Virus Mania Covers Up Drug/Food Poisoning as Effectual Covid-19 Killer


COVID misinformation not only comes from government and mainstream media sources but from anti-COVID websites and organizations.  Into the hysteria which misinformation creates comes the sanity of Italian scientist, anti-cancer product entrepreneur and Nobel-prize nominee, Stefano Scoglio, BSc, MSc, PhD, who co-authored the book Virus Mania (2021).  Below is Scoglio’s hit list of COVID misinformation which he infers covers up the effectual reason for COVID-19 excess deaths: “the use of drugs with severe side effects including potential death” plausibly with the by-products of poor food metabolism.  This begs the question: is drug-food poisoning the effectual “virus” causing excess COVID deaths?

mRNA Injections.  According to Scoglio, it is impossible for mRNA (Messenger RNA) in COVID-19 injections to enter human cells. Rather, mRNA merely gets lodged in human tissues as one of the most toxic materials on earth, causing inflammation, edema, blood clots and autoimmune reactions.  Its purported purpose is to produce spike proteins to boost immunity by generating antibodies that have a memory to attack the so-called COVID-19 virus. But instead, the human killer cells instantly turn against the man-made spike protein in the shot, making it explode into thousands of particles. Scoglio says a Japanese study found the mRNA material merely gets deposited in tissues and is not metabolized. A recent paper by Saeed Qureshi, PhD, “mRNA Injection is Not mRNA but Gunk”, corroborates Scoglio that mRNA can’t get into cells because it is just “gunk” RNA.

Scoglio calls the statements of high-profile American Drs. Robert Malone and Robert McCullough that mRNA is a neurotoxin that can enter the brain resulting in degenerative diseases, as “bull shit”.  Contra Malone and McCullough, Scoglio says there is no natural SARS-Cov-2 spike protein or COVID-19 virus, as the replies to 250 public information requests to government health agencies and labs reported they had no such evidence. Again, the COVID injection cannot get into cells Scoglio points out that no study of viruses has ever been conducted with a control group necessary for the scientific method. Neither is there such a thing as specific antibodies for each pathogen entering the human body because the human body produces only 5 types of antibodies to counterattack thousands of invading pathogens. Scoglio says it isn’t mRNA or spike proteins in COVID injections that can cause neurodegenerative disease but heavy metals such as cesium, barium, titanium and aluminum.

The only spike proteins found in the human body are synthetic recombinant mRNA made in a lab in China. The FDA tests required to get approval for injections always use indirect methods to measure their performance when direct measures are available. Pfizer’s study for its COVID-19 injection was based on a study of only 8 mice.  Scoglio says that the drug companies knew the mRNA injections wouldn’t work and are harmful.  He calls such injections “toxic bombs” that are a fraud and a crime.

Graphene and Nanoparticles.  Scoglio says studies done by La Quinta Columba in Spain, purporting to come from an apparently grassroots watchdog group (who strangely can afford expensive TV studios and productions), are suspect and not serious science.  The Spanish researchers claim discolored material found in human blood by darkfield microscopy is graphene, but never undertake simple tests to definitively identify it as such. He says their methods are not serious science and the dark matter found in blood can be explained as something else, such as the steel (metals) found by Japanese researchers.   Scoglio says graphene reports are in a “story telling stage”; they are not science.

Virus Contagion – Are fears of shedding from injected persons to the un-injected justified? No, says Scoglio. There is no COVID-19 germ or virus that has ever been verified to transfer to others.  The US Public Health Service in 1918 failed to find contagion of any respiratory infection by sneezing, coughing or from hands.  It isn’t contagion when seasonal temperature starts changing and the body starts flushing bacteria (called a cold) or toxins (called a flu) and that coldness also triggers the bodies of others to start flushing toxins at the same time.

Scoglio says there is no virus contagion because there is no natural spike protein or virus, only a man-made spike protein from a lab.  And the lab-made artificial spike protein can’t transfect other humans because it can’t even get into human cells in the injected persons.  Scoglio says graphene reports are in a “story telling stage”; they are not science.  He believes that those who get sick from the shots are “paranoid” (hypochondriac).  But, in his co-authored book Virus Mania, Scoglio points to prescription drug abuse as the effectual reason for COVID-19 deaths.

Exosomes as Effectual Viruses.  According to Scoglio, what is misnamed a virus is an Exosome, which is dead protein that is floating in the blood stream attracting bacteria to clear it out because the human body has normal cellular die off that can be increased by stress or depression.  Exosomes do not replicate and, unlike pseudoscientific viruses, have been scientifically isolated by microscopic chromatograthy.  Unmetabolized exosomes can produce non-nutrient metabolites from foods that are associated with diseases (lactate, oxalate, etc.).

Deadly Drug/Food Metabolite Ratio.  Not mentioned by Scoglio is opioid drugs, anti-depressants and metabolites can be a deadly cocktail. According to a 2016 study, prescription anti-depression drugs such as Valium, Xanax, Halcion, Ativan when mixed with opioids such as fentanyl and hydrocodone in patients with bad drug/metabolite ratios in the liver, can lead to death. Asking the liver to handle drugs, metallic poisoning and metabolites at the same time can be deadly.

92% of drug poisoning deaths in 2021 were unintentional.

Scoglio contends what is lethal is not necessarily or solely the COVID injection but prescription drugs:

“Non-viral factors such as industrial poisons, opioids, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, dilating and constricting drugs that can be put in a nebulizer, inhaler or hospital injection and may be in the form of a hydrogel (water bead or tiny particles) may be a cause of respiratory diseases such as pneumonia and thus of the so-called

COVID-19” (Stefan Scoglio PhD, et. al., Virus Mania, 2021, p. 387).

Those dying or harmed from myocarditis and turbo cancers who received metallic-laced COVID injections may be those with unreported prescription drug overdosing or prior intravenous drug abuse.

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