Time For Humanity

We were hunters and foragers. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the earth, the ocean, and the sky.

– Carl Sagan

There are biological imperatives for all living organisms.

Immortality or reproduction.

The former is more a human fantasy of the powerful who cannot accept the beautiful limitations of nature and seek to circumvent its dominion. In the orderly life cycles of our natural world, the absence of the former leaves only reproduction.

The clock always ticks on the opportune window in an organism’s life cycle for this process. Time is the one unbeatable constant shared by all living things. Some are more cognizant of its passing than others. For most species, biology does the timekeeping.

Time allows for adaptation, survival, reproduction, and death, which the unforgiving natural world doesn’t guarantee will arrive in any order, only that it is inevitable.

The average life expectancy for homo sapiens in the western world just two centuries ago was 33.

Science, habitat, disease, and lifestyle are significant factors that affect this number.

So are wars.

There are species on our planet that have adapted over time in spectacular ways to their environment. The gray tree frog can avoid predators by changing its color and appearance based on its physical surroundings.

The octopus also has a miraculous ability to instantly change its color to its underwater surroundings to hide from predators. These fascinating creatures have three hearts and nine brains. One central brain, plus one for each independent arm. If they lose an arm they can grow it back.

Most species of octopus do not have much time. Some live for as little as six months. After reproduction, they begin the last stage of their lives called senescence when cellular reproduction ceases.

There are territorial species that prefer to be alone and there are herd species that prefer safety in numbers. Systems for survival and reproduction vary by habitat and natural predators. Humans only have one natural predator.

There is a subspecies of homo sapiens that have existed throughout recorded time. They seek to rule over and control others of their species. Today this subspecies has a global reach, far greater than any monarch or empire.

They control finances, economies, central banks, food supplies and distribution, and all-important institutions including governments. They also decide when wars will happen and for how long they will be waged and how the spoils and suffering will be distributed.

The global overlord is not so conducive to adaptation in a changing world. In order to flex his overlord status, he simply engineers the world to create the environment that others of a lesser status are forced to adapt to. This is the scientific equivalent of controlling rodents inside a laboratory for experimentation. In this case, the laboratory is the planet or western civilization, and humans are the rodents.

To the global overlord, reproduction is quaint, a performative physical gesture for lustful pleasure or to merely continue their hereditary lineage. Outside their own order, it’s mostly a third-world nuisance. The global overlord views all worlds including advanced nations as the third world.

People are simply units of consumption and units of carbon output. Humans are merely objects for remaking everything in the image they seek. A fusing of biology and technology to a post-human version of our species.

Implanted brain chips will form an interconnected network of organisms controlled by frequencies and processes that could be destructive on a cellular level. These frequencies are already all around us, destroying us on a cellular level. Sacrifices must be made. Immortality can’t wait. There simply isn’t enough time.

Billions will be sacrificed as we are made more efficient yet more dependent. Everything points to meddling with the natural order to render us less than human. Free will, desire, and liberty are considered obstacles to this agenda. We will be permitted to exist with very little, and all else will be artificial illusions and distractions.

In other words, the same trajectory they’ve been herding humanity for decades with the destruction of naturopathic medicine for allopathic medicine, hyper-individualism, epidemic levels of narcissism, mass consumption, digital re-presentation of selves and communities for mass surveillance, and intentional destruction of the family unit, gender roles, and traditions that were once the bedrock of healthy civilizations.

The global overlord cannot manage a population that is too large, too rigid, or too free. Malthusian reduction is essential. Manipulation will occur concurrently with reduction. Biotechnological fusion will happen as technology advances.

The overlord believes immortality may somehow now be attainable, perhaps in a nano-graphene biologic variation. Their experiments are already underway. To circumvent the natural order of the world that has persisted through all of time they are willing to sacrifice humanity for their aspirations of immortality.

Their arrogance is astounding. Their short-sightedness is troubling. Their results will not be what they imagine. Humanity has not consented to their agenda, but they do not care. Rodents in a cage cannot consent.

It was once the noblest aspiration of one generation of humans to pass on what was learned to the next generation, mostly for survival, then later for conquest and advancement. Each generation advancing the cause.

We always assumed we’d pass on what we learn from one generation to the next but that hardly seems true anymore. We seem intent on the destruction of valuable knowledge for species and civilizational survival.

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