US Congress’ Disfunctional Agendas Driving a Trump Victory

The Main Congressional issues that are being focused on before Christmas include;  abortion, money for Ukraine, money for Israel, money for climate change, sanctioning everybody, and Trump is a dictator…   The Main issues that are being focused on across the globe include:  expanded trade, growth, and peace.   Putin met with Saudi Arabia’s Bin Salman and the outcome included, “Bin Salman was willing to work with Russia to achieve stability and prosperity for the entire world, noting that the two nations had already achieved a lot in the spheres of energy, investment, and agriculture in the past seven years.”

This is what Leadership is supposed to look like – how to better benefit and grow partnerships.  Unfortunately, our esteemed bogeymen mentality is personified in Lloyd Austin claiming that the purpose of the US Military is to WIN Wars.   Not to deter War, or resolve Peace, or commit to détente – but to fight until the last man, woman and child – are dead.

According to Austin, if Congress doesn’t ante up more money to fight Russia in Ukraine, he is threatening to send our troops to Ukraine – thereby solidifying a World War scenario wherein the US is now a viable target for retaliation.   ALL for the Nazi’s and Zions in Ukraine. Biden bemuddles that unless $110 billion is brought to the table for Ukraine and Israel, Russia will attack and destroy NATO…   But NATO doesn’t have an army – NATO’s army is the US!

What has Lloyd Austin in a panty-wad is the fact that he already secured orders for military weapons to restock the US inventory – and doesn’t have any money left from last year’s budget which he overspent by $227 billion. Pentagon Black Book accounting.  China’s entire Military Budget is $230 Billion – yet somehow they pose a threat?

Trump’s humor was on full display as he announced to Hannity that he would Rule as a Dictator for One Day if elected in 2024.   Every incoming President spends days, weeks or even months issuing Executive Orders – which in fact do enforce a dictatorship.  But the MSM and Liberals don’t understand the humor or irony and instead whimper and wet and whine because Trump likely will;  Pull out of NATO.  Pull out of the UN.   Pull out of all Climate Change related funding.   Open up all drilling.   Withdraw from WHO.   And secure The Border!   Our border – not Ukraine’s or Israel’s.

But of course, we still must face that nasty-pants revelation – Voter Fraud and Corruption perpetrated by the Liberals and Rhino’s.  

The Ukraine War will not go down favorably in the history books.   Russia has essentially beaten Ukraine, US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, and Japan.   The humility is a direct result of fools and idiots running our Militaries and Intelligensia!   Every General should be stripped of his rank and medals.  Israel’s Mossad and IDF are humiliated as well – resorting to killing women and children because they can’t make inroads on HAMAS.  While it is unknown how many actual HAMAS members have been killed, the last estimate was roughly 100 – 5,000 compared to 20,000 civilian casualties and tens of thousands severely injured.   Of course, Israel is using Common Core Math.

In a world of nonrelevance, the UN undersecretary, Jean Pierre Lacroix stated,  “The world still needs UN peacekeepers”.   WHY?   Because, they want to keep their jobs – not peace.  UN peacekeepers cost roughly $1.5 billion per year on a total budget of $6.45 Billion.  In 2023, the US gave the UN $1.5 Billion – more than all EU states combined.  IF there was peace, there would be no need for a UN.   There are over 35 armed conflicts across Africa displacing more than 40 million – and the UN stokes every one of them.   The need for war is twofold;   chaos and money.  Chaos is the definition of satan.

Over 40 Congressional members will be retiring or won’t seek re-election this next term.   The vast majority are Democrats and Rhino’s.   Their reasoning is consistent – dysfunction and lies.

The question is – their lies that could get them a criminal conviction… or their peers – because lying seems to be a pre-requisite for being in Congress.   Opening the field is more likely a direct result of the grumbling regarding a Trump victory wherein he pledges to once again – call the CLEANER.   Only this time, he is armed with a full glass of reality.

The clansmen decry the fact that Trump didn’t fire more people!  How dare he not fire everyone!   How dare he NOT invoke the Insurrection Act when states allowed their cities to be burned and destroyed…  Except, the President may only intervene with federal troops in State’s business when the governor requests he do so…   DANG – Law.

Of course these same minion clansmen had no idea who the rhinos were much less the notion there were rhinos.   They tend to parlay from the forked tongue gamut employed by the bookseller, Ann Coulter.   A neoconservative rhino who has lost her mojo, Coulter sits back and details how awful everyone is – but herself – having done nothing to assist or deter – anything!

The lounge chair shrews.

The far-left Atlantic has already declared that should Trump win the 2024 election, Congress will pull impeachment charges, criminal charges, and use a whipping post at every intersection.   They assert that Trump will attempt to use the Supreme Court to allow himself to be pardoned in defiance of the Law.

ARTICLE 2:   “The Supreme Court referred to the President’s authority to pardon as unlimited except in cases of impeachment, extending to every offence known to the law and able to be exercised either before legal proceedings are taken, or during their pendency, or after conviction and judgment.    Clemency may only be granted for Offenses against the United States, meaning that state criminal offenses and federal or state civil claims are not covered.”

Trump’s lawyers know this.  Trump knows this.   So the Atlantic may find itself legally adrift in their thinking.   But then their Editor in Chief is a former Israeli IDF prison guard who relished every Palestinian prisoner he interred while celebrating his own Zionism… 

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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