Ukraine Aid Is Support for Socialism

Progressives keep trying to logroll Ukraine aid by bundling it with Israel aid, Taiwan aid, border amnesty, or conservative-supported border legislation, which, like existing statutes, would be defied.

In the Senate, $61 billion additional aid for Ukraine was passed with cloture votes from 17 Republicans (Capito, Cassidy, Collins, Cornyn, Ernst, Grassley, Kennedy, McConnell, Moran, Murkowski, Romney, Rounds, Sullivan, Thune, Tillis, Wicker, and Young).

In the House, Republican Brian Fitzpatrick said that this bill or an alternative is needed, and that this is time-sensitive. The current speaker, Republican Mike Johnson, said, “the United States, and our partners, must be using every means available to cut off Putin’s ability to fund his unprovoked war.” Fortunately, Republican Warren Davidson said that if Johnson brings the Senate bill to a vote, several Republicans are ready to vote against Johnson remaining speaker. President Biden said, “History is watching the House of Representatives. The failure to support Ukraine at this critical moment will never be forgotten.”

War is crisis, and crises help politicians, analysts, and media distract from what matters.

Here, what matters is simple. The previous congress and the present congress are depriving persons of life, liberty, and property without due constitutional process.

They haven’t passed rules-of-engagement cards. They haven’t declared war. They are grabbing executive power over line-item budget allocations. They are taking property from the people.

Ukraine aid is in no way justified by proponents’ empirically-disproven claims that such aid will bring peace. What wins wars—and what ultimately will prevent wars—is to let free people build up greater economic strength than coercive enemy governments control. Extracting copious money from the people has always made wars more likely and more destructive. When freer governments instead hold themselves to good boundaries, more-coercive enemy governments overextend their people, and fail.

So, Ukraine aid wouldn’t bring peace. Ukraine aid would advance other goals:

Increase spending on crony military contractors.
Save face, after past negotiators led Ukraine to give up nuclear weapons in exchange for assurances that the USA would protect Ukraine.
Prevent Russian exposure of USA-government-affiliated biolabs.
Prevent Russian exposure of laundering through Ukraine of contributions to USA political campaigns.
The disclosed campaign contributions that were laundered through the bankrupt FTX crypto exchange in 2022 totaled $40 million. Undisclosed contributions could have been immense, given that unaudited USA Ukraine aid totaled many billions.
Keep Ukraine safe for USA-government-planned socialist takeover.
Already by 2008, state-department personnel were working to sponsor uprisings. By 2011, they were doing this specifically in Ukraine. By 2013, they were directing significant funding from the USA people to Ukraine, working hand-in-hand alongside accomplished government-destabilizer George Soros.

Spending more and more doesn’t only externally lessen the military power of peaceful nations, it also internally collapses the political power of the USA’s Progressives, eventually. Progressives repeatedly bet that they can collapse the system and come out on top.

But in the similar push by Republican and then Democratic Progressives that spanned the Great Depression, unending economic deprivation and a destructive world war were in-your-face outcomes, and were borne primarily by the people, at first. The Progressives’ overreaches, though, provoked a strong political counterreaction. This subsequently left the more-openly-Progressive activists pushed out and having to hunker down in agencies and academia for decades.

Mike Johnson and his Republican-Progressive plurality, and Mitch McConnell and his Republican-Progressive swing voters, should recalculate their openness to logrolling and their defiance of the Constitution regarding war. As Republican Eric Schmitt wrote about the final Senate bill, “Nearly every Republican Senator under the age of 55 voted NO on this America Last bill. 15 out of 17 elected since 2018 voted NO. Things are changing just not fast enough.” In the end, Republican Progressives wouldn’t win from Ukraine aid.

No one would win. And we the people will long remember.

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