The KN95, The Most Foolish Mask Of Them All

There is an N95 mask and there is a KN95 mask. The more lazy-minded among us say, “the term KN95 contains the term N95, so therefore it must be the same.” 


You could say it is like neo-conservative contains the word conservative, so it must be the same thing. Except, neo-conservative is the opposite of conservative. Neo-conservatives encourage the biggest of big government programs: war.


If anyone tells you a KN95 “works,” you should ask that person where he learned that. 


A KN95 is a Chinese knockoff of an N95.


It is the mask that makes the wearer look like a duck billed platypus. Not only would the wearer already look ridiculous wearing a mask, he looks extra ridiculous wearing the most non-functional of all the masks — a KN95. He looks triply foolish wearing it obediently with no fit test. He looks quadrupley foolish because those masks have the beak-like appearance of the cuck billed platypus. 


This platypus look is even more true when the expert wearing the KN95 is unknowingly using the “head-loops” of some KN95 masks, as ear-loops, so that it perpetually sags when worn and gives the appearance of a morose, saggy, horizontal beak. 


I believe that I have now become the first individual to have utilized the term “cuck billed platypus within the searchable limits of the inter-webs. 


If anyone tells you a KN95 is “NIOSH approved” (it isn’t), or “NIOSH certified” (it isn’t), you should ask that person where he learned that. Also, ask him what NIOSH is while you are at it. The answer is National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It is an organization that went to sleep during 2020 and stayed asleep as unsafe and ineffective protocols were forced upon humanity. They were the high budget industrial hygiene experts we were assured would be in the corner of truth and safety if ever this kind of thing such as nonsensical forced masking came into existence. 


It has been a number of years since anyone has been able to convince me that government EVER does more good than the alternatives, and in case I needed further convincing we got to see OSHA, CDC, FDA, NIOSH, the FBI and more, acting like incompetent clowns through 2020 and beyond. Had they done nothing but gone on vacation, we would today be better off. 


My criticism does not stop with KN95s. If anyone tells you that N95s “work,” you should also ask where they got that from. 


While a KN95 is a Chinese knockoff of the N95, an N95 is an American knockoff of an immune system. It is good for dust. It is ineffective at disease prevention. 


With 100 million Americans treating this product like it was the cure for the common cold, it would have been responsible for someone at 3M, such as Michael F. Roman, their CEO, to have publicly pointed out that while they appreciate the extra revenue, the truth is that their masks simply do not work for that purpose. With three decades at the company, he naturally understood the limitations of this product. But 2020 was just that kind of year in which formerly trusted figures were invited to spend the year morally out-to-lunch. And 2021. And 2022. Some people have been given permission not to return. 


And that is where you and I come in. I wrote the book Face Masks Hurt Kids as a resource to help you navigate these conversations simply and easily. Part of our work in this perpetually censored and twisted era is to be a source of truth. I would like to ask you to circulate that truth among the community of people around you. 


The search engines are hiding the truth from you. If you are using Duck Duck Go, you are using the most censored search engine. Visit to learn the 11 search engines, such as Duck Duck Go, that are simply awful. They were rigorously tested by my team and I with the shocking and transparent details in our report on the topic. More importantly, learn the 2 least censored search engines, so you can stop having the truth hidden from you. All that appears on the very first page of that report. 

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