The Invisible Fauci Victims

From the Tom Woods Letter:

I’m as tired of hearing the name Anthony Fauci as you are, dear reader, but he’s just engaged in 14 hours of closed-door testimony before a House subcommittee on Covid.

The chairman of that subcommittee, Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-OH), said that this would be “an opportunity for Dr. Fauci to explain his COVID-19 policy positions. His forthcoming, honest, and transparent testimony over the next two days is critical for improving our nation’s future public health responses.”

But after one day of testimony, a frustrated Wenstrup reported: “What I’m most surprised about is how much he doesn’t recall, considering the severity of this event for the world, and that he was the face of the government’s response to COVID.”

Are you surprised, dear reader?

And although it’s of course true that people legitimately forget things (I can amply attest to that myself), it is also true that “I do not recall” is longstanding Washingtonspeak for “You’ll never get it out of me.”

Over 100 times during the session Fauci used the “I do not recall” line.

If there’s something Fauci doesn’t want you to know, he’s not going to tell you.

So we have to gather what we know for sure, and combine that with his ever-changing positions and denials and affirmations, to approximate what must have happened.

And while it’s not metaphysically impossible that there’s an innocent explanation, I will say this regarding Fauci’s career: I am at least wondering how a health official leaves office with a net worth of $11.5 million.

The kinds of questions Fauci is being asked revolve quite a bit around lab leaks and “gain-of-function research,” and all that. I’d like to hear him answer more for the people whose lives and livelihoods he ruined.

In my next Tom Woods Show episode, being released tonight, former MTV VJ Adam Curry and I talk (in part) about the emails we received beginning in 2020 from people telling us we were keeping them sane.

But we also talked about this: I was receiving emails from people who had suffered greatly from the restrictions and mandates, and who just wanted someone to read their story.

So I decided last year, as I was finishing my book Diary of a Psychosis, that with permission I would collect all these stories into a book. I wrote to all these people and asked if it would be all right to include their stories in what eventually became the Diary of a Psychosis companion volume, called Collateral Damage: Victims of the Lockdown Regime Tell Their Stories. Not one person said no.

They just wanted to be heard.

So with Fauci yammering on about nothing, I’d say it’s an opportune moment to hear from the voiceless whose suffering he caused.

I give Collateral Damage away for free, and I hope you’ll help me right a wrong by reading it and indeed letting these people tell their stories.

If you have Diary of a Psychosis and haven’t yet claimed this bonus volume, please do so. It doesn’t matter when or where or how you bought it; you can always claim your free bonuses at

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