This Time Around, We Won’t Get Fooled Again

All you people who got the jab
’cause you fell for the lies and the TV blab
don’t be fooled this time around.
Everybody knows what’s going down.

Everybody knows somebody who died
from the Covid vax because Big Pharma lied
or someone whose immune system’s shot to hell
because they fell for Bill Gates’s hard-sell.

Fauci and Gates belong in the ground.
We won’t be fooled this time around.

The Covid crooks want lockdowns and masks
but this is the question you must ask:
“What evidence have you the vaccines are safe?
Your clot-shot campaign is a global rape.
There’s no proof the virus even exists
yet you punish anyone who resists.”

Trudeau and Sunak belong underground.
We won’t be fooled this time around.

Thousands of people are dropping dead
shortly after they got the vaccine.
Turbo cancers are exploding.
Myocarditis is destroying teens.
Fake “climate change” is not the culprit.
Everyone knows it’s the vax
but the censored, corrupt Mainstream Media
lies to you and suppresses the facts.

Everybody knows what’s going down.
We won’t get fooled this time around.
Klaus Schwab is a sick clown.
No W.H.O. this time around.
Gavin Newsom, Kathy Hochul,
Gates and Fauci should be gagged and bound.
We don’t get fooled this time around.
No lockdowns.  No masks.
No shot in the arm.
The Covid scamdemic has caused massive harm.
Do not fall for their Big Lie.
Resist.  Organize.


Live Free or Die.

Must Read—

“STAY AWAY FROM NEW RSV, FLU, and COVID SHOTS & refuse masking… if you value your life!”  By Brucha Weisberger

“…Health officials and media are making a major propaganda push for people to get THREE JABS this fall: a brand new covid shot (which has not gone through any reported trials for safety or efficacy at all), the latest flu shot, and the newly unveiled RSV vaccine, which comes with very concerning safety data from the trials.”

Six people in the RSV vaccine trial group developed Guillain-Barre syndrome or other neurological complications, compared to zero in the placebo group – but the ‘numbers are too small to draw any conclusions,’ so they’ll be trying it out on the population to find out for sure whether it really causes these devastating problems. For pregnant women, there was a significant increase in premature births and neonatal deaths among those who received the RSV shots in the trials…”

“Along with these shocking recommendations for the individually dangerous vaccines, we are being told that while there is no data on the safety of getting the RSV shot TOGETHER with the covid and flu vaccines‘some experts’ advise that vulnerable individuals should GET ALL THREE IN ONE VISIT, while the CDC and FDA monitor for problems. In other words, people are being told with a straight face to go and be part of a population-wide experiment.” (emphasis in original)

“Three shots and you’re out: What the ‘experts’ are NOT telling you about the trio of ‘vaccines’ that they’re now (criminally) recommending”  By Mark Crispin Miller

“It is now past question that the RSV and COVID jabs are proven killers, while the flu shots do no good at all, but (also) carry major risks.”

“Dr. Michael Yeadon: A Message to a Trusted Friend, Who Is Struggling To Accept That What Is Happening Is Intentional”

“I’m afraid there’s no hiding from the reality that this is a global coup d’etat and intentional mass murder.”  Dr. Yeadon is Pfizer’s former Vice-President and Chief Science Officer for Respiratory and Allergic Diseases.

Permission hereby granted to use this lyric in any way, shape or form, including its use in creating a song.

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