Todd Callender – Stopping the WHO, Camps & Medical Tyranny With Targeted Strategies

98% of Americans have rejected the new “bivalent” vaxxine – let alone the vaxxine for their infants – but still, plans remain in place in the US Government to force-vaccinate everyone. At gunpoint, if necessary, as attorney, Todd Callender, who has been defending US servicemen from being forced to take the death shot explains to Maria Zee.

Todd says, “When you sue the DoD and you have a couple hundred thousand clients – because that’s what happened – we get a lot of whistleblowers from all parts of the Government and what we’ve come to find is that this plan was really developed for at least 40 years – if not longer – and had all these interlocking parts that fit so perfectly, that if any one of them failed, the whole thing could fail.

“So, along comes Trump. It’s almost, now, I’m coming to find irrelevant that he did anything other than just exist. The timing is so critical and…what’s changed isn’t their playbook, it’s the fact that we understand their playbook, because we weren’t supposed to.

“There was supposed to be four years of Hillary that would have prepared us for this time, so we’d all be blind and deaf and dumb – and maybe dead.

“So, they’re just following through their playbook and they can’t vary from it. So they have a bottleneck and we can use that bottleneck and use that knowledge to stop – and that’s what we’re trying to do; slow ’em down. If nothing else, slow ’em down. 2030 is their deadline. I’m not entirely sure why but it is their deadline. So if we slow ’em down, I think we can win, just on that basis, alone…

“They are intending to control us at a cellular level and the reason why they speak with such confidence is because they already know that they’re going to have computing power control over everybody, once they get the installation of the hardware.

“What’s happened that’s a huge bonus to us, by virtue of that four- or five-year gap is that not everybody took the shots. Their plan depended on 75% or more of the world taking these shots and I figure it’s about 45%. Their plan is failing, because we’re ignoring them.” 

Maria asks Todd to talk about Joe Biden’s Executive Order on Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing, which is a Globalist plan straight out of the UN that, of course has its analogue in her own Australia.

Todd reads from it:

Although the power of these technologies is most vivid at the moment in the context of human health, biotechnology and biomanufacturing can also be used to achieve our climate and energy goals, improve food security and sustainability, secure our supply chains, and grow the economy across all of America.

He says, “We already know they’re genetically engineering the food. That’s Monsanto. That’s been around for a long time. What people probably don’t know is that they’re engineering nanobots in the food. The very same hydrogel, the very same lipid nanoparticles that Dr Charles Lieber was able to figure out how to atomically weld a transistor onto these things, turning them into autonomous bots at a molecular scale – that’s what they’re putting in there.

“There are like 3,300 food products – including Pepsi and Coke, SmartWater – they’re full of nanobots! That’s how they’re gonna do it. So we’ve got to go back to growing our own food. We gotta know where our food comes from. Good golly, kill your own food. Go fishing, go hunting, because this is how they intend to control us.

“And I found a piece not long ago about finding nanobots in peoples’ blood, even if they were not injected.”

Maria nods in agreement and says she’s been contacted by pathologists who tell her that these nanobots are already in everyone’s blood – in the same amount as in those who have been injected.

Todd then notes that these Globalist gangsters have gone through a lot of trouble to change the legislation to accommodate all of this and he asks why would people who intend to genocide a majority of the Earth’s human population, why would they bother changing the laws and he says, “Because they have to. I think they have a commitment. You hear them in the UN all the time: ‘The Rule of Law’ – well, you know what? Let’s use the law against them!

“And we CAN do that and that’s one of the reasons why we’re suing and one of the ways I’m trying to stop them is, in our case, it’s Robert v. Austin in the 10th Circuit I put before them the question: ‘Is it true that people who were given mRNA gene therapy shots are, in fact the property – the chattel property of the patent-holders?’

“And what’s interesting is the Department of Justice, who defends the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services and the FDA – all at the same time, they defend them – didn’t deny it.

“So here we are, in front of a Federal Court of Appeals, where law is made, we have a hearing coming up on the 18th of November and I believe the question before the court, that they actually want to discuss is whether or not it’s permissible for people to be owned. 

“That’s in violation of our 13th Amendment, the anti-slavery amendment that came in after the Civil War. I think we can do the same thing in every country. It’s a Crime Against Humanity, by itself: Slavery is a crime. So why don’t we chase that down?…

“The reason why I put this in front of the court is because there’s already a legal precedent on this. It’s a Supreme Court case from 2013 and the holding of the case is use of mRNA to create gene modification results in the synthetic genome – meaning, the result belonging to the patent-holders.

“That is the state of the law today and I’m seeking to invalidate that. And yes, all the patents you find subsequent to that – including the one I sent to you about the ‘Bill Gates Battery’ – it’s dependent upon ownership of these people, who are no longer Homo sapiens. In fact, they’ve re-named them ‘Homo Borg Genesis’.

“So what human rights does Homo Borg Genesis have, if they’re not human?…

“Homo Borg Genesis is the species that that they have named vaxxinated people – and I use the term ‘vaxxinated’ loosely – the genetically-modified people are now referred to as ‘Homo Borg Genesis’, not Homo sapiens. You can see it on the second page of the NASA-Langley research paper on 5th Generation Warfare. They say, ‘humans whatever and borgs’.

“So, they’ve already said that people are not going to be Homo sapiens and therefore, the question arises: ‘If Maria is no longer a human for purposes of the law, because she’s been genetically-modified, then what protections does she enjoy under the penal code? If someone were to murder a Homo Borg Genesis, would it matter? Because the definition of homicide is the unlawful taking of a human life.

“My concern is they went to such extreme measures to make this legal; to genetically-modify people, turn them into chattel property, by hook or by crook – but not by force.

“So, right now, they have this argument, ‘Oh! Well they took the shot.’ And I have to tell you, there is precedent for this. In France, there was an insurance company who didn’t want to pay a claim and the French courts said, ‘Participated in the 3rd Phase clinical trial, was equivalent.’ From stem to stern!

“So, let’s fight ’em here. Let’s fight ’em in the courts…and really, where we’ve got to fight ’em is in the law enforcement, itself. Right? There is no law unless there’s law enforcement. If the cops can come to understand this, they can refuse to follow illegal orders, just like soldiers can.

“And we’ve got to bring them into humanity and this is a fight for the survival of our species – and their kids are equally at risk. If you love your kids, you love your wife, you love your family, you’d better get on our side…

Dr Tenpenny, almost two years ago said, the eighth deadly vector of the shots will kick in 18 to 20 months after the first shot. So now, we know there’s seven other deadly vectors before the eighth one, people are starting to fall over dead, right now, left, right and center, because what are we? 18 to 20 months after people got the first shots.

“And I think that the only reason why you’re not seeing everybody falling over dead is because, we’ve discovered over 60% and 70% of the people that got the first shot actually got saline. So that’s really good for us, on the basis that a lot of those same people didn’t get the second shot.

“So there might be a whole lot more people on this planet – humans, Homo sapiens – than there is Homo Borg Genesis.”

The second half of the interview focuses more on how we can asymmetrically thwart these plans.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

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