Welcome to the Ideological Collapse of the GOP

Many of my conservative friends — quite a few of them GOP donors and campaign strategists and media people I must admit — greeted the news of Herschel Walker’s defeat in the Georgia Senate with a shrug.

What difference did it make really? What difference could it make?

It was not indifference to Herschel Walker as a candidate, per se, so much as indifference to the GOP having a majority in the Senate.


Simply put: very few of them believed that a GOP-dominated Senate would do anything for GOP voters. The mood could be described as complete disgust with Mitch McConnell and GOP leadership — or, as I prefer to call them — our senators from the great states of Cialis.

It’s not just the gelatinous blob known as Mitch McConnell, or that closeted court jester of Fox News, Lindsey Graham. It’s not only the spectacular career implosions of Ben Sasse and John Cornryn. What about Pat Toomey? Rob Portman? Richard Burr? Roy Blunt? Mitt Romney? Thom Tillis? Bill Cassidy? Lisa Murkowski? Look at their voting records: they’re basically a chorus-line of limp-wristed flip-floppers.

In fact, this bunch isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.

At every turn, this gang of geriatric invalids and psychological inferiors displayed their complete contempt for their own voters in 2022. It’s not just that they hate President Trump — they hate Republican voters. As for traditional GOP values, they have turned on them too. They have gone out of their way to “flip the bird” at conservative principles like limited government, restricted government spending, legal immigration, free speech, gun rights, and religious freedom.

In fact, they have enthusiastically joined hands with Democrats on bill after bill recently — in a concerted attempt to disabuse the American people of the antiquated notion that we have a two-party system.

You might even call it: ideological suicide.

Twelve Republicans joined Democrats last week to pass a gay marriage bill that will allow lawsuits to be filed against organizations that do not recognize gay marriages — making mainstream Christian teaching essentially illegal.

This was the organized GOP response to the Supreme Court’s surprise defeat of Roe v Wade. Think about it: federal abortion law was struck down so the GOP rushed to save gay marriage.

So much for religious freedom.

61-36: The U.S. Senate passes the Respect for Marriage Act, repealing the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act and codifying federal recognition of states’ same-sex and interracial marriages.

12 Republicans joined Democrats in voting “yes.” All the “no” votes were Republican senators. pic.twitter.com/M6ihZIgL0e

— The Recount (@therecount) November 29, 2022

How can you possibly top that — for selling out your own side?

Right now, GOP leadership is working on a mass amnesty bill in the lame duck session that’s opposed by the overwhelming majority of GOP voters. To fully understand the depth of this treachery, you have to recall that GOP politicians spent the last two years complaining about the invasion on the Southern border. They did this every day — every hour! —on Fox News, and other corporate media outlets. It was the GOP’s daily drum beat. Kevin McCarthy even promised to impeach DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas over the border disaster.

In the midst of all those promises — and all that posturing — GOP Senate leadership is ready to deliver a mass amnesty bill? That’s either political malpractice of the highest order, or the ultimate sign that the GOP establishment stands for nothing and stands against nothing.

It’s the latter, of course.

Take gun rights, for example. This summer, the GOP establishment voted to restrict your gun rights in yet another “bipartisan deal” that eroded the constitutional rights of Americans and gave the Democrats another victory.

How about free speech? Republican senators and congressmen have whined constantly about Big Tech censorship for six years while doing nothing. You might say their virtue-signaling was: all signal and no virtue. Now take a look at the recent news coming out of Twitter. Elon Musk has done more for free speech in America in a month than the entire GOP establishment has done in a decade.

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