The Restrict Act May Just Restrict You

Well, here we go again. In the name of “security” we are about to see the Congress pass legislation to literally wipe out much of the little privacy we have left. The bill on the horizon is called the RESTRICT ACT. Allegedly, it is to knock out “evil” platforms like Tik Tok now seen as a danger to national security. You might remember the draconian law passed after 9-11 called the Patriot Act. Strangely, that huge and draconian bill was ready even before the attacks. Hmmm. The Patriot Act went far to destroy our privacy and freedoms. Some are calling the RESTRICT ACT as the Patriot Act on steroids.

The Restrict Act is NOT limited to Tik Tok. It is a grant of totalitarian authority to the Secretary of Commerce to make any decision he/she chooses on designating foreign adversaries threatening critical infrastructure.

The alleged purpose is to protect critical infrastructure, systems and assets which might have significant impact on national public health or safety or economic safety. Any risk arising from a future transaction, perhaps like a hardware or software update? The secretary can designate a national security threat as you, and without due process. The decision can be overturned by a joint resolution of Congress. Any action can be administratively enforced by NON-ELECTED officials.

DO you use a VPN security device for privacy? If that is so designated, you can be detained with no due process, fined and imprisoned for up to 20 years and lose everything you own. This “1984” superagency will have unlimited agents and be immune to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Our government was set up to be transparent to us. We have every right to get all the information about government. We, not government, ‘had’ a guaranteed RIGHT to privacy.

This is totalitarian legislation sponsored buy both leftist parties attempting to use CCP tactics right here at home. They are violating the warnings of our most famous Founder- Benjamin Franklin, who said, ‘He who exchanges freedom for security will have neither’.

I watched some warning videos on the Restrict Act calling it “Terrifying”. Government will be able to go after anyone/anything they deem a national security risk and then they can go after anything and everything about them. Consider what the appointed “Woke Mob” in government is doing to us right now. I wonder if you are not “WOKE” if you could be deemed a national security threat. Or, if you oppose forced vaccination in the next pandemic.

Two videos explaining:

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