What’s Killing People If There is No Coronavirus? Acidosis and Red Blood Cell Transmutation

To be human is to live with inconclusive information as to ultimate meaning of things.  Ninety government agencies and laboratories have not provided proof that the bugaboo Coronavirus exists when requested by independent bio-statistician Christine Massey. Additionally, statistician Genevieve Briand has found that there were no excess deaths (all causes) in 2021 when the death data was adjusted for the bulge of the Baby Boom elderly generation in the overall population. This runs against the government and media created perception of reality that there is a Coronavirus epidemic.

But when you mention that there is no coronavirus to the average Joe or Jane, they typically say with absolute certainty that they personally know someone in their family or close associates who had died of Coronavirus.  Cognitive dissonance is a social psychological process of doubling down on our beliefs in the face of contradictory evidence or uncertainty.  But anecdotal knowledge is not reliable for medical purposes when we are surrounded by contradictory signals that do not interpret themselves.

Furthermore, there is no research or books that attempt to credibly answer the gnawing question: what is killing people if there is no verifiable Coronavirus? Given the actual uncertainty in the face of monopoly government certitude that COVID-19 exists and is contagious, people seek medical prevention and treatment along social class lines with the Knowledge-Government Class seeking inoculations and the Independent-Working Class seeking Ivermectin-Hydroxychloroquine, neither of which deal with internally induced blood clotting in the lung or sepsis from hospitalization for ersatz COVID-19 patients.

An answer to the above question in the title to this article can plausibly be found in a 2001 medical book written by Robert O. Young, PhD, D.Sc.  Young is an independent medical researcher who had his medical license removed for curing a patient of cancer who sued him for not getting chemotherapy and is still alive.  Young is now a naturopathic medical consultant in California who has authored some 50 books, most of them now banned. Young wrote a book in 2001 – Sick and Tired: Reclaim Your Inner Terrain – that describes in technical language the apparent cause of the wave of people who are dying of a blood clotting disease now dubbed COVID-19.  He also wrote a shorter book Pathological Blood Coagulation: The Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test (2015) that can be found free online here.

My curiosity about COVID-19 has been piqued since I lost my twin brother – Bill Sardi, former health investigator at LewRockwell.com.  He officially died of hospital-induced sepsis related to pulmonary embolism-pneumonia-hypoxia from an apparent blood clot that was likely generated in his leg on a long automobile trip that migrated to the pulmonary artery in his lung. Of course, the hospital put on his death certificate that the third reason for his death was COVID-19, but he had four consecutive negative PCR tests prior to his death.  The one positive PCR test came only after he got sepsis after 20 days in the hospital, a bacterial infection for which there is no treatment (a superbug).

So, what is Pathological Blood Coagulation (called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) that Young describes? It is “a serious disorder where the proteins that control blood clotting become overactive due to underlying conditions such as infection, cancer, inflammation” or prior surgery such as having a stent placed in a blocked artery.   Coagulation or clotting is when blood changes from a liquid to a gel, forming an unwanted clot.

Dr. Young writes that to understand pathological clotting one first must understand mycotoxins (fungal toxins), endotoxins (meaning coming from within or internal), exotoxins (meaning outside or external) and tissue (activating) factor (the initiator of blood clotting cascade).  These are words for internally produced bacteria, yeast, fungus and mold due to a pervading condition of acidity from one’s lifestyle and/or the environment.

Mycotoxins derive from acidification and oxygen deficit that leads to fermentation metabolism carried out by yeast, fungus and mold, whose primary purpose is to decompose the body upon death. During fermentation, high concentrations of damaging, acidic products of metabolism are produced unless the body halts this process by enzymes such as Nattokinase, or else cells eventually become poisoned.  One of these byproducts of fermentation is acetic aldehyde; the same carcinogen in tobacco smoke. We don’t have to be exposed to passive smoke from cigarettes because we make our own internal smoke so to speak. Persons undergoing stress or anxiety are more prone to producing the aldehyde toxin.

Antidotes to aldehyde are sulfur amino acids, N-acetyl-cysteine, L-taurine, methionine and glutathione. Chlorophyll, enzymes, vitamin C and sprouts are beneficial. Both fats and minerals are bound to acidic toxins as an attempt to neutralize them. Foods to avoid are nutritional yeast, mushrooms, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, peanuts, corn and smoking.

Red blood cells together with hemoglobin protein carry oxygen into the lung and depends on alkalinity. Not disclosed by modern science, bacteria, mold, yeast and fungus can morph into each other, called Pleomorphism. Bacteria, yeast, fungus, mold produce acids that ferment glucose, proteins and fats that become poisons.

Clotting can also occur when positively charged endothelial cells that line most organs are damaged by toxins resulting in exposing negative charged blood to a negatively charged “basement membrane” as part of the chemical bonding process (in chemistry negative charged atoms attract and negative-positive atoms repel each other). This sort of acid-caused “leaky gut” can occur throughout the body.

Oversimplified, we produce our own poisons internally by creating an acidic internal environment, but also by internal electrostatic attraction and other causes, not from contagion or snake venom poison in water or shedding. According to Dr. Young, Hydroxychloroquine is an alkalizing agent.  If your liver is infected with influenza from trying to flush out acidic toxins, and you eat protein or carbohydrate, the liver will seek help from the lung resulting in pneumonia (fluid in lung). Once again, we create our own disease.  If hospitalized with serious symptoms of pneumonia, hypoxia, etc., we likely will get infused with more toxic substances vainly trying to treat a virus that doesn’t exist for a disease that is not viral induced (such as the antiviral drug Remdesivir).  There are viruses but they are detergents that try to flush out internal poisons through the liver.  There is no way to get a “bird flu” except by injection.  The CDC and FDA never tell us such information.

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