Tuck Tuck, Go: Tucker Carlson Cancelled

I’ve spent the last few days talking about the abrupt departure of Tucker Carlson from Fox News. I did a few interviews, and from what I’ve seen, and read elsewhere on the internet, it looks like I’m in the decided minority on the subject. The alternative media was always suspicious of Tucker, and are hardly mourning his cancellation.

I watched and enjoyed Tucker Carlson’s show. In fact, it was the only network news show that I was a regular viewer of, in my entire life. Night after night, I found myself nodding in approval to almost everything he said. He was closer to a real journalist than anyone else who has ever appeared on a major television network. Which makes Fox News’ assertion, a few years back, that he was an “entertainer” all the more ironic. Tucker was especially good on cultural issues. No one covered the transgender madness like he did. And he called out Black ghetto culture. He actually said there was no such thing as “White Supremacy.” And wound up losing most of his sponsors.

A few months back, Tucker aired the most remarkable piece I’ve seen on the JFK assassination, on any television network, in my life. He said the CIA killed Kennedy. On another occasion, he said that, whoever killed Martin Luther King, “it sure wasn’t James Earl Ray.” In over forty years of researching these assassinations, I can’t tell you how shocking that was to see. No one else has said anything remotely like that, in the history of broadcast television. Ever. And especially recently, he had taken to ridiculing Fox’s own Big Pharma sponsors on air. Again, unprecedented. RFK, Jr. suggested that this was the reason for him being fired by Fox.

I am well aware of Carlson’s personal and family history. He is connected to the Swanson family. His father was associated with the CIA through his position of running the Voice of America. He certainly has the look of privilege. It’s hard to picture him ever doing physical labor. His fingernails are probably manicured. And he used to wear a bow tie, never let us forget. I’ve seen video of him ridiculing 9/11 Truthers. And before his breathtaking epiphany on the JFK assassination, he had the odious Warren Commission apologist Gerald Posner on his show, and treated him with great respect. Not that long ago, Tucker was saying Oswald did it, just like each and every one of his network peers. So he’s come a long way, baby.

In a recent interview, Tucker expressed remorse for his former mainstream conservative views. He apologized for not listening to people like us, the dreaded “conspiracy theorists.” Indeed, for the past few years, Tucker has consistently made fun of those who call us “conspiracy theorists,” instead of making fun of us. Like all the rest of them do. He provided a very believable explanation for his gradual awakening. Is it possible that we are looking at human redemption? Few in my world believe that, and I think there are too many who don’t accept that anyone can be redeemed. Can people change? Even wealthy celebrities like Tucker Carlson?

Everyone who knows me in real life thinks I’m about as negative and cynical as a person can be. After all, one of favorite literary influences was Ambrose “Bitter” Bierce. But as I become acquainted with more and more people in the alt media, it strikes me that I am actually more optimistic and hopeful than nearly all of them. I trust very few public figures, but I do not automatically assume that the handful that say and do some good things are acting with ulterior motives. Like David Knight, I judge the actions, or even the rhetoric, of politicians and journalists, without categorically discounting them because of things they might have once said or done.

When he was wearing that bow tie, and working for CNN, Tucker never really said or did anything despicable, at least to my knowledge. I wasn’t really paying attention. He was playing the game, and making a great deal of money. Did he slowly assume the mantle of populist because he was ordered to? Because it was all scripted, like I believe the Trumpenstein Project was? Was he part of a Tuckerstein Project? If he was the controlled opposition so many of my friends think he was, why was he fired? Didn’t they want to keep the charade going? It’s hard to be a limited hangout, when your hangout has been taken from you.

I was surprised at the criticism Tucker received from the alt media, for airing what was at least for two nights, mesmerizing journalism regarding the January 6 “insurrection.” He didn’t go nearly far enough, they said. Why did he concentrate so much on the obviously intelligence-connected “Shaman,” they asked. As for the JFK assassination stuff, “Yeah, like we haven’t known that for years,” they cried. Well, I’ve known it for many decades. But he was the first one to say it over the national airwaves. And no one else, on any network, was showing and analyzing video from inside the Capitol on January 6. For network TV, this was revolutionary stuff.

Just a day or two before he was fired, the waitress turned crisis actor, assigned the role of congressional “representative,” known lovingly as AOC, basically demanded that Fox fire Carlson, during an interview with the ridiculous Jen Tsaki, now masquerading as a “journalist.” AOC charged that Tucker had incited “violence,” and claimed he was “a danger to our democracy.” Well, reporting the truth is certainly a danger to the kind of “democracy” that she, Biden, Zelensky, and the entire “Woke” entourage are bringing to the world. Inciting “violence?” Oh yeah, she must mean all the “White Supremacy” nonsense that Biden is always harping on.

As Tucker said, there is no such thing as “White Supremacy.” Like “hate speech,” it is an emotional term that cannot be quantified or defined. Of course, that can be said about almost any of the nonsensical terms and slogans of Identity Politics. Most Whites are scared of their own shadow, and only a fraction of them commit any violent crime. The “danger” they, and people like Tucker, represent is in their words. Their opinions. Their refusal to go along with an insane “Woke” agenda. Thus, the crusade to crush free speech. This kind of “democracy” doesn’t involve free speech. As AOC said in rejoicing over Tucker’s firing, “This proves that deplatforming works.”

Deplatforming. “Cancelling.” Politicized prosecutions. This is the foundation of the “democracy” that Tucker Carlson lampooned and raged against, usually in a very entertaining way. His show was the only program on television where a viewer was likely to learn anything meaningful at all. Any real news. Anything that wasn’t filtered through the awful prisms of the Joy Reids, Whoopi Goldbergs, and Joe Scarboroughs of the world. Funny, I don’t hear anyone rant about any of those real disinfo agents in the alternative media, to the same degree they blast Tucker or Alex Jones, for instance. The despicable shrews on The View celebrated Tucker’s firing like Pee Wee League Football cheerleaders, singing Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye on air.

We should be forming coalitions, if we are to have any chance of defeating the evil, monolithic force that has all but destroyed America. Instead, we constantly eat our own. I saw this for years in the JFK assassination research community. They all suspect each other, and are jealous of each other. They each want the credit for being the one to solve the mystery. Except it’s no mystery. Our government killed JFK, that is about as clear as can be. The only thing missing are the exact details. They were up in arms at Tucker for saying the CIA did it, when they think the CIA did it. They have become a bickering, unproductive group that lives to argue with each other.

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