything because then we are behaving like Democrats. Some of the people making these arguments sincerely believe this because they do not know any better. Others are clearly disingenuous. Either way, those making this argument are perpetuating a lie.

Every question or statement has an embedded command in it. By saying C19 injections should not be mandated, there is an embedded command in the statement that they are not biological weapons, which, they in fact are. This argument falsely frames the debate and ignores the fact that C19 injections are a biological weapons and meet the legal criteria of a biological weapon according to state and federal laws. I verified that it meets the legal definition of a biological weapons according to Florida and federal law, with one of the world’s leading legal experts on bioweapons, Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the 1989 Bioweapons and Anti-terrorism act.

Nobody can claim to be America First if they look the other way while Americans are being targeted with weapons of mass destruction.

So why are people taking this stance?

It is partly because it takes a little courage to state that these are bioweapons and that crimes have been committed. This means that people will need to get prosecuted. The wealthiest people in the world are involved. Also, countless people participated in the crime. The only thing that outnumbers the perpetrators of the crime are the countless victims of the crime. Many people participated in the lies. Just about every corporation and every level of government participated in these crimes, and the deployment of biological weapons against the American people, and the world.

There is a genuine fear to take up this fight.

There is also a psychological reason that people don’t want to admit these are biological weapons. If the published reports are true, most Americans have been injected with these weapons. This brings us to the issue of cognitive dissonance. Keep in mind, classic denial is unconscious. Cognitive Dissonance is a term that was used by social psychologist Leon Festinger. Festinger did research on end times cults. No not the Climate Change End Times Cult.

In his book, When Prophecy Fails, Festinger reports on his research on an End Times UFO cult. Confederates infiltrated the cult and reported on their findings. In short, a sizable amount of cult members clung more rigidly to their beliefs even after the cult leaders were proven wrong. After the date passed and the world did not end and UFO did not come some cult members just bought the new lie regarding the date of the end, hook line and sinker, and became more rigid in their belief. When people have strong emotionally charged beliefs, they at times cling more rigidly to those beliefs when confronted with evidence discrediting their conviction.

With cognitive dissonance there is a clinging to the belief and ignoring contrary evidence to an extreme, to the point that it becomes maladaptive, to say the least. There is also such an emotional attachment to the belief to the point that a misidentification of Self is applied to the belief, and an attack on the belief is felt as if it were an attack on personal identity. There is also an intimate level of trust with the cult leader. The cult victim truly does not want to believe that they were betrayed. This happens when people get conned as well. This is why people often fall victim to the con artist more than once before they catch on. After they catch on, they typically go through the stages of grief and loss.

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