What’s Really ‘Hateful’

A cretin named Stuart Seldowitz – who used to work for a cretin named Barack Obama – has been arrested on “hate crimes” charges. The “crime” being “hateful” (in this case, “Islamophobic”) language directed at a food cart vendor in New York City.

Seldowitz and the food cart vendor apparently got into a verbal argument over what’s going on in the Middle East. Insults were exchanged but neither threw a punch or even threatened to.

Keeping in mind that anything you might think could be styled “hateful” – by those with the power to punish you for saying it. Unfortunately, many people do not see it. Their natural and laudable instincts are used against them. Good people don’t like hearing other people insulted – just as good people don’t approve of people who drive drunk.

And that’s the hook.

Use people’s natural and laudable instinct to oppose something bad in order to get them to accept something worse. Tell them something must be done to prevent people from driving drunk – by treating every driver as a presumptive drunk – and that to oppose this cart-before-the-horse (or sentence first, verdict afterward) approach to things is to support drunk driving.

Tell them it is “hateful” to refuse to think – heaven forbid, to say – that a biological male who dresses and acts like a woman isn’t actually a woman – and you are telling them to think objective reality is “hateful.” If that is successful, then objective reality becomes anything they say it is – and isn’t.

In which case there no longer is such a thing as objective reality. You learn to think it is whatever they say. And whatever they say it isn’t is . .  . hateful.

Especially if you think otherwise.

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