The Man You’re Not Allowed to Hear

From the Tom Woods Letter:

We all know there are certain topics that the Big Tech platforms — YouTube especially — won’t let you discuss.

Or, put more precisely, since so much content is released on these platforms they probably won’t be able to take down literally every post on a particular topic, but you always have to be looking over your shoulder, wondering if your post — or indeed your entire account — will be deleted.

One of those topics, of course, is the 2020 election.

I have seen people have YouTube videos removed simply for mentioning that other people have questioned the results. That’s how ridiculous it is.

Well, here’s a bizarre twist.

You’ll remember the guy known as the Q Shaman, the guy with the horns sitting in Mike Pence’s seat in the Senate on January 6.

To be honest, he seems (to put it delicately) like rather an oddball to me. But because I’m a curious person, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to listen to what he has to say.

But Twitter and the other platforms sure do.

My longtime friend Jason Rink recently completed a three-part documentary series on the Q Shaman, called Q Sent Me. It makes no ideological judgments. It simply tells the story, and lets the man and those close to him (including his mother) say what they want to say. That’s it.

For heaven’s sake, we’ve let Jeffrey Dahmer and George W. Bush speak to the public; what possible reason could there be for banning anything that involves Jacob Chansley (the Q Shaman)?

But the day after I interviewed Jason, Twitter removed the film’s account.

And of course there’s no chance YouTube will allow the film.

Again, serial killers have been interviewed and their interviews posted online. But not a guy with horns on his head?

I rather doubt people are going to be converted to his cause by listening to Chansley talk about the “quantum realm.” But you’re still not even allowed to see even a straightforward telling of his story.

Here’s my conversation with filmmaker and all-around good guy Jason Rink about the subject and the ordeal. We also discuss the independent platform Movies Plus, which does feature the film and which is another example of a new alternative platform that goes against the grain.


Also, I mentioned yesterday a free event that’s going on soon that I feel sure is bound to be of interest to some of you good folks:

A rancher who goes by the name Texas Slim, whom I’ve featured on the Tom Woods Show, is putting on a one-day Food Resiliency Town Hall.

Instead of all the weird fake meat products and all the hideous ingredients going into our food (and indeed into the animals being raised for us to eat), Texas Slim offers a simple plan:

Decentralize the food supply.
Localize everything.
Build relationships between consumers and farmers and ranchers.
Create a “parallel economy” in the food industry.

And, he says, return to “a simple life of connecting with our land, the food that comes from it, and the people that raise it.”

We’re all about parallel economies around this here newsletter, so I thought you’d like to know about this event.

It’s free to attend online; if you’d like to attend in person (just outside of Austin, Texas) there’s a small fee.

Check it out:

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