The Relationship Between the American People and Its Evil Government Is the Epitome of Mass Stockholm Syndrome

“What makes the difference between a gang and a state is the belief that there is a difference between a gang and a state.”

Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski

Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon usually attributed to a person or persons who have been taken hostage by one or more people, and during the span of time held hostage, becomes sympathetic and attached to his captor to such an extent as to form a bond or devotion to the perpetrator. This is a mental affliction that could be based on many factors, including when discussing collective societies, due to political repression or religious persecution. Voluntarily accepting the aggressors and seeing them in a positive light, whether criminals, authority figures, or a tyrannical government, is a way to cope with the threat and confusion in order to avoid facing it. This is an act of mental cowardice, that can only lead to servitude.

Hostage or slave of the state matters not, as both are based  on submission and compliance. Becoming a hostage is initially a matter of force, and becoming a slave to the state can be due to voluntary acceptance or force. To become a victim of either, one must acquiesce to some ‘authority,’ whether voluntarily or due to physical entrapment or kidnapping. However, both situations require a giving up by the victim, or in many cases, to assume a loyalty to his captor to such a degree as to result in a master/slave type relationship. This is exactly what has happened with the American citizenry, as most have succumbed to the abhorrent ideology of nationalism, which rests on the worship of the state as a god, regardless of the tyranny present.

For purposes of this article, I am discussing the relationship of the state and its subjects; where the bulk of this population has fully accepted despicable nationalism, which in this case should be referred to as a mass Stockholm Syndrome. Most believe this to be ‘patriotic,’ another bastardized term that has come to mean to the proletariat, a support or worship of the state. The Latin origin (patr) of this word means “father,” so patriotism actually means support of the fatherland. It does not mean support of the governing state, and the tyranny it continually levies against its own and other peoples. I despise this term as it is falsely understood by most all in this country, as support of state totalitarianism in the form of theft, (taxation) of restrictive (all) laws, of orders or mandates, of incarceration where there is no victim, of constant police brutality, of control of every aspect of life, and of heinous aggressive war. As stated by William Blum, “America’s state religion, is patriotism, a phenomenon which has convinced many of the citizenry that ‘treason’ is morally worse than murder or rape.”

The subjects of the ‘united states,’ although they have never been fully free, have continually gone deeper and deeper into the cesspool of state worship and compliance, obeying most every order given to them, regardless of the consequences. This is evident in almost every aspect of life in this country. The truth of the matter is, that the bulk of this population is practicing avoidance of any defense against tyranny to such a high extent, that acceptance of most any form of rule has become a common practice. ‘Coping’ with adversity in this manner, exposes a mass indifference and excessive timidity to such an overwhelming degree, as to make impotent any effort by the few who actually are responsible enough to fight for their own freedom against all odds. This means that the majority are the enemy of freedom, not the protectors of it, which helps greatly to suppress all efforts to gain and keep liberty, and which only strengthens the efforts of the state monsters in their quest for total power and control.

While more and more seem to be questioning things, as a rule, they are doing little if anything of value to stop the state’s assault on their freedom. Talking the talk and walking the walk are two different animals, and begging ‘your’ government masters to grant you redress, is akin to a slave begging his ‘owner’ to not treat him as a slave. I do appreciate any effort to combat the state, but minor protests, carrying signs, writing letters to evil murderous congressmen, voting for rulers to lord over you, and complying with tyrannical orders, will never get the job done. A full negation of government is necessary; an avoidance not of the real solution in favor of feigned resistance, but avoidance of all government demands is necessary if any freedom of the people is to be expected. This means that individuals en masse must act, and peacefully unless attacked, and never bow to any state insistence to follow orders.

Yes, this does require personal responsibility and a backbone, but anything less will only bring more terror by the state establishment. We are at the precipice of becoming a slave society, most all due to the inaction of the bulk of this population at large.

Just look around at current events to understand the truth of these statements. We just went through the most totalitarian period in our history due to a completely plotted fake ‘virus pandemic,’ and most did absolutely nothing to stop it; complying every step of the way. Tens, if not hundreds of millions, (billions worldwide) succumbed to taking deadly bioweapon injections that were state-propagandized as ‘vaccines,’ threatening them with unknown future adverse consequences, including death. World war, maybe nuclear war, is on the horizon, and being constantly stoked by the political scum in the White House; and for no reason other than depopulation and technocratic control. Hatred and false excuses for that hatred, are rampant in this country, and all of it is useless and unnecessary. The purposeful collapse of our economy and a monetary (CBDCs) takeover seems imminent, while inflation and extreme price increases are completely insane; threatening every average person in this country. The distraction machine, an evil form of propaganda, is working overtime, as massive explosions causing possible mass death and sickness, are occurring multiple times each week. Multiple train derailments, chemical spills, purposeful chemical releases, government geoengineering attacks, and intentional poisoning of the air and water are out of control. Fake threats concerning balloons of all things, are inundating the airwaves in order to distract the herd from looking at the real threats to society. Food supplies are being intentionally reduced to nothing, which can only serve to starve the peasants into even more dependence and submission to the abominable state apparatus. What in the world will it take for you all to open your eyes to this obvious assault on your lives?

Peaceful coexistence is not only possible, but could be established and held if the people of this country banded together as individuals, instead of acting as collective wards and servants of the state. What is necessary is for the people to take all power away from the state, eliminating its control over peaceful individuals. Initially, this would go a long way in the ultimate abolition of the state governing system entirely, and its illegal, immoral, restrictive, and draconian ‘laws.’ So long as most rely upon, and depend on the state to sustain and coddle them, no relief will be forthcoming. So long as people bow to any immoral ‘authority,’ so long as people allow themselves to be divided against each other, and so long as apathy and cowardice remain as the prevailing attitude, no relief will occur, and in fact, the planned takeover of all peoples will continue to go forward at breakneck speed.

“More often than not, a statist’s argument against Anarchism boils down to an unwillingness to take control and responsibility for their own lives, actions, and communities. The sad truth is that the human animal has been domesticated to the point where it actually fears Liberty.”

Dane Whalen

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