The Real Peter Hotez

It’s time to get to know the nefarious actor that is Peter Hotez, the Anthony Fauci of Houston, a “vaccinologist” mRNA evangelist who has never developed a successful vaccine.

Dr. Hotez has been in the headlines this weekend after he refused an offer from Joe Rogan to debate presidential candidate RFK Jr on Rogan’s program. Now that he’s in the news, it’s worth discussing the extremely unethical behavior and activities of one of America’s most prominent pseudoscientists.

The Baylor Medicine professor is best known for his unapologetic religious promotion of unlimited doses of covid vaccines, for both adults and young children. The dishonest, ruthlessly corrupt (read Simon Goddek’s Twitter thread on Hotez) Big Pharma snake oil salesman has labeled any and all of his detractors as anti-science agents of disinformation. Speaking of disinformation, watch the video below and you’ll get a sense of his character.]

But what does he do when he’s not on television and peddling experimental injections to the masses?

Dr. Peter Hotez has dedicated his career to developing vaccines for parasites, specifically hookworms.

What began as a doctoral dissertation on hookworm vaccination in 1987 has transformed into a several decades quest to create vaccine-induced immunity against multicellular organisms.

Unfortunately for Hotez, 35 years later, he still has nothing to show for his prized parasite vaccine ambitions, besides ongoing trials.

More broadly, Hotez has never brought a vaccine to market other than his covid shot, which doesn’t work to stop covid disease. Similar to the Pfizer, Moderna, and discontinued J&J covid injections, it is pure junk.

If an effective vaccine against a parasite — a sophisticated multicellular organism — seems a bit far fetched, that’s because it is.

The FDA has never approved a parasite vaccine in humans, and for good reasons that you’ll see in a moment.

Nonetheless, the funding for such an endeavor remains robust. While there is little money to be made in effective anti-parasite drugs (plus, the patent for ivermectin expired almost 30 years ago), a vaccine can at least hypothetically serve an entire national “patient” population that is not even currently infected with the organism. An anti-parasite treatment is used only on those who get sick, so it’s not nearly as lucrative.

Institutions run by Dr Hotez — who has carved out space for himself as an anti-parasite vaccine specialist (but again, despite having shown zero success) — have received well over 100 million dollars in grant funding over the years from the Gates Foundation and U.S. government health institutions, specifically focused on developing hookworm and parasite vaccines. The government continues to give healthy sums of annual grant cash to Hotez, both for his Baylor entities and his parasite vaccine work.

How is the quest for parasite vaccines going more broadly? Not so well.

The only parasite vaccine minimally available to humans, a malaria vaccine only currently available in two African countries, has been an unmitigated disaster, rife with human tragedy.

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