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What is a “woman’s issue,” when it comes to state and national politics?

I have watched in astonishment as the Democrats, over the past 20 months, have systematically thrown away what has in our lifetime been their primary treasure: that is to say, the women’s vote.

Presidents Clinton and Obama won solely due to the advantage that the DNC has held, for decades, with one demographic: white suburban women — and especially, the white college-educated suburban women who traditionally vote over 80 per cent for Democrats. The advantage this gave President Clinton was a gender gap in his favor of up to 11%. []

That shrunk to 6% for President Obama, in some metrics, but it still made the difference in electing him. []

No matter how many ways you do the math, Democrats simply cannot win a national or state election without this population’s support.

Yet they are enacting policies and producing messaging that burn up that advantage. And indeed this demographic is abandoning the DNC ship.

My own specialty, as a former political consultant, was in advising the Democrats how to appeal to, and formulate policies for, this crucial demographic. For a number of reasons — the fact that pollsters, consultants and candidates, were mostly men in their 50s and 60s — both parties tended (and still tend) to be tone-deaf about “women’s issues”, except for those issues that hit even the most entrenched patriarchal dinosaur over the head, such as “pay equity,” rape and domestic violence, and abortion rights.

But — what is a “women’s issue”?

As a feminist, it has amazed me that the gender politics of what has happened to us over the past two years has gone virtually un-analyzed. Lockdowns and medical coercion, vaccine mandates, the masking of children, the closures of small businesses by force — freedom itself, for Lord’s sake — are all, obviously, “women’s issues.”

(As CEO and cofounder of a non-partisan platform, I cannot tell you for whom to vote. But I can remind you what freedom looks like; and as a feminist, I can certainly do what I have done for decades, and urge women to vote “like women.” The conclusions you reach when you think about how this issue is at play now, may surprise you.)

Who was disproportionately harmed by lockdowns? Masking? Forced mRNA injections?

Women and their children.

Lockdowns are women’s issues.

Who was expected somehow to fullfil their obligations to their bosses — while overseeing the wellbeing of school-age kids suddenly confined to their rooms, isolated without friends, and chained cognitively to screens? Women.

I’ve been on panels for 35 years about how to solve the conundrum of women’s needs as workers, versus requirements for parenting small or school-aged children; and never would I have imagined that this stubborn puzzle would be “solved” by the proposition that we simply chain both mom and kids to separate computers in a single family home, with zero social contact or support, for six to eight hours a day, for months at a time.

That ‘“solution” — one crafted by those tech companies who benefited (as I explained in my book The Bodies of Others) from the digital-only world — is the most misogynist, and anti-child, “solution” ever, in the history of human moms and kids.

Now imagine this situation as a single mother — with no respite at all, via a partner, from caregiving. Now imagine that you are a “frontline worker” single mom — with no one to watch your child locked at home. Some stats, via the United States Bureau of the Census:

“Single Parent Statistics

Highlights of statistics on single parent homes:

80% of all single parents in the U.S. are single mothers.
52.9% of single mothers are millennials.
15.6 million children live in single-mother households in the U.S.
52.3% of single mothers have never been married, 29.3% are divorced.
Single mothers have a 35.6% smaller median income than single fathers.
Only 45.9% of single parents receive full child support.
Annual cost of child care is $10,174, which is 35% of a single-parent income.
28.9% of single-mother households live below the poverty level.
31% of single fathers are living with their own parents.” [,children%20live%20with%20single%20fathers.]

Lifting out data points: fifteen point six million American kids live in single-mother households, and single mothers earn 35%.6 less than do single fathers.

How was the lockdown for these millions of children, these millions of moms?

As a former single mom, even though a lucky one in many ways, I can say firsthand: lockdowns for millions of single mom households would have been unendurable; they would have brought these little families terrible harm and sustained suffering.

Who cared about this, these dangers, this exhaustion, this mental health degradation for mothers and children, these situations that left kids vulnerable to child abuse and neglect, violence and self-harm?

No one who was in charge of those right-on, “feminist” lockdown states.

Not Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Not Governor Andrew Cuomo. Not Governor Gavin Newsom.

Not American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. []

“Feminists” all.

This cruelty, misogyny and child abuse are reasons that rage-filled mama bear groups avenging children’s torture, such as Tiffany Justice’s Moms for Liberty, are growing exponentially. Though Moms for Liberty are caricatured as Trumpers, they are nonpartisan — see their website. When they urge community members to “Find your People” they don’t mention a political party. Theirs is a newly defined, awe-inspiringly effective tribal affiliation, deeper than party labels. []

I know from being in contact with Moms for Liberty, that there is no way to characterize them politically, since partisan politics is not their organizing principle. Their home page shows women of all backgrounds. Their motto, “We Don’t Co-Parent with the Government,” resonates with moms in regard to any government, whether Left or Right. These furious ladies, now in chapters across the nation, don’t care what your label is.

They are the de facto Party of Moms.

And this new political alliance will flatten anything in its path. Watch the heck out.

Now let us talk about “the science.”

Who was disproportionately harmed by mRNA vaccine mandates? Women and children. When Children’s Health Defense tries to protect kids from mRNA injections imposed without their parents’ consent, with its protest action of mothers surrounding mRNA-vaccine vans parked in schoolyards, they are not supporting one candidate or another. They too, in these actions, serve as a de facto Party of Moms.

I worked for months with Aimee Villella and Stephanie Locricchio of Children’s Health Defense, promoting their actions to protect families’ medical freedom. I knew them only as badass, kick-ass, terrifyingly organized, unstoppably furious moms of the new breed, the kind of women whom I deeply admire; the kind of women, ironically, who have replaced traditional liberal “feminists” (who have been, overall, so disappointingly passive in the past two years) in the supergirl-heroine pantheon of the nation’s, and even in my own, imagination.

To this day I do not know Ms. Villella’s or Ms. Locricchio’s party affiliation. We never discussed it.

The kids are more important than any labels.

When I spoke to a crowd of thousands at the Defeat the Mandates rally in LA, I warned the mandate-driving leaders and the Pharma executives: “You hurt our kids,” and that they had no idea what it would be like to be on the receiving end of the rage of thousands of mothers. I got a visceral roar of affirmation from the women in the crowd, even louder than the noise from the men.[ The video, interestingly, is hard to find now online].

Mine was not a partisan statement, and I have no idea the party affiliation of the women who reacted with that brutal lioness-roar of affirmation.

We were all, at that moment, a de facto Party of Moms.

Furious mothers have never before been a political force, but by God, they are now.

If you are a mom, or stepmom, vote like a mom or stepmom on Tuesday.

Who was most hurt by forced mRNA injections?


Dr Robert Chandler, of the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, found that the lipid nanoparticles remain in the ovaries. He also found that women sustained 72 per cent of the adverse events, compared to men, and that 16 per cent of these adverse events were “reproductive disorders” (Pfizer’s own phrase) versus the less than one per cent of reproductive disorders sustained by men. []

The mRNA vaccines, that were forced on women (the majority of the US population) by a male President, destroyed American women’s fertility at a scale we are only now beginning to grasp; one that is monumental.

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