We Just Won the Covid Argument

What you’re about to see says it all.

We all remember — how could we forget? — the hysteria around Sweden in 2020. Why, if they didn’t have a proper lockdown, Neil Ferguson and his Imperial College model said, they’d have 96,000 deaths by June!

The actual number turned out to be 4000.

So then the crazies fell back on: it did worse than the other Scandinavian countries, and that’s the proper comparison.

(These are the same people who thought the United States and the island nation of New Zealand was a legitimate comparison, however.)

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) looked at excess mortality in 31 countries, including Sweden (and New Zealand, for that matter), during the Covid era.

Want to take a guess as to which country wound up doing the best out of them all?

Yes, it was Sweden:

Why focus on “excess deaths” rather than Covid deaths? One, because there’s no universally agreed-upon standard for what constitutes a Covid death, and two, what good does it do to lower Covid deaths while increasing non-Covid deaths by even more?

I’m sure lots of apologies will be forthcoming, right?

Incidentally, let me share a not-unrelated image from New York City:

Tom Woods Show guest Clifton Duncan, the Broadway actor who at tremendous professional cost refused to be pressured into getting the jab, commented on this image:

“The City Formerly Known as New York terrified and alienated potential patrons by treating COVID like the Black Death, and the economic ramifications of such idiocy mean few people can afford to see shows regularly.”

So much soul-crushing idiocy and evil, and when all is said and done the most sensible country got the best results.

Never forget that.

One more thing:

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