Trump Worshipers, Trump Lies, Election Idiocy, and the Truth About Collectivist Political Madness

“The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

H.L. Mencken

Rarely do I wander into political arguments, or discuss politics in any manner other than to denounce all government and governmental procedures as completely insane. The most prolific liars, thieves, and murderers are politicians, and those who control them. Actually, the entirety of all politics is criminal, and ridiculously asinine. With that said, the population at large in this country, whether they participate in the idiocy of voting or not, accept the premise that politics and government are a necessity for life, and that humanity has not any ability to function properly without a governing force ruling over them. In simple terms, what this means is that almost the totality of the entire populace has accepted a master and slave relationship that requires extreme force in order to exist and survive. Under these conditions, freedom is an impossibility that cannot ever be achieved.

While this political system, and all government, has always been atrocious in nature, it has now become nothing more than a circus based only on absurdity and evil, and presented to the ‘average’ man as essential in order for a ‘rule-based’ society to function. In this light, the governing body pretends to be the protector and savior of the masses. This lie has been perpetrated throughout history, but has served the master class well. It has fooled the bulk of society who have voluntarily accepted this ruse to such an extent, that they actually continue to believe that they control their own destiny and have a say in their fate due to supporting one or the other trimmer seeking power over them in this illegitimate political scheme.

The party system is the driving force of acceptance, and the safety blanket for much of the population, but it always pits one side against the other when both (all) are supposed to be working toward the exact same goal of doing what is ‘right’ for the ‘people.’ How can this idiocy be believed? The entire political class, regardless of any feigned ideological differences, promises to take care of all citizens, protect their freedom, secure their ‘rights,’ and defend them from harm. These are of course all lies, but this should be completely obvious to any with the ability to think.

The latest round of ‘voting’ to choose the ‘supreme leader’ of the American people was a spectacle so difficult to believe, and so circuslike, that it defied all logic and imagination. Nothing could be more laughable, but it boiled down to Trump against Biden. How much more ridiculous could this circus be? Two buffoons; one whose brain was completely compromised, and one whose ego was such as to indicate self-adoration and pompous lunacy in the face of pretended intelligence. This would be comical except for the reality that one of these vile power-seekers had to be selected to ‘lead’ this country as proxy for the real power.

Biden was ‘picked’ this last time around, but I want to mainly focus on Trump, as it seems he may be ‘selected’ as the possible agent of the master class in 2024 for the Republicans. This could be so for a couple of reasons, including to stir up so much left/right hate as to stoke a civil war of sorts, where martial law could be fully activated and implemented. The other possibility of course would be to have him there to continue supporting and enforcing extreme tyranny on the path to global governance, just as he did when he was president during the last cycle of totalitarian rule.

Trump of course, like all high-level politicians, exposed to all who can see, that he is a hypocrite, a liar, a cheat, a tyrant, a warmonger, and a murderer in that he authorized terror against others here and around the world. Harsh words you might say, but all true.

The problem though, is that Trump is a cult figure, and most who support anyone with an R behind their name, tend to look upon him as some sort of political god, who is not only backed in many cases unconditionally, but worshipped. This is similar to the Democrats worship of the evil Obama.

Trump made so many promises, but failed in most all, while pushing forward every agenda necessary in order to promote the new world order, just as he was instructed to do. He did this all the while pretending to do the opposite, and his followers took the bait hook, line, and sinker. This requires a very sophisticated’ propaganda machine working continuously to fool the herd of sheep who take up space in this country. On one hand, there is the left opposition, which just by their unbridled hatred strengthens the Trump camp, while the Trump supporters just become more and more obnoxious in their quest to ignore reality. Most of the right media, and much of the alternative media, including a large percentage of so-called ‘libertarians’ as well, promote Trump as savior, while failing to report his part in the destruction of this country, which is staggering.

