US Taxpayers Paying For Israel & MAGA’s Have Been Trumped

Trump’s newest tease of potential VP’s is a hodge podge of Zionists and anti-Russia militants.  And people are getting jittery.   Is this a double switch?  Why else would he allow the same regime that rules Biden to continue their legacy under a Trump presidency?

Kennedy Jr. wants to jail anyone who is deemed a climate change denier.   And hope is slowly divested.   Regurgitating the mantra that China wants to take over the world, we are listening to Biden’s Handlers controlling Trump’s mouth.  NUKES on Taiwan!   What the fark?  Has Trump trumped The People?  Tim Scott is funded by AIPAC.   JD Vance was a 2016 ‘Never Trumper’ who has been a politician for one year while writing for CNN and WAPO.  Rubio is a neoconservative funded by Soros.   Kirsti Noem voted for antisemitism speech to be illegal and subject to criminal prosecution.  Elsie Stefanik is funded by Israel and Big Pharma.

And Israel/ZION wins.

CIA Director Burns has proposed a blackmail with Saudi Arabia – support Israel and we will guarantee your security.  Al Jazeera has been censored completely from Israel for its reporting on Gaza.  Netanyahu says he will start carpet bombing civilians in Rafah next week. As France’s election looms, Macron has put boots on the ground in Ukraine – the French Foreign Legion.  Politico reveals that the campus agitators are paid shills of Soros, Gates, Rockefeller, and Pritzker.  And a Trump win is looking like an extension of Biden.

Not Good.

The insertion of ‘agitators’ at protests has always been the ‘calling card’ of the Soros Zionists.  The purpose is to demonize anyone who is anti-war by association.  It is an old tactic.  And yet, it seems to work every time.   It was used in Charlotte, in Hong Kong, in France, etc… etc…   Tried and True.  Given the police order against the protestors came directly from Israel, we can assume Netanyahu is Cartel material.  Given that the extension of the Ben Gurion Canal is a profit motivation for Israel, it is likely a percentage was offered to Bin Salman.  Interestingly, the Ben Gurion Canal would go through the NEGEV Desert – where the ‘festival’ took place, and where the US recently installed two military bases.

Of course if the depopulation agenda were to go thru, there would be no money in tourism, no need to steal the oil and gas from Palestine, and the audience that the elite crave would no longer exist.   Are they that ignorant or is something else happening behind the scenes?

The $14.3 billion ‘additional’ aid to Israel is the US’s additional share of the cost of the Ben Gurion Canal extension – from the Sea to TelAviv!

While Saudi Arabia mulls an offer of a security guarantee similar to Israel’s, Bin Salman immediately raised its oil prices on Asia – affecting most prominently, China and India.

Moving on from Saudi Arabia, the CIA Director is in Qatar.  It will be interesting to see Qatar’s reaction tomorrow.  Will the entire Palestinian population be thrown under the bus by the Middle East?  For now Qatar has stated that it will not be blackmailed by either side.  Burns called for Hamas expulsion from Qatar – which is equivalent to suicide.

Saudi Arabia’s NEOM City is the source of Israeli blackmail.   The city would be allowed to use the Ben Gurion Canal, a much shorter route than the current Suez for the transport of tourists.  The Gaza Strip aid pier built by American troops at a US cost of $310 million is the beginning of the Canal expansion paid for by American Taxpayers.  It will be able to port cargo ships and cruise ships. But they need land transportation!

Not to worry, Israel is already busily building railways according to the Jewish Chronicle.  There are 11 tracks. The central line runs parallel to the route connecting Jenin, Nablus, Jerusalem’s outskirts, Hebron and Be’er Sheva.

“Another line connects to Jordan and Syria. There will also be … a line connecting the Allenby Bridge to Jerusalem and Ramallah; a line from Ramallah to Lod and Tel Aviv; a line connecting Kiryat Gat to Hebron; and another line in Gaza that will make it possible to connect Ramallah with the Gaza Strip using Israeli trains.  The valley line would serve tourists traveling to the Dead Sea, Eilat and the Sea of Galilee. We estimate that by 2035 we will see 30 million train rides.”

A major source of funding will be the confiscation of Palestine oil and gas reserves off the coast of Gaza, estimated to be worth roughly $550 billion.   And the Palestinians?   Whoever is left will be transferred to a tent city – for LIFE.

Trump will applaud.  Maybe he was offered land to build a world class golf course along the new international tourist zone.

Over the last 3+years, various ships have become stranded in the Suez Canal negatively affecting ‘supply chains’.   The purpose was to give the illusion that the Suez is no longer viable and an alternative Canal should solve all the problems.  The Suez Canal claims roughly 15% of all traffic between Asia and the Middle East.  It is a vital source of their economy and revenue with transit fees topping $10 billion annually.  While the Ben Gurion Canal would splinter Egypt’s economy,  And no one cares but Egypt.

It was never about Hamas.  It was never about climate change.  It was never about saving Americans from disease.   It was, is, and always will be about MONEY.

Do you think US Taxpayers will be given a share of the tourist rewards in Israel given we paid for it?  Maybe we’ll get a discount price on the Trump golf course?   Or maybe we will get what we always get – The Shaft!  And that is why Trump’s VP picks are all onboard the Israel MONEY.

Reprinted with permission from Helena Glass.

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