What the Hawks Want and the Latest War Crime?

Sohrab Ahmari is one of the editors of the fairly new online conservative journal, COMPACT MAGAZINE, and has been featured on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” The following essay is his balanced assessment of the immediate lead-up to the conflict in Ukraine and the essential background that far too many Americans are not getting. It is neither pro-Russian nor pro-Ukrainian, but seeks to illustrate that the only winners in this war are the globalist hawks who dominate and run our state department and the CIA and NATO, and who have done so for years, to our nation’s detriment in countless operations around the world (e.g., Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Libya, etc.)

I believe one can deplore the invasion, but hopefully understand why it happened and why the Russians felt that they had no real option (even if we might think the invasion ill-conceived). I think it is historically quite evident that the EU/NATO powers actually wanted this conflict as their greater aim is regime change in Moscow. And to do that they had to bleed Russia dry in a protracted conflict.

I have further written that the concern of our establishment leaders is not actually the poor ravaged Ukrainian people. Rather, as I have stated, their goal is a “color revolution” in Moscow, even if it costs the life of every Ukrainian to achieve that objective.

The skillful use of propaganda is one very effective means employed in this gambit. Just yesterday came the horrifying news that a railway station in the far eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk (largely inhabited by Russians) was hit by missiles, with dozens of dead and perhaps hundreds of casualties. The Ukrainians immediately claimed that the Russians did it. I don’t know if you have noticed, but thus far this “war crime” has gotten far less play in the American media than Bucha. I have to wonder why.

Then, it became vividly apparent: First, the missiles used to destroy the station were  Ukrainian Tochka-U ballistic missiles (the photos that the Ukrainian information ministry shared with the world press clearly indicate that). The Russians do not have and do not use that kind of projectile.  Then, Ukrainian sources crossed what I believe to be a “bridge too far”: written on one of the missile husks is the inscription: “For the children” (in Cyrillic).

Now, I realize during war time military men can do all sorts of stupid things. But when the whole world seems to be against you, why would you–Russia–compound that impression with something so idiotic and counterproductive as a slogan on a missile remnant (why was not it exploded?) which literally drips with–shouts of–“war crime”?

Does it have anything to do with the latest demand for more weaponry, weaponry to keep this war going on? It seems that each time Volodymyr Zelensky desires more resources and material, a “war crime” just happens.  Coincidence or staged?

There is or should be enough doubt and skepticism out there to cause us to pause and carefully consider what is occurring, whose purposes it serves, and what the objective really is.

It has been said that “the first casualty in war time is truth.”  And that has not changed since the ancients. And, despite the hysteria of the American media, it remains true today.

Please read the Ahmari piece, which is rational and well-done.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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