What Are We Looking At?

What do you do when you hear about a US F-18 Super Hornet getting blown off a carrier by the wind?  Naturally it got me wondering about a shortage of tiedowns, you know, because of the COVID global supply chain collapse.

Just kidding!  Pretty sure that wasn’t it; maybe the Navy is just being creative about getting rid of them.  It is – as we are seeing with domestic transportation infrastructure and power grid reliability, “explosions” on the nearly empty Hoover Dam, and a massive number of food industry mishaps, among other things –  a sign that the US is, shall we say, changing.

“Revealing” is a better word than “changing.”  Americans, and those who study the United States, are starting to see all the things that are really not there.  We are getting glimpses into the nature of the massive empire, domestic and international, and its fascistic international political leadership – and when we look closer we see it is hollow, inverted, vacant and empty.

We have, as Leonard Read noted, a kakistocracy – government of the worst.  Uncle Joe is not only a great president, he is our ideal president – an incoherent, senile grifter who cannot keep track of his location, his mouth, his history, or what part of the teleprompter screen he is supposed to be reading.  Those who supported Joe, as for those who supported The Donald in 2020, were in 100% agreement in what they thought about the opposition.  Yet, these were the choices offered to the 50 states and the 340 million people who live in those states.

Political vacancy aside, the US also has no economy!  The financialized economy that Dr Roberts describes – where “which consumer income is diverted by debt expansion away from the purchase of new goods and services into debt service and fees–interest on mortgages, car loans, credit card debt, student loan debt” – produces very little.  Franklin Sanders, of The Moneychanger, adds:

Dr. Roberts doesn’t mention the other thing that proves we have no economy:  50% of the  people in the US take their living from government in one form or the other, which means that actually 75% take their living from government, counting the half of the retail workers who serve them.  That’s right, half of the people take their living from government, either working for government or receiving welfare or pensions.  Of the 50% who live off government, about 3/5 live off of state or local government, the other 2/5 off the federal government.

You can look at US labor participation rates, or overhear anecdotes of people working two or three full time jobs online unbeknownst to their erstwhile employers.  When money is disconnected from productivity, why not?

The empty US economy is matched by an utterly void foreign and military policy.  We see a military that is so strapped for qualified volunteers that it is shrinking, despite a literal explosion of federal drawing rights.  Despite every effort since the 1940s to recruit via Hollywood fairytales, turns out that spitting on the culture and religion of military families, and destroying the middle class altogether isn’t a great recruiting approach.  Who knew?

Aside from shipwrecks and missile test failures, forced drug and vaccine testing on the previously healthiest age groups, the occasional aircraft blown overboard, mass murder, black sites, shrink-wrapped cash drops, and not winning a war in 70 years – I guess the US military is doing just fine.  Actually, it seems as if the Space Force is the only part of the service that is attracting recruits.  This in itself is revealing as the Space Force is an empty outfit doing absolutely nothing, by design.

All of the evidence is pointing not to a little man behind a curtain, but something far more insignificant.  The US “project” has become a centralized and oligarchical paper-mache pinata – with no candy, no prizes, and no delight.

One wonders if it would even be worth taking a whack at it.  Perhaps this is our real national defense strategy.

Inside the hollow empire, opportunities abound, as decentralization of power is uncheckable and individual innovation already required to get anything done.  An armed, innovative, citizenry taking responsibility for his and her own security and productivity are not just good Samaritans – we are 100 million John and Jane Galts living our lives despite, and outside, centralized institutions.  The hollow empire has no ability to force anyone to do anything, whether another country or a live shooter in a Texas elementary school.  Old Soviets  – like modern Americans – share the joke that “The government pretends to pay us, and we pretend to work.”  We may extract what may be extracted from the empty institutions, and build a world that is closer to our own value systems, as we wish, and many are already doing that. It’s worth celebrating on a daily basis.

As you listen to the federal agencies and their industrial satraps cry and whine about their failed vaccination programs, their inability to recruit soldiers, the mountain of debt and an international financial economy that is disconnected from the world of innovation and productivity – as these kakicrats complain about us, lecture us, lie to us and nag us – you may know we’ve already got them by their institutional short-hairs.

Neocon nutcase and truly average guy John Bolton gave us an illustration of where the empty empire is, as it sputters on what’s left in the tank, and looks over its shoulder nervously.  Bolton was speaking to a friendly CNN/government reporter about what it takes to overthrow a government.  In explaining why January 6th had none of those attributes, Jake Tapper inadvertently insulted the mustachoied little parasite when he said, “One does not have to be brilliant to plan a coup.”  Chickenhawk Bolton demurred, “I disagree with that as someone who helped plan coups d’etat, not here, but in other places, it takes a lot of work,…”

Yes. Yes it does.  And no one in our government understands the definition of work, nor do they aspire to it.  Instead we have fake money, fake workers, fake defense, fake credentials, fake leadership, fake presidents, fake education, fake news, fake tolerance, fake medicine, and fake wars.  Looking at this list, it is indeed impressive in its own right, and worth little more than a chuckle as we go about our day.

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