The Israeli State, Hamas, and All Governments Everywhere, Do not Give a Damn About ‘The People’

“You are not Christians. You are not Jews. You are not Muslims. And you certainly aren’t atheists. You all have the same god, and its name is ‘government.’ You’re all members of the most evil, insane, destructive cult in history. If there ever was a devil, the state is it. And you worship it with all your heart and soul.”

~ Larken Rose, The Iron Web

There is much to be said about the evil occurring in the Middle East, and the absolute heinous nature of the Israeli government and Hamas, the claimed ‘leadership’ (ruling class) of Israel and Palestine. The governing aspects of both are insanely wicked, psychopathic, and these entities are murderers of the innocent. They are tied at the hip, as Hamas was created, supported, and funded, by the Zionist Israeli government and its so-called ‘intelligence’ service Mossad, and constantly used against the people of both countries. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as virtually all governments everywhere act in the same manner, even if to a lesser degree of terror in some cases. In fact, the U.S. government, its CIA, and others are in full support of Israel, to the great detriment of all these countries.

After much research, it seems brutally obvious that this situation in Israel was long-planned, as is most always the case, was almost certainly a false flag attack, meant to get the backing of the Israeli people and much of the western world, so that they would accept and support the genocide of the 2 million Palestinian people in Gaza; mostly unarmed, undefended, women and children. Many of the reports and claims of brutality in Israel by the complicit media, have been exposed as lies, but if that is any surprise to anyone, I would be amazed. Certainly, any acts of violence and death of civilians on either side is atrocious, but much has been misrepresented in order to justify the slaughter and murder of the defenseless people of Gaza, who are locked inside a walled concentration camp patrolled by the Israeli military. Most every claim has become suspect, and in essence, these claimed acts of terror could have only occurred if that was the desired plan of the Israeli ruling class all along. This is no surprise, it was no accident, or breach of Israeli security, as the only way this could have happened in my view, was if it was a premeditated and managed plot to bring about the elimination of Palestine, by using and sacrificing the Israeli people as well, and possibly to also bring about a larger-scale regional or world war involving Iran and Russia.

Israel’s government and military have committed many acts of terror, false flags, conspiracy, bombings, aggressive war, and murder against those in the Middle East, as well as against the U.S., Britain, and others around the world. This statement is factual, but is not meant to absolve those mentioned of the same crimes against humanity, especially given the history of the murderous policies of the U.S. and British empires, along with their western allies. It has always been my position that the U.S. government and its military, including the CIA, and every complicit bureaucracy, have been the worst and most aggressive warmongering of all nation states in history, and Israel has been complicit and intimately involved in much of that carnage as well for decades.

This situation today is pure evil, and could lead to events that could change the world in very disastrous and deadly ways for all; even to such an extent as to threaten mankind. But that leads us to the real problem in all our lives, and exposes the biggest threat to the human population, which is any and all central authority, governments, and rule. You see, no government cares in the least about the people, as those who choose to rule are monsters bent only on money, power, and control over those it dominates. They do not give a damn about what they consider to be the “useless eaters,” and treat all as sheep to be herded into submission and compliance, or slaughtered for the sole benefit of the agendas of the State.

In this current horrifying onslaught of innocents, the people in Gaza are the initial target, but this will only lead to more murderous attacks against innocents in the future. None of us are safe so long as these heinous governments are allowed to exist at all. This is what needs to be fully understood by the seemingly helpless masses who continue to rely on governments to guide, dominate, and control them.

The most prevalent attitude today among the people of this earth is uncertainty, which leads to indifference. It seems only the very few are willing to face reality, while nearly the entirety of populations choose voluntarily to rely on a master’s plan for their lives. Each of us is capable of so much more, but courage to accept the truth is lacking, and this brings about an apathetic attitude so powerful that it disallows the natural state of man; which is freedom. As Carl Yung put it:

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.”

Life is not about bending to the will of others, it is not about outside influence and opinion, society’s expectations, peer pressure, or fear. All power as Nietzsche so correctly stated, lies with self, not with others, and self-determination brings one to a place of confidence instead of a place of submission and compliance. The natural state of the individual is to gain power over self, but never to seek power over others. Those who choose the latter, any and all who choose to rule, have succumbed to psychopathy, and should be considered the scourge of the earth. They only appear strong because those they rule are weak. All responsibility lies with each of us, and never relies on collective madness.

We live in a world of authority. We live in a world where some claim to hold truth, and to possess great knowledge, but it is only their knowledge and their truth alone, as they cannot possess all knowledge. Not one on earth can know but an infinitesimal amount of what there is to know. In other words, no individual knows anything of what there is to know. We are each and every one of us unique individuals, we are not drones to be used and controlled, but there are those who pretend to be all-knowing, and who claim to hold the ultimate truths, and who desire to rule as masters of all domains. All authority of one over another is absurd, as we are autonomous beings, and not meant to be ruled. Blind obedience is what ‘authority’ seeks, and only depraved monsters hold to such insanity as this.

What is happening to the Palestinian people, and to some of the Israeli people, is but a preview of what can and will happen to the rest of you. To ignore this, is to abandon all logic and reason. Americans long ago abandoned all freedom, and are headed for disaster. Look deeply into what has happened these past few years, look deeply around the world, and understand that all tyranny outside will soon be tyranny inside. The only escape is to eliminate all government rule, to never comply, to never allow your lives to be controlled by others who claim false superiority over you, to never support any government or State aggression of any kind, and to question absolutely everything.

“Action is hope. There is no hope without action.”

~ Ray Bradbury

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