Ukraine: A Colony of the US Since 1991

How Ukraine came To Be The Property of US GOVERNMENT:

With the splintering of the USSR in 1991, the concept was to devalue Russia to such an extent, the western powers could easily colonize the country under the western backed leadership of Yeltsin.   The US then set about to pour billions into the collapsed region to support the various NGO’s and Industries waiting in the wings to envelop Russia.

Ukraine became a stickler point.

Nunn, Bush, Cheney, NED, AFL-CIO, Carnegie, Ash Carter, Baker, Colin Powell, were instrumental in the ‘forceful passage of Ukraine’ to western powers and ultimately – Soros.   But the people of Ukraine did not support this western ideology.   Like Greta Garbo – they just vanted to be left alone!

The MYTH presented to Congress and the Media was that if Ukraine was not completely absorbed by western powers the threat of nuclear war was a potential.   President Yeltsin of Russia was still in the pockets of the US Cartel, and he was a necessary insert.   Like Assad was to the CIA – until he wasn’t. Assad’s punishment? The absolute annihilation of his country and all antiquity within.

Gorbechov was uncertain as to the extent of weapons Ukraine now possessed.   The western takeover members didn’t care – they wanted Ukraine and that was that.

Bush had also recently been linked to the Franklin Scandal and needed a distraction.

The Franklin Scandal revolved around a child prostitution ring in Omaha.   Children were forcibly removed from a boys home and spirited away on jets to various Texas Ranches for pedophile parties.   It was alleged that on occasion, Bush would bring a child or three through the backdoors of the White House to party and Nancy Regan was aware. She hated Bush.

The Scandal paralleled that of Jimmy Savile in Britain thus forever uniting the British governments and their spy organizations.   Blackmail became the norm.

The denuclearization of Ukraine was paramount.   The government was unstable.   The corruption was rampant.   And real fear began to develop.

Working with Soros, NED stepped in and orchestrated a pro-western coup despite Gorbechev’s refusal to allow Ukraine to be a part of the splintered referendum. McConnell led the referendum to recognize Ukraine’s sovereignty and ability to receive USAID funding.

This action precipitated the animosity between Russia and the US in its refusal to uphold previous agreements wherein Crimea and Donesk would remain attached to Russia.

The western inserted economist, Yegor Gaidar and American Jeffrey Sachs, incompetence led to the fast track of Russia’s economic collapse. This led to a fallout between the NED/Soros masters and the Russian President.

Returning to Washington to regroup these actors then wrote the Soviet Nuclear Threat Reduction Act. $$Millions were assigned from the DoD budget to denuclearize Russia and Ukraine.

In order to sway Congress’ concerns regarding misappropriation of these funds, Nunn and Lugar, the Acts co-authors, declared that – all moneys would go through US NGO’s and Agencies, such as USAID and NED.   Soros was pleased.

During the entire Ukraine disassociation process from Russia, Soros worked with all the US Government actors openly – as an advisor and a conduit between Washington and the Cult Handlers.   His Open Society was embraced by Governments across the globe –

Candidate Bill Clinton suggested:   The US will offer new aid in the form of $1.1 billion in Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) credits to the NIS ($600 million for Russia – $400 million for the Big Guy) and by mandating a $12 billion increase in the U.S. contribution to the IMF. This would be used to support a $3 billion U.S. contribution to a Russian stabilization fund while giving the Big Guy another $9 billion.

Everyone was happy.   Russia could now be colonized.   Ukraine could become a vassal of the West, and there was a bounty of money to be laundered!

In addition to USAID, Ford Foundation aid, Carnegie Corporation aid, the Soros Foundation stepped into the fray bolstered by 100’s of his NGO’s.   At the time – and still today – NGO’s garnered little oversight.   Soros Power across global governments was crystalized.   The Bush and Clinton Administrations were completely couped and the future began to look brighter for a global government.   At this point Soros was an integral part of the US Government.   Democratizing Russia meant absorbing it into a US vassal.   Yeltsin, the Assad of Syria, would soon find himself on the wrong side of the stick.   Once an ally – now an enemy.

Clinton pretended that he supported a Russian sovereign state.   Over time Soros NGO’s spread throughout Russia and Ukraine.   More aid was sent to Ukraine via Clinton’s instructions.   Isolating Ukraine from Russia was now a priority.   Russia was not willing to allow their country to be ruled by and absorbed into the Mafia Cartel.   Thus Russia became a pariah.

Soros focused on Ukraine and brought in NGO’s, labs, US government agencies and established a foothold.   A port country with no viable government, Ukraine was a free-for-all!

But Ukrainians still fought the western takeover. When the pro-Russian Yanukovich was seated as the president of Ukraine in 2010, the western forces needed to dig in.   Soros saw the alliance as a detriment to his creation of a country that could be used as a global trafficking port.   Putin was thriving, Ukraine was back in the hands of Russia, and the west’s entire agenda had been foiled.   Failure did not guarantee a seat in the Cartel.

A Coup was orchestrated in 2014 by all the same parties that had initially been chosen as Ukraine’s Cartel Leaders. The Major Players in Russia and Ukraine were/are:

Mitch McConnell, Jerry Hough, Ford Foundation, Carnegie corporation, AFL-CIO, Brent Scowcroft, George Soros, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Sam Nunn, James Baker, Chuck Hagel, Harvard, NED, Stanford, Brookings Institute, George Shultz, Rockefeller Foundation, Cyrus Vance, Helsinki Watch and CCNY.

TODAY – Putin has maintained control over Russia, expelled foreign NGO’s, and waged an incursion in the western owned Ukraine..   Those original Players are backing the Ukraine Military to unseat Putin.   Control over the entire region is the GOAL.   Globalization CANNOT occur without Russia.

But – the Cartel lost it’s footing and the rise of BRICS has severely dented their authoritarian Regime. Hence they will not give up ‘until every last Ukrainian is dead’…

Reprinted with permission from Helena-The Nationalist Voice.

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