The Trump Distraction Fiasco: Does this Leave the Door Open for Other Indictments or Just More Diversion?

 “Politics is the diversion of trivial men who, when they succeed at it, become important in the eyes of more trivial men.”

 ~ George Jean Nathan

Sometimes there is a silver lining in what many assume to be bad news, but this Trump fiasco may be, but is not likely to be, one of those times. First of all, Trump is no hero, he is no savior; he is actually a criminal politician, a consummate liar, facilitator of murder, warmonger, corrupt businessman, bioweapon injection pusher, and was a front for his controlling handlers while in office. It is obvious that his indictment is completely political in nature, but that does not exonerate him from his past criminal behavior, lying, cheating, and his close associations with known criminals and pedophiles. Simply speaking, he is like all politicians and power-seekers; the worst of mankind.

As anyone who has ever read my work, or knows me personally, can attest, I have no use for any government, State, or anyone who is, or is seeking to become, a politician or enforcer for the State. That also means that I have absolutely no use for any criminal State courts, nor do I expect those same politicized courts to be of any worth whatsoever in any so-called effort to ‘clean up’ the corruption in this heinous governing system. However, with the indictment and arrest of Trump, a man who held the highest office in the land, it is no leap to understand that many others in this atrocious system could possibly become subject to similar prosecution. Those targeting Trump may have inadvertently stepped on their own toes, as now the door is open for further prosecutions of high level political officeholders on both sides of the isle of this felonious and evil governing system.

But now, it looks as if we are facing another O. J. moment, as this fiasco will likely be strung out for months or years, as this staged political theatre will consume the news for some time to come. (I half expected to see a white blazer carrying Trump amongst the obnoxious black secret service motorcade) This could be convenient for both sides, and certainly will help Trump garner more exposure than ever before, driving the wildly reverent MAGA crowd to extreme provocative rage. So who will win this game of idiocy, and will the losers once again only be the American people? What manner of atrocities can be forthcoming, and kept more hidden by consuming and distracting the small minds of the collective proletariat, due to the 24 hour a day ‘news’ cycle covering this circus-like stunt that will be dubbed the next ‘trial of the century?’

Given the precedent set, who will be prosecuted in the next judicial theatrical production (a reality show if ever there was one) if the Republicans control Congress? Which Democrats will be targeted, and in turn, which other Republicans will be attacked by this or another democratic Congress and their courts, should they retain power? This could become a regular occurrence, and that my friends, might be worth the price of admission. This ludicrous spectacle could balloon out of proportion, and expose the utter lunacy of this maniacal government operation to such an extent, that even the braindead indoctrinated sheep could see through this ruse.

We are faced with a multitude of life-changing events, many of which could break the backbone of this country, but all eyes will be on Trump instead of focusing on the dire threats looming in plain sight. This I believe, is intentional, as cover to cloud reality is a mainstay of the political class and its compliant media.

We are in the midst of a U.S. and NATO created war in Ukraine; one that threatens to escalate into a much larger conflict that could pit nuclear powers against each other. There is no good that can come from such idiocy, except in the eyes of the globalists who seek to depopulate the earth. Antagonizing countries like China, Iran, Russia, India, and others cannot have any good ending.

Food shortages due to food destruction and inflationary policy, could easily lead to total chaos, starvation, rioting, and civil unrest. At this point, this is not speculation, but a near certainty. Food quality as well is being decimated, and the push for GMO lab-created poison is being ramped up constantly. The consequences of this drive toward control of our food supply at the hands of the technocrats are not only  immoral, but also life-threatening. Besides the obvious lack of quantity of good food, the inflationary environment can and has caused massive price increases that has financially harmed many, and priced large numbers around the world out of the market. Train derailments carrying very toxic and environmental destructive chemicals have become constant occurrences, threatening great harm and poisoning of food and water supplies.

There are more and more school shootings, most all suspect due to government, police, or CIA involvement, lack of response, or very questionable ‘lone’ nut theories claiming that the so-called perpetrator is attempting to reign vengeance on innocent children for one or another reason. Many of these events seem to be staged, and of course, always result in the State attempting to disarm society; a mandatory outcome if total control is sought.

There are still more bird flu and virus warnings regularly, all meant to find something that will ‘stick,’ and cause mass fear. The “Restrict Act” is in play, which could be the death of free speech. Surveillance, monitoring, and more ID creation, are rampant. Black against white is the new norm, which is little more than the promotion of racism against all white people, especially white males. Trans stupidity, gay ‘pride,’ extreme diversity promotion, (division) and ‘woke’ politics, inundates every aspect of life through mass exposure through politics and media, and the fake ‘entertainment’ industry in most all music, television, and film has gone completely mad.

But the most concerning and deadly threat we face in my opinion; the most dangerous and foreboding menace to society, is financial in nature. The banking crisis risk is deeply entrenched and unavoidable, this due to long-term Federal Reserve policies, massive ‘money’ printing causing the vast increase of the ‘money’ supply, which is real inflation. Zero reserve banking has decimated the value of the dollar, and now that entire system is on the verge of failure. This could change the landscape of American supremacy forever, and cause a financial upheaval of epoch proportion. This is certainly a planned outcome as I see it.

With any such implosion, the digitization of all currency would become imminent, and a reset of the entire economy would be the result. This drive is already underway, as nearly every central bank and country are plotting, or have already initiated, the implementation of central bank digital currencies, (CBDCs) which would result in the total control of all financial and economic transactions by the State. To have such control would put the nail in the coffin of freedom once and for all.

Currently, China, Russia, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, France, and many others are trading oil and natural gas in Yuan, and considering other currencies. The petrodollar is at great risk, which is appropriate, but the fallout for Americans will be devastating, as this economy would likely collapse, and total chaos, including mass civil unrest, would ensue should the dollar fall. This is not some overblown doom and gloom prediction, but an absolute possibility in the near term.

Never-ending crisis is here to stay, and the people of this country would be best served to ignore the smoke and mirror plot concerning the evil Trump, and concentrate on all the real risk at hand. Which politician is indicted, which bogus election is in play, which piece of garbage government stooge is in the limelight, and which State narrative takes center stage, should be ignored, and the negation and abolishment of this system should be pursued, if liberty is ever again to be evident.

Yes, the indictment game could now escalate, and more politicians could be targeted by one side or the other, but do not be fooled, as this will always only be meant to confuse the proletariat, and cause distraction from the real dangers that lie ahead. The entire ruling class, its governing system, all its politicians, and its media supporters, are immoral, evil, and corrupt, and they will never police themselves, will never reform or relinquish their power, and will never subject their own to honest scrutiny or judicial examination, unless by design. If one falls, including Trump, another vile and criminal thug will take his place. There is a never-ending supply of evil, power hungry, and corrupt politician wannabes waiting in the wings. Of this one can be certain.

 “All that is necessary to raise imbecility into what the mob regards as profundity is to lift it off the floor and put it on a platform.”

~ George Jean Nathan

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