Two-faced politics took on a new meaning with the Trump presidency, as taking both sides of an issue was a Trump specialty. In addition, the most extreme, tyrannical, and freedom destroying policies to date, came from the Trump administration. While he was in office, his Republican base cheered, regardless of the carnage, but once he left office, that same base blamed all ills, economic destruction, and tyranny on Biden, ignoring the entire past and Trump’s policies. Biden is nothing more than a perverted, brain-dead, leftist politician, but he does not even know where he is or what he says. This is no praise or defense of this evil political monster, but he is not running anything, which means that Trump is much more cognizant of his actions, and therefore more responsible.

It would be impossible to list and describe all of the corrupt and heinous moves made by Trump and his handlers in any essay, or even a book of essays. As to ‘promises’ broken, the most honest answer is most all were broken. I will only concentrate on a few of the most egregious and terroristic policies that caused so much harm, economic catastrophe, and death.

Trump strengthened government and government enforcement on many fronts. Many of his choices of advisors and cabinet members were atrocious, including Pompeo and Haspel to name just two neocon terrorists, and he kept Fauci and Birx on board during the most horrendous destruction this country has ever encountered in the fake ‘covid’ pandemic scam. The deficits and debt soared astronomically; the opposite of what was promised. Taxes only increased while spending and ludicrous money printing out of thin air skyrocketed. There was never an ‘audit’ of the Fed of course, regardless of guaranteeing that audit in his first 100 days in office. The continued aggressive wars, bombing and murder of innocents in Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere, including the continued presence of troops in Afghanistan, were pursued. One after another promise was not only ignored, but completely reversed.

The list of lies and atrocities is endless under Trump, but the worst was saved for the scam called ‘covid.’ In 2019, government spending was record-breaking, eclipsing over $4.5 trillion, and in 2020, spending was almost $7 trillion dollars. Deficits and debt were out of control, as this country fell into the worst times in its history. This began with Trump’s declaring a national emergency, turning every governor in every state loose to tyrannize every citizen. Of course, Trump vowed to go after any governor if they shut down the state or locked down the populace, and said he would never allow it, and said very aggressive measures would be forthcoming.

Only 7 states did not fully close down, but all still had massive restrictions on some or many businesses, including South Dakota, which did not mandate closings. Economies in all 50 states were decimated, and Trump did absolutely nothing to stop it. He could have rescinded the national emergency order at any time, thereby taking power out of the hands of the states, just as he said he would, but this was just another lie.

We all know what happened since that time. The economy was destroyed, travel was mostly eliminated, totalitarian policies ran rampant, loss of jobs was tremendous, psychological torture of the citizenry commenced, bankruptcies and small business devastation were rampant, police brutality and allowed terror by criminal groups like BLM and Antifa were allowed to take place, hyper-inflation occurred, as prices soared beyond imagination. Deadly mask mandates and ‘social distancing’ idiocy was ordered. This harmed everyone, except those large, rich, and protected and funded businesses supported by the Trump administration, the central banks, and the Treasury.

And then there was the bioweapon injection. Trump first said that ‘coronavirus’ was not a big deal, which was actually true, since there never was any virus called ‘covid’ or any pandemic. Shortly thereafter, he claimed he created and oversaw “Operation Warp Speed,” and said he was the “Father of the vaccine.” He changed his tone and comments on a regular basis throughout, from one position to the opposite position constantly. He said he was defunding the WHO, while at the very same time, giving almost $1.2 billion to GAVI, Bill Gate’s organization, and therefore a backdoor funding of the same WHO. Contradiction and hypocrisy abound in everything Trump says or does.

Another presidential election is coming in two years. Trump is likely to run, but at this point, who knows? Trump worshippers are delusional, and cannot see the absolute idiocy of all that he has done and said, all the lies and hypocrisy, and the immense damage caused by his presence in the White House. All presidents are evil and horrendous puppets, regardless of party affiliation, but the Trump supporters have lost all sanity in believing he is their savior, or a savior of anything or anybody. To be fooled by such obvious trickery and religious worship, and by an egotistical and arrogant stooge such as Trump, is a pathetic analysis of a large contingency of Americans.

The entirety of this political process is collectivist madness. Quit relying on political masters and elections to save you. Vote for no one; get rid of them all!

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