Top Biden officials To Appear at Conference Endorsing Covid-19 Zoonotic Origin Theory as ‘Science’

Several high level Biden Administration officials will participate in a conference Wednesday and Thursday where organizers have declared the zoonotic origin theory of Covid-19 as “science,” and the ultimate result of human impact in the environment.

The Global Health Council (GHC), an outfit funded by the U.S. government and the Gates Foundation, along with smaller private donors, will kick off its annual conference Wednesday afternoon. The GHC is a leftwing organization aligned with climate change fanaticism and the priorities of the degrowth movement, and it seeks to promote ESG policies to facilitate these outcomes.

On Thursday morning, Jim Levy, a top State Department official, will appear on a GHC panel that declares, “Important new science strongly supports zoonotic origins for COVID-19,” adding that “human impact on ecosystems” might be to blame for the outbreak.

Levy will be joined by a VP at EcoHealth, the Wuhan lab-linked organization that attempted to cover up its role in conducting dangerous coronavirus experiments in China, which were funded in part by Anthony Fauci’s NIAID.

Join EcoHealth’s VP of Science & Outreach Dr. Jon Epstein (@EpsteinJon) for his talk on risk reduction strategies for #zoonotic #spillover at The 2022 #GlobalHealth Landscape Symposium Dec 8th Register here: @GlobalHealthOrg @PreventingPand

— EcoHealth Alliance (@EcoHealthNYC) December 5, 2022

The panel description reveals an emphasis on rolling back human impact on the environment. This notion forms the core objective for the climate hysteria movement, which is fully embraced by the U.S. Government Health establishment. In addition to supporting the zoonotic origin theory, these actors now speculate, without evidence, that human interference in the environment may have caused the claimed zoonotic spillover event.

The panel is sponsored by Preventing Pandemics At The Source (PPATS), a spin off of a non-profit outfit called Dalberg Catalyst, which has also received millions of dollars from the Gates Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation. Additionally, a senior World Economic Forum official sits on its board. The billionaire-funded PPATS acts to disseminate the evidence-free notion that human impact is driving pandemics. Last week, Anthony Fauci published a paper in the New England Journal of Medicine embracing the idea that the pandemic was caused by human “encroachment on nature.”

“The emergence of new infections and the reemergence of old ones are largely the result of human interactions with and encroachment on nature.” – Dr. Fauci in @NEJM

To prevent future #pandemics, we must fundamentally change our relationship with nature.

— Preventing Pandemics at the Source (@PreventingPand) November 29, 2022

Levy is far from the only Biden Admin official appearing at the event. He will be joined at the conference by top officials from the State Department, Treasury Department, and National Security Council.

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