The Vaccine Passport: Gaslighting of an Egregious Kind

“New York City could bring back Covid mask mandates, vaccine checks if hospitals come under pressure,” reads a recent headline from CNBC.

“New York City could bring back mask mandates and proof of vaccination status to go to restaurants, bars and other venues if Covid hospitalizations rise to a concerning level, according to the city’s top health official,” announces the article’s opening sentence.

The city’s health official referenced above is one Ashwin Vasan, New York’s Health Commissioner.

It is beyond astonishing that Mr. Vasan would contemplate bringing back vaccine passports.

By now there is overwhelming evidence that the vaccine passport is useless as a means of fighting Covid infection for the simple reason that the vaccines do not work. The Covid vaccines prevent neither infection nor transmission.

The evidence of this is all around us. Almost all of us know numerous vaccinated and boosted individuals who have contracted the SARS-Cov-2 virus. This writer knows at least ten fully vaccinated and boosted people who have come down with the virus after being multiply injected with the vaccines that were supposed to keep them free of the virus.

Do you remember when Joe Biden falsely claimed that the vaccines will keep us from getting Covid? This is what Biden told us: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

Well, it was only a couple of weeks ago that his Vice President Kamala Harris announced that she tested positive for Covid. Kamala Harris has been fully vaccinated and twice boosted. Being a quadruple Covid injectee did nothing to keep her free of the virus.

Just a few days ago Anthony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State, announced that he also tested positive for Covid. Blinken is likewise fully vaccinated and boosted.

But this is not the worst of it. The data shows that the vaccinated and boosted are now more likely to become infected than their unvaccinated counterparts. Look at this trend chart from Ontario, Canada posted by Steve Deace:

This pattern is now being seen all over the world. According to the great Dr. Paul Alexander “this mirrors the UK and Scottish and all the data globally…getting boosted etc. is a problem; it is driving infection and making people sick, with increased risk of hospital and death.”

In New Zealand nearly one hundred percent of Covid hospitalizations now occur among the vaccinated. This is hard to believe, but it is true, nonetheless. It goes without saying that the maleficent government led by the woke Jacinda Ardern is doing its best to conceal this terrible truth from New Zealand’s much abused and battered population.

In the UK more than 90 percent of cases of serious Covid and death are among the vaccinated. The situation is so dire that the UK government announced they will no longer make this data public.

About this there can be no doubt: the vaccinated are more prone to Covid infection than the unvaccinated.

What we now have is largely a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Not only are the vaccinated contracting the virus, many of them are unable to shake it off properly. In other words, their immune system is unable to generate effective antibodies and they suffer from a kind of chronic Covid. Honest researchers are now increasingly suggesting that many of the vaccinated are now suffering from a form of immunodeficiency syndrome they call VAIDS.

In light of this, how can any sane person suggest the idea of Covid vaccine passports?

What good are the vaccine passports of Kamala Harris, Anthony Blinken, and tens of millions of other fully vaccinated and boosted individuals who have come down with Covid?

If anything, the bearers of such passports are more likely to be infected with the SARS-Cov-2 virus than those who chose to forego the ineffective and dangerous injections.

Who in their right mind, then, would bring up the possibility of vaccine passports at the time when we suffer from a pandemic of the vaccinated?

What exactly is going through the head of Ashwin Vasan and those like him? Are they unaware of the data? Are they unaware that the vaccinated are coming down with the virus en masse?

Mr. Vasan’s statements leave us with only two options: he is either an incompetent halfwit or worse, a malevolent totalitarian who wants to force ineffective injections on the already badgered population. In any case, he should not be a public health official or hold any position of public trust.

Dr. Ashwin Vasan, New York’s Health Commissioner, is toying with the idea of bringing back vaccine passports at the time when we suffer from a pandemic of the vaccinated.

Sadly, this kind of imbecility has become the norm in the last two years. The words and actions of our leaders, public health officials, and corporate journalists have become completely divorced from reality:

It does not matter that the vaccines do not work; everybody must be vaccinated regardless.

It does not matter that the vaccinated are getting widely infected; let’s re-institute the completely useless vaccine passports anyway.

It is as if there existed two parallel reality tracks:

The reality consisting of the facts on the ground
The reality generated by the gaslighting establishment that has no connection to the facts on the ground

We must return to logic, facts, and sanity. The “new normal” of relentless gaslighting by our sick and corrupt Establishment must be brought to an end. If we want to continue as a functioning society, bungling officials like Ashwin Vasan, Anthony Fauci, and all of their ilk must be called out and removed from their posts.

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