This Jewess Says RFK Jr Is Right

It’s legacy media hysteria time again: news outlets from The Washington Post to The Atlantic hyperventilate about what they spin as the latest scandale. Presidential candidate RFK Jr made comments at a dinner about ethnically targeted bioweapons. Mainstream media commentators claim that these comments are in themselves anti-Semitic.

Some articles are going back in time, cherry-picking remarks RFK Jr has made in the past about the Holocaust, and about other aspects of historic totalitarianism, to strengthen the case for imprinting the “Anti-Semite” label forever on Mr Kennedy’s candidacy and campaign. With the (now AI-driven) global smear campaign in full mode, we see the way that bad press today quickly becomes circular and self-referential.

Look at who is most upset! It is the Democratic political establishment — which is directly threatened by RFK Jr’s potential success — that is beside itself.

Democratic National Committee Chairman Jamie Harrison called RFK Jr’s remarks “deeply troubling.”

A group of Democrats ask the White House to disinvite Kennedy from appearing on Capitol Hill. Kyle Herrig, Executive Director of the [Democrats’] Congressional Integrity Project, wrote a letter to Congressman Jim Jordan, calling Kennedy “a total whack job whose views and conspiracy theories would be completely ignored but for his last name.” Herrig asked Mr Kennedy to be disinvited from a planned appearance at the White House due to “video evidence of his horrific antisemitic and xenophobic views which are simply beyond the pale.”

Who else is beside itself? The White House, and its spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre! It is this White House’s current inhabitant, of course, whom this candidate seeks to unseat.

These are the folks who most fear and dread this outsider’s surprisingly dynamic challenge to their planned stitch-up — (a Michele Obama/Gavin Newsom ticket is my guess) — of the 2024 Presidential election.

There is another branch of folks who are upset at RFK Jr. Who? Oh! That would be Big Pharma/Big Public Health.

AP (which has a Memorandum of Understanding with the CCP’s main propaganda outlet, Xinhua, to “Enhance Cooperation”) spun the candidate’s warnings about ethnically targeted bioweapons as lunacy, and trotted out Dr Michael Mina to confirm:

“He [Kennedy] asserted without evidence that there are bioweapons being developed to target certain ethnicities, and called for the Post’s article to be retracted.

Researchers and doctors pushed back on the assertion, including Michael Mina, a medical doctor and immunologist.

“Beyond the absurdity, biological know-how simply isn’t there to make a virus that targets only certain ethnicities,” Mina wrote on Twitter.”

Dr Mina is not an independent immunologist. He was a voice on social media promoting antigen tests throughout the pandemic (widespread testing with unreliable methods later proved to be one of the ways that the numbers related to the pandemic were inflated. PCR tests are grossly inaccurate and antigen tests too are not always accurate). Dr Mina called for weekly testing, worldwide.

He is also on the faculty at the “Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics” at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. This entity exists to communicate about public health threats. It boasts of partnering with government agencies, and it devotes a section of its website to COVID-19 op-eds published by its faculty.

Another surprise! These op eds universally support and elaborate “the narrative” of an eternal, lucrative COVID Inc. They warn about the faulty information sources of “anti-vaxxers”, they blame “COVID minimizers” for the fact that the population did not yet achieve herd immunity, and they glorify Pfizer’s “hyper-pursuit” of a vaccine. (We know now how scientifically shoddy and how damaging to public health was this “hyper-pursuit”). Dr Mina wrote an op ed in The New York Times urging executive action to bypass FDA approval for rapid antigen testing. Yet another surprise! Dr Mina may get a second paycheck from COVID Inc — “He advises Detect, Inc., a diagnostics company working on a rapid molecular test for Covid-19 […].” And perhaps a third: he is “Chief Science Officer” at eMed Digital Healthcare.

So: the two entities that initiated the attacks on RFK Jr, and that provided the media with the early grist in the form of howls of DNC outrage and sober “assessments” by fully compromised medical voices, are the two entities who stand to lose the most from a President Kennedy: Big Democrats, and Big Pharma/Big Public Health/Big Medical Data.

Now to Mr Kennedy’s assertions themselves. AP is supposed to do actual research before declaring a subject without merit. A simple Google search reveals scores of articles about ethnically targeted bioweapons, in publications ranging from Newsweek to peer-reviewed journals. The National Review warns as recently as April 2023 about “The Coming Threat of a Genetically Engineered ‘Ethnic Bioweapon.’” Eurasia Review alerted readers to “Bioweapons Targeting Specific Ethnicities: A Threat, and Nanotechnology’s Promise for Defense.” This essay is enlightening about one possible reason for the furore over Kennedy’s remarks. Look carefully:

“Bioweapons are defined as infectious agents or toxins that can be used to kill or incapacitate people, animals, or plants. These weapons can be engineered to target specific genetic traits or ethnicities by modifying the infectious agents’ genome or by altering the toxic properties of the bioweapon. Bioweapons are known to be used as a tool for ethnic cleansing or genocide, as they can selectively target specific populations.

One example of such a weapon is the so-called “ethnic bomb” that was reportedly developed by the former South African government during the apartheid era. This weapon was designed to target specific ethnic groups by exploiting genetic differences in the way the body metabolizes certain chemicals. The weapon was never deployed, but its existence highlights the potential for bioweapons to be used in this way.

Another example of a bioweapon that could target specific ethnic groups is the use of CRISPR gene editing technology. This technology allows for precise editing of genes and could be used to target specific genes that are unique to certain ethnic groups. This would allow for the creation of a bioweapon that is more lethal to one group than another [Italics mine].”

So — please process this. CRISPR — the new gene-editing technology with which establishment gatekeepers are so infatuated, and which is the darling of Bill Gates and the entire globalist gene-editing establishment — can be used as a precursor of ethnic targeting.

Articles are abundant that confirm that ethnically targeting bioweapons are seen as a pressing threat by those who actually know about national security issues. If the AP reporter had done a quick search, 14,900 scholarly articles on ethnically targeted bioweapons would have appeared, including in Foreign Affairs“The New Killer Pathogens: Countering the Coming Bioweapons Threat”. Sasha Latypova, on her Substack “Due Diligence and Art”, in an essay titled “Ethnically Targeted Bioweapons?” has done a thorough job presenting the many iterations of this form of bioweapons threat.

So while the details may be open to debate, the general subject that RFK Jr cited, regarding ethnically targeted bioweapons, is verified and real.

We at the WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Volunteers Reports found possible evidence of geographic targeting, with 36,000 of 42,000 plus adverse events from the Pfizer injection, being within the United States; the next largest tranche of adverse events is in Western Europe, in order of political importance: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain. And all the rest of the 52 countries of the world combined, in which this injection was rolled out, yielded only 7000 adverse events. I have confirmed from previous research that China is in charge of the IP of the Pfizer injection, and is deploying manufacturing plants in the West. I am not a medical doctor; I am a political commentator.

But any one who thinks about geopolitics will look at this distribution of adverse events and ask the cause of it.

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