US Freedom Flyers Meeting with FAA Whistleblower

To All Freedom Flyers:

A major development is breaking. We cannot emphasize the importance of this enough.

At 2:00 pm Central Time tomorrow (Robert here with an edit: the meeting is on Tuesday, August 30th – details below), senior FAA official Bruce McGray will publicly present, for the first time, his sworn declaration and supporting exhibits (links at very bottom) against the agency for its involvement in the vaccine mandate and the resultant fallout. The presentation will be aired via Zoom and we need as many of our members as possible to join the call. The purpose is both to present the complaint and ensure that all members have the information necessary to rescue their lives and their careers. If you hold an FAA medical and fear its loss as a result of vaccine complications, solutions will be presented.

Mr. McGray is represented by Todd Callender of the Disabled Rights Advocates Law Firm (part of the legal coalition representing USFF as well, and whose letter & invitation is pasted below), and will be joined by a who’s-who of the fight we are engaged in. Many more agency whistleblowers who are coming forward will be on the call as well.

Realize that the call is not just for pilots! If you or someone you know is COVID vaccine injured, please join us.

Lastly, let us emphasize that your microphones need to be on MUTE when you join the call. We expect a very large audience and open mics simply will not do.

Review the information below and we will see you there!




Good afternoon all:

Many of you are aware of our meeting planned for tomorrow (30 August) at 3:00 pm (Eastern Time US) for a presentation by a notable team of heroes who are trying to salvage our global aviation industry. Tomorrow, Bruce McGray, who is a very senior Federal Aviation Administration official and whistleblower, will provide testimony about his experiences and efforts to prevent a most certain and looming aviation tragedy. Bruce is joined by flight surgeons Dr. Theresa Long, Dr. Pete Chambers, and USFF President Josh Yoder to discuss ways to screen, identify and remediate or repair vaccine injuries aviation professionals and others may be suffering.

Also presenting is Jeffrey Prather (inter alia, Senior Special Agent – retired), Ann Vandersteel (hostess and Director of the Zelenko Foundation) and Lt. General Thomas McInerney (US Air Force – retired); all of whom have battled the apathy, inaction, coercion and corruption in our various governments in order to stop the killer shot mandates and preserve humanity.

We have an opportunity to identify these pressing issues, help the injured and unemployed while repairing the relationships between regulators, law enforcement, aviation professionals and the flying public. Tomorrow’s meeting is about solutions that will translate whistleblower leadership into mass-local action resulting in the salvation of our aviation industry and re-establishment of working relationships between government and citizens.

You are invited to attend and bring along anyone that you believe may be interested in hearing about these topics or joining in the effort.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow,

Todd Callender

Disabled Rights Advocates Law Firm

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