Western Governments Surrounding Russia Amidst Promises of Money

With Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, too busy launching his music diplomacy initiative, USAID’s Samantha Power visited Armenia to provide ‘support’, more aid, and a right hand undercut to Putin.   A Russian ally and trade partner, Armenia has ingratiated itself into the colony fold of the west and now claims they will uphold the laws of the ICC – in particular the arrest warrant for Putin.   The problem?   Russia and China are the largest trade partners – and USAID bribery can’t replace trade.

On the heels of Power’s trip, the USAID department released this statement,  All told, the United States has provided $3.3 billion since 1992, to support the people of Armenia, and we are committed to deepening this partnership every day.”   Translation; Powers was authorized to pay Armenia’s president a sum of money for his backstabbing of Putin.

The situation in Armenia has been an ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan over the disputed territory, Nagorno-Karabakh.   Last week fighting broke out – this week the territory was absorbed by Azerbaijan.  And Armenians fled to – Armenia…

Nikol Pashinyan, the current Prime Minister of Armenia was a journalist by trade, was convicted of libel, expelled from university, led the 2018 Armenian Revolution in which he forced the previous Prime Minister to resign allowing for Pashinyan’s ascension.   But he just loves US MONEY!   He surrounded himself with western NGO liberal activists and VOILA – hates Russia.   Pashinyan is to Armenia what Zelenskyy is to Ukraine –

The move by the US is to essentially surround Russia with western allies.   Unlike Armenia and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan shares the largest border with Russia.   It was yet another splinter from the Soviet Union during Reagan’s era wherein The West effectively sliced up Russia.   Just like WWI.  Just like WWII.

Since 2022 the US has attempted to insert cracks into the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia.   The rhetoric is classic;  Russia wants to absorb Kazakhstan just like Ukraine.   The reality is the same as Armenia and Azerbaijan, China and Russia are their largest trade partners.   The US is NOT!

February 2023, Anthony Blinken visited Kazakhstan to offer ‘more aide’ – as in FREE Money.   Then in April, US Treasury Department officials, UK officials, and EU officials jointly traveled to Kazakhstan to deliver and threaten retaliation should compliance be crossed. If Kazakhstan continued to support Russia and help aid in the evasion of sanctions – the money would not be forthcoming. FREE money provided not by the US government – but by US Taxpayers!

While currently Kazakhstan is aligned with Russia, this arrangement could become volatile at any time given the determination of the West’s ideology;   West or Die.   Armenia has resolutely turned pro-west and agreed to hold military exercises with NATO on their border with Russia.   Despite the affirmation of sovereignty, NGO’s have already infiltrated Armenia including; Armenia Open Society, Ukraine Fund, Oxfam UK, Eco-Globe Environmental, World Vision, CARE, Democracy NOW, Transparency International Peaceful Change, – 3400 in total now operate in this country with a population of 2.8 million – roughly the size of Chicago.

There are over 1.5 million operational US NGO’s.   None of them pay taxes.   They work to destabilize and own governments.   And US Taxpayers fund these NGO’s thru USAID, US State Department, The Pentagon, National Endowment For Democracy, Americorps, Department of Agriculture, and the United States Institute for Peace.   Meanwhile, we are now upping the funding for Russia border countries.

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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