Twitter and the Department of Homeland Security

A senior Department of Homeland Security official planned to meet Twitter executives in April to discuss potential censorship “partnerships” between the federal government and Twitter, a leaked government memo reveals.

The meeting was intended to be “in person,” “off-the-record,” and “closed [to the] press,” according to the memo, part of a cache of documents two Republican senators released last night.

Another document in the cache – this one from September 2021, just weeks after Twitter banned me – explains that dissent around Covid and vaccines was a focus of the department’s “efforts to combat misinformation.”

The memos raise still more questions about the extent of the cooperation between Twitter and federal officials last year, as the company censored me and other skeptics about Covid countermeasures and mRNA vaccines.


NOTE: “DVE” stands for domestic violent extremism, while “MDM” stands for “mis-, dis-, and malinformation.”

While mis- and disinformation are false – at least according to the would-be government censors hoping to ban them – malinformation is not. By the government’s own definition, malinfomation is “based on fact but used out of context.”

In other words, “malinformation” is a debating point that the government doesn’t like.

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