‘Turbo Cancers’ Linked to Covid Jabs

Cancer isn’t the only hazard the jabbed face. In the video above, John Campbell, a retired nurse educator, reviews the case report7 of a 76-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease who died three weeks after receiving his third COVID-19 shot. The autopsy revealed massive heart and brain damage.

The first jab he got was AstraZeneca’s adenoviral vector shot. The subsequent two were by Pfizer. As noted by Campbell, while some argue that heart and brain damage is a risk of COVID infection but not the shots, this case report conclusively demonstrated that this damage was caused by the shots, and not natural infection. As reported in the abstract:8

“… histopathological analyses of the brain uncovered previously unsuspected findings, including acute vasculitis … as well as multifocal necrotizing encephalitis of unknown etiology with pronounced inflammation including glial and lymphocytic reaction.

In the heart, signs of chronic cardiomyopathy as well as mild acute lympho-histiocytic myocarditis and vasculitis were present. Although there was no history of COVID-19 for this patient, immunohistochemistry for SARS-CoV-2 antigens (spike and nucleocapsid proteins) was performed.

Surprisingly, only spike protein but no nucleocapsid protein could be detected within the foci of inflammation in both the brain and the heart, particularly in the endothelial cells of small blood vessels.

Since no nucleocapsid protein could be detected, the presence of spike protein must be ascribed to vaccination rather than to viral infection. The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.”

Is Fertility Being Affected as Well?

Recent research also confirms earlier reports9 of menstrual breakthrough bleeding among pre-, peri- and postmenopausal women, the implications of which are still unknown. As reported by Medical Xpress, October 2, 2023:10

“Research by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway, suggests that COVID-19 vaccines or the body’s response to them can lead to unexpected vaginal bleeding in women. This phenomenon was observed in women across different reproductive stages.

In a paper,11 ‘Unexpected vaginal bleeding and COVID-19 vaccination in nonmenstruating women,’ published in Science Advances, the team of public health researchers detail their findings that raise the possibility that the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which is targeted by the vaccines, might be involved in this phenomenon …

The study included approximately 22,000 participants, aged 32 to 64, from the Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort Study (MoBa) and the Senior cohort, ages 65 to 80.

Unexpected vaginal bleeding was reported in 3.3% of postmenopausal women, 14.1% of perimenopausal women, and 13.1% of premenopausal women, more than three times the expected rates. Around half of the women who reported unexpected vaginal bleeding experienced it within 28 days after a COVID-19 vaccination.”

Importantly, the study found that only 31% of women who reported abnormal bleeding patterns sought medical care for it, and even fewer sought medical help when the bleeding occurred after their COVID shot. As a result, this side effect is not being captured by health care-related databases.

Got the Jab? Take Action to Safeguard Your Health

If you already got one or more jabs and now have concerns about your health, what can you do? Well, first and foremost, never take another COVID booster, another mRNA gene therapy shot or regular vaccine. You need to end the assault on your system.

If you developed symptoms you didn’t have before your shot, I would encourage you to seek out expert help. In light of the frequency of turbo cancers, postmenopausal women with breakthrough bleeding after their COVID jab would probably be wise to get evaluated to rule out endometrial cancer.

At present, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) seems to have one of the best treatment protocols for post-jab injuries. It’s called I-RECOVER and can be downloaded from covid19criticalcare.com.12

Dr. Pierre Kory, who cofounded the FLCCC, has transitioned to treating the vaccine injured more or less exclusively. For more information, see DrPierreKory.com. Dr. Peter McCullough is also investigating post-jab treatments, which you can find on PeterMcCulloughMD.com.

The World Health Council has also published lists of remedies that can help inhibit, neutralize and eliminate spike protein, which most experts agree is the primary culprit. I covered these in my 2021 article, “World Council for Health Reveals Spike Protein Detox.”

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