We the People vs. the Sheeple

Despite my self-evident cynicism and my reflexive skepticism, I am basically a trusting soul. Even though I know how corrupt and unreliable so many people are, still I instinctually give them the benefit of the doubt. Until proven otherwise, I assume most people aren’t dishonest, and take them at face value.

This kind of delicate balancing act is how I manage to issue blanket condemnations of the “Sheeple,” while still being concerned about the welfare, and the rights of The People, which includes those who are oblivious to the criminal tyranny all around them. It’s not easy being a populist, of promoting power to The People, when so many of them are brainwashed enough to lash out at messengers like me, who are simply trying to defend their civil liberties. Who knows how many of them would support throwing people like me into the FEMA camps, for pointing out how badly they’re being screwed? They’ve been conditioned to act like Pavlovian dogs, waiting for the bell to ring.

The odd thing about the Sheeple, who constitute a clear majority in decaying America 2.0, is that most of them are skeptical of salesmen, or salespersons, for example. Salestranspersons. They blanch at anything that seems “too good to be true.” They hate “get rich quick schemes.” Even if they were offered a perfectly legitimate check, for a substantial amount of money, without any contract to sign that roped them into something nefarious, they would still regurgitate the adage, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” The Sheeple really, really hate “free lunches,” even when they’re doing the eating. I thoroughly documented how there are “free lunches” in this rigged economy, in my book Survival of the Richest. But “free lunches” are only for the elite.

I understand this mindset to some degree. I hang up immediately on cold callers. Now that most of them are obviously from India, and are assigned ridiculously inappropriate ‘Murrican names, I sometimes respond with a snappy, “Not interested. And your name is not Kyle!” But the poor beggars at stoplights often get a few bucks from me. However, the Sheeple mentality is to suspect that these pathetic individuals have a devious, ulterior motive. I’ve seen them standing at the lights in really cold weather, or during a heavy rain. That’s a lot of trouble to go to for a dollar here or there. Doesn’t just standing there in inclimate weather indicate some kind of industriousness? I don’t consider that laziness.

But while the Sheeple are skeptical of those identifying as salespersons, and seemingly homeless people asking for a handout, they are shockingly accepting of the institutions that have failed almost all of them. You know, the ones that constructed a marketplace that ensures over 70 percent of them live from paycheck to paycheck. That permits about the same percentage to save less than $1000 for emergencies. A system that has turned the bottom half of the country into the biggest underclass the world has ever seen, with only a collective one percent of the total wealth in their portfolios. Well, to be totally accurate, actually less than one percent.

The Sheeple may question an individual insurance salesman, but they don’t question the insurance industry itself. I went over just how disastrous insurance is for almost all of us, in Survival of the Richest. If you have life insurance, the only way to “win” is to die as soon as you can. You must have auto insurance, for the “privilege” of driving. The Sheeple love to remind you of that. “Driving is a privilege, not a right,” they’ll babble confidently. Just make your payments on time, and you’ll be fine. But if you get in an accident every thirty years or so, your rates will go up, even if you weren’t at fault. Or you might even have your policy cancelled. So insurance is essentially a racket where money is extorted for things that might happen, but if they do happen, you’ll be in trouble. Again, unless you die. Then you win.

The Sheeple don’t understand any of the real rackets. The schemes that all the fake homeless people in the world couldn’t dream up. Medicare, for instance. I think I’m the only person in the world to be pointing out just what a bad deal Medicare is. Let’s see, you pay into this system your entire adult working life. When you receive this fantastic “benefit” after retiring, you are still required to pay a monthly fee. I think it’s more than $150 now. And your fantastic “benefit” only covers 80 percent of your “healthcare” costs. When I was a strapping lad way back in the halcyon days of America 1.0, that was the crappiest plan a worker could get. For years, 100 percent of my “healthcare” costs were covered under my employee plan. 20 percent of any medical cost can cause financial ruin. And Bernie Sanders wants “Medicare for all.”

Many Republicucks, of course, don’t want any Medicare at all. They don’t want any social safely net. It’s communistic. As Rush Limbaugh stated, before he died of cancer- the scourge that was introduced into the world a little over a hundred years ago, and could be “cured” the same way it was introduced- “healthcare” is not a right. It’s a privilege. Just like driving. You buy the “healthcare” that the rigged marketplace allows you to afford. Don’t live beyond your means. If you must die of cancer, do it and be quiet about it. Why should taxpayers have to pay for all your “wrong choices?” It’s not like taxpayers are paying a lot more for the despicable intelligence agencies, for instance, whose budgets remain top secret, a slew of other unconstitutional agencies, and for roads and power grids that remain unrepaired.

While most Americans seem to have lost their sense of empathy, the Sheeple are in their own category in this regard. They’re the ones who drove around with bumper stickers like “Shit happens and then you die” and “He who dies with the most toys wins.” As far back as the mid-1970s, they used to utter the charming “Sounds like a personal problem to me,” when some rabble-rouser like me would question something. Not all that long ago, during the early days of America 2.0, a bunch of Sheeple mobbing it up on Black Friday paid no attention to a man who had dropped dead in an aisle at Target. Couldn’t even call 911. Cleanup on aisle seven! Who else but Sheeple would venture out on Black Friday? For great imaginary “deals.”

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