Western Depravity Resurrected From Herod’s Dynasty

The depravity of our culture in The West is an interesting phenomena because no other country in the world can even come close to comparison.   In fact, America leads The West by upwards of a factor of ten times that of Europe.   While depravity was annotated in The Bible as the foremost reason for Christ’s appearance on earth, it is clearly a creation and not a natural occurrence.   Otherwise, it would be – universal.   The perpetrators then – are the perpetrators now –  King Herod was a Jew.  Before his family converted to Judaism – they were Edomites – nomadic raiders.

What is the point?   To create classes of society that are readily identifiable for ultimate depopulation.   MAGA is one such a class.

In 1915 the largest slave owners were a class of citizens who were all within the Club (George Carlin).   One such early club member was William Donovan who ultimately founded the Office of Strategic Services.   His job was to maintain JP Morgan’s financing of both war and peace.   JP Morgan being a ‘subsidiary Cartel’ of the Rothschilds.  The job of the OSS was to facilitate the trade of slaves, drugs, gold and commodities on behalf of The Club.

The forties and fifties era were spent creating the false visage, or illusion impression.   The sixties and seventies were inspired by the CIA’s orders to initiate – depravity.   These government ‘agents’ do so willingly.  Knowingly.   With a training regiment that ingrains an altered behavioral psychosis so that these agents can operate without normal values, ethics, and compassion.   This means of hypnosis is levied within every western intelligence aura.   The IDF.  ISIS.   MI6.   The teachers?   Nazis.

Which is one reason why Nazis were brought to the US – they had perfected this means of psychosis.   They also were far more advanced scientifically than any westerns counterparts.

America’s intelligence agencies are ALL beholden to The Cartel Club.   The expansion within the ATF (WACO), and now the IRS is to create an army that will willingly turn on every American, in particular MAGA.

Every Trump affiliate and every Trump follower are now branded and surveilled.   Without exception.   The Mossad trained the IDF to murder women and children without a shred of compassion.   This ideology is now ingrained throughout our own agencies.  And no one is safe.

When Christ was crucified, the evil that He came to eradicate was not defeated.   For two thousand years this ‘entity’ has multiplied and expanded.

YET – pockets exist throughout The West.   Countries across Asia and the Middle East have managed to quell and eradicate the infiltration.   The world is simply too vast any longer for them to dominate.   This is the reason for the depopulation agenda.   In 0 AD, it is estimated that 200 million people inhabited earth.   It only reached 1 billion by 1800 following hundreds of wars, plagues, and misery.

How did King Herod die?   It is said he died an exceedingly painful, putrid death that was so devastating he attempted suicide by stabbing himself to death.  His Kingdom a vassal of the Roman Empire, was distributed among his three sons.  The sons were known to be the assassins of many of Jesus’ Disciples.  The Herod Dynasty was absorbed by the Roman Empire.   His Kingdom today is defined as Palestine, and parts of Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.   The same territories being bombed by Netanyahu.

Herod’s mission was to kill Jesus, wherein he initiated the Great Massacre of the Innocents.  It is said that Herod killed 144,000 children – and still failed to kill Jesus. His soldiers willingly obeyed  their orders.  Like the IDF.   The reason given is Herod’s fear that Jesus would rise to take over and rule his Kingdom.   Reality:   Jesus never intended to rule any Kingdom.  But the Movement of Christianity was greatly feared by both The Pagan Roman Empire and the False Jew – King Herod.

The Movement of Christianity was labeled by the pagans as superstitious and depraved in order to repel Followers.   Its spread was considered a disease.  The Roman Empire thus instituted laws that deprived Christians of “Food”.   Much like the Bill Gates phenomena of burning chicken farms and cattle ranches – so that Maga is relegated to consuming Toxic Bugs.   Christian homes were burned to quash all means of a livelihood.

When Rome burned as Nero watched, he later blamed – the Christians as the source of evil.  Christians were thus arrested, convicted and executed.   Lucien Perigrinus learned the wondrous lore of the Christians by associating with their priests and scribes in Palestine.  He was burned for this crime sometime around 190 AD.  Today, Lucien’s story is called “Satire” – by the Jews.

We are witnessing a circular.   Rothschild is Herod.  Nero is JP Morgan.   And the soldiers willing to kill the Innocents are our intel agencies today.  They fear us because we have the power to destroy their control, because they fear the unity of Christianity, because their success is built on immorality and the replacement of values with pure unadulterated depravity.

Ignorance of history guarantees its cyclical repetition.   The Cartel is well aware of this valuable phenomena and thus decided rewriting our Truths would quell the rise of an antithetical Power.   Paganism is the end goal.   For with Paganism comes depravity.

Contrary to one of my ‘commenters’ in his rhetoric of displaced self superiority, cynicism is a mental complex that reverberates among Herod’s descendants, ie the false Jews that descend from this ideology of evil.   It is – the crux of the CLUB – it is a mental aberration born of a death wish upon civilization.

And the Depopulation of the globe to a manageable realm so that the Dynasty may Rise Once Again!

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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