The United Apostates of America

One can make a persuasive argument that this country was born illegitimately, being that the land was stolen. I don’t necessarily accept that it was; humans have been taking over land previously occupied by others since the dawn of time. In more recent times, see Israel, for instance. But I don’t blame Native Americans for feeling robbed.

While America 2.0 is a shell of its former self, a Banana Republic of a bad joke, it is still number one in something. That would be bragging. About how we’re “the best” country. About the joys of diversity, and how that is our indispensable “strength.” There’s still the old Manifest Destiny mindset there, only now we call it American Exceptionalism. And it’s evident even in those “Woke” leaders who badmouth the country for being “racist,” “transphobic,” and threaten to leave for parts unknown whenever Donald Trump runs for public office. If the past is any indication, our new deranged group of villainous Social Justice Warriors will soon be boasting of how we lead the world in transgender success stories.

For a land that was founded by Puritans, and experienced the strict moral rigidity of Calvinism, America has quite the tradition of immorality, including lots of officially sanctioned, outright theft. In my book Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963, I detailed how the Union Army, under the demonic psychopath William T. Sherman, ran a huge grifting operation, as they swept through the south. Plenty of rape, and burning of crops, and destruction of homes, but also outright stealing of the personal property of the women in their wake. Not sure which came first, the raping or the plunder. At any rate, we are told by the stalwart, well educated court historians that these were the good guys in the conflict.

When Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House, the owner of the place, Wilmer McLean, would accuse the victorious Union troops of stealing much of his personal property. Like a bunch of Snidley Whiplashes, they even harassed a little girl living there, by tossing her beloved doll around. Union troops were documented as having shot family dogs in front of terrified children, and even to have destroyed or stolen their toys. These are the brave souls who were fighting to save the Union. And free the slaves. After raping many of them. Or, they were pathetic suckers who were as racist as the Johnny Rebs, and had no choice but to fight because they couldn’t afford the “rich man’s exemption.”

In my upcoming book, The American Memory Hole: How the Court Historians Promote Disinformation, I’ll document similar robberies done under the auspices of the flag. The “greatest generation”- the goodest of all good guys, we’re assured- stole a bunch of valuable loot from the Japanese during the WWII era. Now, the dirty sneaky rotten Japs had engaged in thievery themselves- the booty was an accumulation of stolen property over the centuries- but that didn’t exactly make it right. Kind of like how Steve Jobs stole from IBM to create Apple, and then Bill Gates stole from him to create Microsoft. Wartime thieving began in the unconstitutional Mexican War in 1846. The same behavior was apparent in Haiti, the Philippines, and wherever else our glorious troops could be found. War is profitable, from the soldiers to the bankers.

I’ll also talk about some truly horrendous, seldom mentioned atrocities by our troops against the American Indians. Lots of rape, and a curious practice of shooting at little children, getting as close as possible without hitting them. Just terrifying them. The theft of whatever property the Indians had. In one case, they slaughtered some Christian Indians, whose begging did them no good. They probably weren’t real Christians, anyhow. Not our kind of Christianity. And, in the ultimate irony, they proceeded to scalp some of the victims. They would do the same thing again in other under reported atrocities. At least we changed the name of the Washington Redskins.

Senator Joseph McCarthy, one of the most unfairly maligned political figures in American history, was investigating many interesting things during his brief reign in the spotlight. One of these was the possible theft of some $100 billion worth of gold from China, resulting from a typically unsavory deal made with the corrupt administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934. We’ve all heard how the Nazis looted works of art, but it is acknowledged that we- the ultimate collection of Captain Americas- openly plundered a significant amount of German art. But this theft was “legal.” The 1945 Potsdam Agreement decreed that “all art collections, both public and private that dealt with themes of National Socialistic aggrandizement be confiscated in toto.” American leaders have a natural ability to justify anything.

We all know that FDR rounded up Japanese-Americans and put them in internment camps. But German-Americans and Italian-Americans were also sent to camps. And all of them had billions of dollars worth of property- homes and businesses- confiscated by the U.S. government. Which never paid them back. So they were such a “threat” that we had to steal their homes and businesses? We did that, not Hitler. Maybe they could make a movie about it. You’d just have to change a few things. Make the victims Black. And convert the villains into evil America First Nazi sympathizers. At least the Japanese were belatedly compensated. The Germans and Italians weren’t.

In Korea alone, from the time U.S. troops were first stationed there in 1945, through 1998, there were at least 100,000 crimes estimated to have been committed by those fighting for our freedom. Included were a significant number of rapes and robberies. These seem to be the two crimes of choice during times of war. Which is pretty much all the time for America. It’s an Uncle Sam thing, you wouldn’t understand. In Vietnam, the familiar pattern emerged. There was a veritable crime spree engaged in for much of 1967 by an elite “Tiger Force” U.S. Army division alone. In another case, future senator, presidential candidate, and romantic partner of actress Debra Winger Bob Kerry participated in a criminal raid on a hamlet. Sgt. Roy “the Bummer” Bumgarner was reputed to have killed some 1,500 in Vietnam. Sgt. Serial Killer.

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