Victim or Truth Warrior During 2023?

Finishing up a podcast focused on the book late last week, an unexpected question dropped. It went something like this: “Many people are starting to feel overwhelmed by what has happened, what has been done to them, and feel that there is nothing that they can do to stop what is going on. What advice can you give them?”

Since then, over the last week I have had many versions of this question come from a wide variety of interviewers. One easy answer is to fall back on the final chapters of the “Lies My Government Told Me” book, each of which focus on specific action items:

What to do with a problem like HHS?
Groupthink and the Administrative State.
Don’t be brain dead, think for yourself.
Defend your sovereignty.
People helping out one another.
The Victory Garden.
Letter to a Coerced mother.

Another is to focus on those three words which were the core of my speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for the “Stop the Mandates” rally a year agoIntegrity, Dignity, Community. And there is always the advice from Saint Augustine, sometimes known as the doctor of the Roman Catholic Church, who famously said “The truth is like a Lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”

We, you, do not have to be victims. We can all be “Truth Lions”. Fifth Generation Warfare warriors.

Easy words to write. How about some specific actions items, you ask? Let’s start with just three things that everyone can accomplish over the next couple of months.

First task- learn about fifth generation warfare.

Don’t be intimidated by the new term, you will learn that this is something that you already know a lot about. If you are active on the internet, on social media, you already understand a lot about crowd psychology, trolls, bots, swarm decision making, and the power of influencers to help set the framework for how we see the world, how we interpret the fire hose of information coming at us.

Think of this as akin to learning about how Madison Avenue advertising agencies manipulate you (and your children) to eat processed foods, drink sugary drinks, etc. Learn so that you can recognize their advertising tricks when they pull them. Advertising is typically deployed in corporate media, because that is central to the corporate media business model.

What our governments, the pharmaceutical industry (and our military and intelligence agencies) have been doing to us is like deploying the the most powerful advertising campaign in the history of the world on all of us over the last three years. Including paying corporate media, social media “influencers”, artists, musicians to surreptitiously advertise the approved narrative and these (typically unlicensed and relatively untested) medical products. And the starting point to fighting the ability of these “advertising” technologies to influence your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, is to learn how they work, and learn to recognize the tech when you encounter it.

Know your enemy, his strategy and tactics. His mission and goal is to control what you think, believe, feel. To basically control your soul.

Fifth generation warfare is what has been deployed on you by your government.

Over the last three years, you and everyone around you has been subjected to military-grade psychological warfare technologies, developed for offshore combat to influence the thoughts and minds of state and non-state combatants and the cultures within which they exist, but deployed against the citizens of virtually every western nation by their own governments. All for our own good, of course, to compel acceptance of and thereby protect us with unlicensed, experimental medical products that were neither safe, nor were they fit to purpose – for example preventing infection, replication, and spread of a RNA respiratory coronavirus.

No wonder that, in a world where the entire underlying culture has been fragmented, people have developed chronic free floating anxiety and a sense that nothing makes sense, combined with free floating anger- both of which needed an external enemy to resolve the psychological tension and cognitive dissonance- mass formation or mass hypnosis or mass psychosis or mass formation psychosis (choose your term) developed in a large fraction of the population. All of us were intentionally, psychologically manipulated by our governments. Some of us, for some reason, were able to break free of the manipulation and psy-ops, while the minds of others were swallowed whole.

In the case of the United States, this unfortunate fact has been documented in so many ways (including involvement of DHS, FBI, CIA and myriad other agencies), but most recently by the “Twitter Files”.

In the case of Canada, there are a series of remarkable published essays that attest to this inconvenient truth:

Murray BrewsterAshley Burke · CBC News · Posted: Jun 24, 2021 7:16 PM ET | Last Updated: June 25, 2021 (Link Here)

Portions of a military information campaign meant to influence the Canadian public during the COVID-19 pandemic continued to operate months after the chief of the defence staff at the time ordered it shut down in the spring of 2020, CBC News has learned.

The Canadian military recently conducted four reviews of controversial initiatives. A copy of one of those reviews was obtained by CBC News under access to information legislation.

That review shows that even after the then-chief of the defence staff, Jonathan Vance, verbally called off the overall influence campaign in April 2020, some influence activities aimed at Canadians carried on for another six months — until Vance issued a written edict in November 2020.

“The public affairs, [civil-military cooperation] and influence activities that were taking place, particularly within [Joint Task Force Central], did not stop,” says the review document, which looked at the origins of the influence campaign.

Military leaders saw pandemic as unique opportunity to test propaganda techniques on Canadians, Forces report says

A plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command relied on propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war.

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