What Caused the Deadly Maui Fires?

Another interesting coincidence is the fact that Maui is the home of the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) Directed Energy Directorate, described by the AFRL as the Air Force’s “center of excellence for directed energy technology.”33

In the video above, Ryan Cristian with the The Last American Vagabond reviews what we know and can prove about this fire right now.34 As noted by Cristian, while suspicions about DEWs being used are routinely dismissed as “conspiracy theory,” DEWs are clearly a reality, and if they exist and work, it seems fair to assume they may one day be used.

As reported by Motherboard,35 the Pentagon is spending $1 billion a year on DEWs such as high-energy lasers, particle beams and high-powered microwave weapons, and the Maui Directed Energy Directorate claims to have delivered the first-ever operational DEWs to the U.S. Air Force.36

Was a DEW used and timed to coincide with a hurricane to ensure the total annihilation of Lahaina? According to Maui police chief John Pelletier, the wildfire burned hot enough to melt metal,37 and most typical fires simply cannot reach the required temperatures to melt steel and certain other metals.38

Another alternative, of course, is that the fires were intentionally set by arsonists. However the fire in Lahaina began, it clearly benefits those intent on rebuilding Maui into a “smart island.” What easier way to redo an entire town than to have it burn to the ground? For now, all we have are circumstantial suspicions, and if DEW were in fact used, the perpetrators are unlikely to ever admit it.

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