Their Favorite Word To Demonize You

From the Tom Woods Letter:

The most obvious feature of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is that she is woefully in over her head. She is surely one of the least impressive people in the entire Washington machine (and that’s saying something).

Well, she warned everyone the other day about “extremism.”

What is extremism, you ask?

Jean-Pierre gave us a deeply thoughtful answer, reflecting profound learning and extensive familiarity with the great political thinkers of the Western tradition.

Ha, ha. Just kidding.

Here’s her answer:

“When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.”

By this definition, the following groups constitute “extremists”:

* jazz lovers
* vegans
* carnivores
* comic book aficionados
* classical musicians

Let’s be charitable and say she is referring only to political ideas in her definition of extremism. Then outright socialists would be “extremists,” too, and yet I rather doubt the Biden White House is going to caution us about those.

And you know who else qualifies as extremists under this definition?

The entire woke apparatus.

Talk about being opposed to what the majority of Americans think! The whole woke project continues at all only through browbeating and intimidation. If anything like a majority of Americans bought into its deranged premises there would be no need for the constant social pressure and propaganda.

Again, I rather doubt we’ll be lectured to about the dangers posed by this radical minority that favors a complete overhaul of the Western legal tradition and customary social norms in the name of critical race theory and transgenderism.

No, the people we’re supposed to worry about are those who generally mind their own business, but whose unforgivable crime is believing the same things virtually everyone on earth believed until about six years ago.

Not to mention: “extremism” is an empty concept. Extremely what, exactly?

I’m “extremely” in favor of sound money, peace, and property rights, among other things. I’m extremely in favor of them because I am convinced that any reasonable standard of justice and morality requires it of me. How does this make me a dangerous person? (Dangerous to the regime, maybe, but not dangerous in any normal person’s sense of the word.)

Meanwhile, they’re “extremely” in favor of monetary inflation, racial quotas, and centralized power.

The problem isn’t the “extreme” part. The problem is the bad principles themselves.

Nobody gets upset if you’re an “extremely” generous person, or “extremely” honest.

“Extremism,” then, is a low-IQ word that sinister people use to demonize principled opponents. If you disagree with what I stand for, state the source of your disagreement. Don’t tell me I’m “extreme.”

It’s obvious that the regime is trying to expand the definition of “extremist” to the point where it includes huge swaths of the American population — including you, dear reader.

I’ve built a nice community of thousands of normal people (some might call them “extremists,” I know) who can talk to and learn from each other without having to censor themselves or worry about what crazy people will think. Thanks to the group, thousands of us saw each other through the worst of the COVID crap.

Just today someone in there wrote, “This group truly is an island of sanity for me in an utterly insane world. It’s no small thing to know I’ve got a small tribe of sympathetic friends who aren’t morons I can share important things with.”

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